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July 2019 Issue


A Valley of Fires

Several thousand years ago, vents in the earth opened up at what is now called Little Black Peak near Carrizozo, New Mexico. Over the next 40 years, molten lava poured out, creating what is called the Carrizozo Malpais.
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Labors of Love and Devotion

Two defining characteristics of Hispanic culture include devotion to and love for family and friends, and a strong work-ethic. When a lightning storm recently destroyed Daniel Fierro's home in Hurley, members of "Viejitos" Car Clubs, friends from all over the Southwest, rallied in Santa Clara, New Mexico for a "Show and Shine" to help their friend rebuild the home he shared with his partner, Lilly Aguilera.
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La Esperanza Turns 10

La Esperanza Vineyard & Winery officially celebrates its 10th anniversary on Aug. 3. After starting the vineyard more than 20 years ago with 100 plants of 10 different varieties of wine grapes, the property has grown to four acres and 4,000 plants.
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Chilegumbo Wanderings

Editor’s note: Ken Keppeler and Jeanie McLerie make up the Silver City based musical duo, Bayou Seco. They play across Southern New Mexico, presenting older traditional American music they have collected and learned with an emphasis on Cajun music from Southwest Louisiana to area venues and contra dances. Sometimes, they even make it to take their classic musical traditions to a tour in Europe …

Film Las Cruces signs contracts with city, county

By Mike CookLas Cruces BulletinLAS CRUCES - Film Las Cruces has a new three-year contract with the City of Las Cruces to continue bringing film and television …