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Trails End Gallery & Studios open Established artists occupy new spot in Mesquite District


“I’ve had many memorable and successful shows with them,” Highsmith said. “They were instrumental in getting a piece of my work in the Capitol Art Foundation as well as the Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts in 2011.”

The Cutter Gallery has been a big influence on the art scene within Las Cruces and in the state, as well. Now that they have closed, there will be a big hole in the art community.

Now Highsmith hopes, to help fill at least a small part of that void.

Highsmith’s good friend and fellow artist, Gary Biel, after working on a riparian restoration of the Rio Grande project, has renovated one of his buildings in Downtown Las Cruces’ Mesquite District.

The building was an old two-room adobe house at 1732 N. Mesquite St. It had been renovated for commercial use by his father and after this remodel will be home of Trails End Gallery & Studios. There are seven rooms designated as artists’ studios spaces on one side of the building and the other side is a five-room gallery for fine art. Biel started the renovation about three years and slowly but surely it has been put into shape.

 The grand opening of the Trails End Gallery & Studio will be 5-8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 28. A large patio with sail shade coverings in the back of the gallery accents the gallery space where live entertainment and refreshments will be served. Highsmith, Penny Simpson and John Schooley all watercolorists, will be joined by basket and gourd artist Patricia Black.

“We look forward to being joined by art lovers and collectors at the grand opening and have a warm welcoming for Las Cruces’ newest gallery,” Highsmith said.