Tombaugh Gallery virtual exhibit begins in March


The next virtual exhibit at Tombaugh Gallery will feature two artists, John and Souheir Rawlings from the T or C area. The exhibit will begin in early March and will continue through May.

John Rawlings Shield paintings

As a young man John Rawlings was the Artist-in-Residence at Red Cloud Indian School.  This shield series that he began in 2015 draws upon his experiences and a body of sketches/drawings that he made at that time.  John traveled back to South Dakota to ask how this work would be received if he produced it and was told that as long as the images and symbols are accurate and respectful, the work will be accepted.

Souheir Rawlings Covid Portraits: Isolation

Souheir’s drawings and paintings reflect her desire to “see” the inner expressive nature of people, using color and line in a way that shows emotion and character. She is influenced by symbolism in art and tries “ to convey a connection between myself and the images I chose to represent in my art.

She created the Portraits during 12 months of the Covid-19 pandemic. Each portrait represents a particular month, expressing the changing emotions. 

The exhibit can be seen on the Tombaugh Gallery page on Facebook and on Instagram,

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