The great big ball of light

T or C festival set to bring arts, music, film into alignment


New Mexico is invited to Meteoric Truth or Consequences Oct. 18-20 for a desert carnival for the mind including films, art, sound, ideas and revelry.  

Event organizer Kyle Cunningham said he is excited to bring new ways of storytelling to Truth or Consequences, working with local artists and filmmakers as well as friends from New York to bring a truly eclectic event to New Mexico.

“We are gathering a group of artists to create this new event,” he said. “It’s a film/art weekend. We are exploring art with storytelling in new ways, incorporating virtual reality and film and more.”

Cunningham is a painter, filmmaker, stone sculptor and photographer.

“It’s a broader idea,” he said. “My friends from New York are more focused on film and the technology. We are working together because we want to break out of the idea that each medium is separate.”

After running a cooperative art space gallery in T or C for eight years, Cunningham said the community is coming together.

“T or C is just a unique space. People have a magical experience. Two local musicians have started recording studios. We are getting the brewery involved and the shop owners. We want to connect to people. We are just trying to foster this wider and more integrated approach to T or C, doing more interesting things.”

Films will be shown daily during the festival in the daytime. The Pirate Potluck is from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday. Bring a dish to share, enjoy music performances curated by Cosmic Turtle Sound Studios. Hear songs from local musicians – share a song yourself! Arrr, pirate attire encouraged. 

On Saturday from 6 to 9 p.m. the town sparks to life with the first-ever Meteoric Light and Sound Carnivale. Costumes celebrating light and sound are encouraged as the guests become works of art and explore a multitude of amazing installations throughout the downtown. 

The T or C brewery will feature live music both Friday and Saturday nights. And there will be late-night parties as well. 

There will also be morning movement classes and morning and happy-hour tours of recording studios, artist retreats and more. 

Meanwhile, the Spaceport Visitor's Center will be filled with film screenings, virtual reality experiences, and art installations made and curated by visiting artists. 

Everything is free except for a Sunday lunch ($10). Visit for ticket information or to register to participate with art projects.

“For me it’s been exciting watching people get excited about it,” Cunningham said. “Yes, we are starting a little bit late but if we had a year’s worth of submissions it would be too much. As a TV show this is like the pilot. The whole thing is a great big ball of bright light that is T or C.