Southwest Word Fiesta


The Southwest Word Fiesta is Oct. 22-24. This year’s festival will be a hybrid one, with both live events in Silver City and Zoom appearances from authors in the area and around the world. 
Southwest Word Fiesta celebrates the power and beauty of the written word, bringing together those who create with those who appreciate, with special emphasis on fostering community involvement.

Visit swwordfiesta.org to see all that is happening.
The Southwest Word Fiesta, originally known as the Southwest Festival of the Written Word, was created to celebrate authors who live and work in the Southwest. Festivals feature the heritage of writing and writers in the Southwest, showing how that deep history connects to the present. The festival reveals how the diverse literary genres and interests coalesce and relate. Writers who have produced outstanding work that deserves continued appreciation are honored. People of all ages who want to improve their writing or to make a career of putting words together are encouraged.

The Southwest Festival of the Written Word was founded in 2010 by members of the major cultural institutions in Silver City – the university, the public library and the Western Institute of Lifelong Learning. The festival takes place every other year and attracts over 800 visitors. The first festival was in 2013.