She's gone Santa Fe

Library has Sept. 10 book talk by award-winning author of historical novels


Thomas Branigan Memorial Library (TBML) will present a book talk via Zoom with guest author Maida Tilchen at 12:35 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 10. Tilchen is the author of the historical novels “Land Beyond Maps” and “She’s Gone Santa Fe.” 

“Land Beyond Maps,” Tilchen’s first novel, was a Lambda Literary Foundation “Lammy” finalist and won New Mexico and Arizona book awards. “She’s Gone Santa Fe,” published in 2013, was a New Mexico/Arizona Book Association finalist. 

Tilchen served as a VISTA volunteer in southern Indiana; was a lesbian activist in Bloomington, Indiana in the 1970s; was promotions manager for Gay Community News; and has had many research and writing jobs, TBML said in a news release.

Her collection of books about New Mexico was featured in the January 2020 issue of New Mexico Magazine, with the title “The Book Hunter: After falling in love with New Mexico, an East Coast author scours used book racks to rescue tomes about it.”  Read the article at   

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