Road Trip Summer

"Best Tent Camping: New Mexico"


2021 is unapologetically the year of the road trip. The foreseeable confusion surrounding the near future of air travel is sure to see crowds flock to nearer by national and state parks this summer. Just in time, a new book from Menasha Ridge Press has been released - Best Tent Camping: New Mexico by Amaris Feland Ketchum.

The book is split into three regions, Northern, Southwestern & Southwestern. The Mesilla Valley lies smack in between the southwestern & southeastern regions, ideally situated for those of us hitting New Mexico’s outdoor scene this season.

Need to know if your ‘class C’ RV will make it up to a certain spot? Going at it on the cheap and in search of free campsites? Need a pet friendly stay because of your furry friend riding shotgun? This book is a great resource with all the information you will need to plan a great trip in the spring of 2021. With a paperback & measuring about ten-by-ten inches, it will fit in your glovebox too.

It also offers a ‘best of’ section before the introduction, listing the most ideal campgrounds for any activity. Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument campgrounds are among the best for culture and history. White Sands National Park Campground is of course a ‘best’ for desert camping. Find out how to be get your hands on one of those coveted backcountry camping passes in those spectacular gypsum dunes. There’s even a ‘best for families with kids’ list here.

Each campsite page offers a ‘key information’ table: parking, fees, amenities, restrictions, contact info etc. You will also find easy to read maps, photos, and great tips about each campground’s surrounding area.

No matter where you are camping this year, Best Tent Camping: New Mexico will steer you in the right direction. Pickup a copy at a bookseller near you.