Parts of an art show, ready to be reassembled for 'nest(ing)'

Artist seeks to understand meaning of expression


In an art/performance collaboration called “nest(ing)” artist Saul Ramirez has brought together the arts – poetry, performing and visual – into one space at the Cruces Creatives world.

The event is taking place every Friday in January starting around 6 p.m., he said. Cruces Creatives is located at 205 E. Lohman Ave. in Las Cruces.

“This project is about the production of the home and the labor and work that is part of producing your intimate space,” he said. “Concerns I’ve been having are about the state of being an artist and being economically tied to processes that are both not very profitable.”

The continuing event explores the nature of art and artists.

“A big part of art is essentially valuable in a way that other people don’t see as valuable and so there is always a tension there in terms of being an artist in terms of in terms of the work and also trying to sell the work,” Ramirez said.  “This [show] is a performance where I engage the public in the process of being an artist materially and temporally.”

Ramirez’s work is also featured at the current show, “sur(face)” at the Rokoko Gallery. The gallery is open from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and is located at 1785 Calle de Mercado in Las Cruces, on the edge of Mesilla.

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