Local Authors Busy

A roundup of recent books


“Being Home: A Southwestern Almanac,” by Catalina Claussen

Award-winning Grant County author Catalina Claussen has released “Being Home: A Southwestern Almanac” with Progressive Rising Phoenix Press. This collection of humorous vignettes is featured monthly on KURU 89.1 FM and is now available in print.

“Being Home: A Southwestern Almanac” is a laugh-out-loud story collection made for radio featuring quirky characters shaped by the seasons, the desert landscape, and small-town living, making audiences feel right at home in the Mimbres Valley. From Brandon Johnson’s mystifying encounter with a coyote to Ernesto Puro Corazon’s 6th grade drive to school with his abuela in his Chevy Impala SS, Claussen captures moments and people that are sure to surprise and entertain.

The collection is illustrated with a unique photographic series taken by her daughter, Ajalaa Claussen. 

“I wanted to capture the essence of each story in the images, placing the reader in the moment,” Ajalaa said. “But I also wanted to create space for the viewer to imagine themselves as one of the characters.”

The Being Home podcast is available at catalinaclaussenbooks.wordpress.com. Follow Catalina on Instagram @catalinaclaussen or on Facebook.

“Titan Martyrs,” by Kate Rauner

Silver City author Kate Rauner has release, “Titan Martyrs,” the conclusion to her dystopian science fiction trilogy. The story began with “Titan: Colonizing Saturn’s Moon” (2018), a finalist in the e-book category of the 2019 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards.

When asked about her inspiration for the series, Rauner said, “I read several articles suggesting Titan as the best place in our solar system for a human colony,” Rauner said, “I thought, ‘what a terrible place! What sort of person or group would want to live on Titan?’ I knew I had to write a story to answer that question.”

“Titan Martyrs” is available now in paperback, and on kindle. The Titan trilogy is available for purchase at Amazon books.

‘Hippie at Heart’ by Lynne Zotalis

“Flying back from Mexico with my husband’s body entombed in the cargo hold, I grip the armrests as if I’m hanging onto sanity.” This riveting first line of ‘Hippie at Heart’ gives the reader a clear picture of the depth of this memoir.

Finding true love, your soul mate during the late 60s amidst the drug deluge and sexual revolution was a phenomenal achievement. Nick and Anne's life of family and friendship, loyalty and devotion turn nightmarish when tragedy strikes during an idyllic Mexican vacation. Weaving through the mystery of her husband's bizarre death, spending thousands of dollars fighting the venal Mexican authorities, this powerfully poignant story of survival is armored with the tenacity and strength of the human spirit.

“Hopscotch Life” by Kris Neri

Award-winning mystery and fantasy author, Kris Neri, has published “Hopscotch Life,” her first women’s fiction novel.

In Hopscotch Life, quirky protagonist Plum Tardy feels like she’s living in a country song, after having just lost her job, her house, and her man. In her usual hopscotch fashion, Plum sets out to find a completely new town and a new man, but even knowing how out-of-synch she is and how oddly she moves through life, Plum could never have predicted the unexpected way that her past would collide with her present. Will her offbeat approach save her, or land her in behind bars in hopscotch hell?

Hopscotch Life is available through brick-and-mortar bookstores and all online sellers.