'Human to Human'

Poetry anthology features 28 area poets


Silver City poet, Lynne Zotalis, shares news of the international publication of Human to Human, a poetry anthology that features 46 poems by 28 poets.

Emerging from the Global Pandemic, it is essential to remember many things, one of which is, we are all human - one people, one race, one world. This international anthology focuses on that humanity, collecting together an international group of poets exploring human connections, learning from the past, living for the present, and hoping for the future.

"Human to Human" is an anthology of poetry which seeks human connection, from the individual, delving into personal relationships - friends, family, love, community – to the global, the social issues of our day, the big questions, what could be termed the zeitgeist: how society creaks and cracks but ultimately survives.

Lynne's own poems in this collection are "I Have No Defense" and "Quantified Love." Lynne Zotalis, in these two poems, gives us the duality of relationships, the pain and joy. "I Have No Defense" focuses in on a moment at the height of argument, while "Quantified Love" is the exact opposite of the title; love is immeasurable.”

Other contributors include: Alice Eluned, Beverly Joyce, Brenda Gunn, Caitlin Mitchel-Markley, CC Pulliam, Cigeng Zhang, Don Carroll, Ellaraine Lockie, Ed Ruzicka, Emily R. Daniel, EP Jones, Gerald Dampier, Hannah Walizer, Heather MF Lyke, John Davis, John Laue, Karin Spitfire, Kelly-Jo Lomas, Kathryn Eberly, Kewayne Wadley, LynneAnne Forest, Madeline Heit Lipton, Mariangela Canzi, Neetu Malik, R.J. Keeler, Trevor Maynard, and Yvonne Peters.