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How long has it been now that we’ve had to wear these scratchy masks and fear for our lives every time we buy groceries? Six months? Twenty years?  Every week is the same, so how are we … more
The morning of Friday, Feb. 5, I drove U.S. 70 from Las Cruces to Tularosa. The whole way, across the desert, two counties, three cities and two military installations, flags were at half-staff. … more
Sometimes I feel my life is an episode of “The Wonder Years.” Like Kevin Arnold, the teenager whose life is the center of the show, I can hear myself narrating my thoughts. It seems … more
My father’s best friend recently left us for that great boneyard in the sky. After a short period of mourning, he told us he wanted to adopt a new one. Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! … more
As the 31st year since two children, their father and another were murdered at the Las Cruces Bowling Alley slips by, Anthony Teran, brother of Steve Teran who died Feb. 10, 1990, with his daughters, … more
“My falcon now is sharp and passing empty; and till she stoops she must not be fully gorged, for then she never looks upon her lure, another way I have to man my haggard to make her come and … more
Like so many people over the past year of living life mostly at home, we’ve been staring at a closet full of boxes that seem to have been there forever. In our case, these boxes date back to … more
Straddling our southern horizon, the constellation Horologium, the Pendulum Clock, occupies an area of 249-square degrees, making it 58th in size among the 88 official constellations. About a quarter … more
As everyone’s least favorite year, 2020, turns into ’21, many are hopeful, and others are cautiously optimistic. Still others are downright pessimistic, worried about the economy and its … more
Nothing is highlighted more from 2020 than the need to make connections and keep the connections we already built going into 2021. Then, we need to act on them. The coronavirus pandemic has given … more
There’s an ancient curse. I’d say where it comes from, but I’m not a racing enthusiast. It goes, “May you live in interesting times.” 2020 was an interesting year. … more
More than 339 species of birds have been spotted in Grant County. In the Gila River Habitat Management Unit (along the Gila River), at least 200 species have been documented. Common black hawks, … more
As the United States braces for another, more extreme, onslaught of the Corona virus, so does Mexico.When I drove down to Palomas on a Saturday in Mid-November, I was amazed by the absence of traffic … more
My father died this year. It was before we heard those strange words – coronavirus, social distancing, community spread. I am honored and grateful that I was able to travel to Connecticut and … more
When I visited Estonia with my aunt in 2009 it was under the burden of history. My grandmother had always hated the color red, the color of invaders, murderers – the Germans, the Russians. She … more
My elderly father refuses to admit it, but his daily walks are taking their toll on him.      And me.      Mainly … more
Halfway up in our southern sky is a half-goat, half fish named Capricornus. This constellation is composed of third and fourth magnitude stars in a crooked “V” lying on its side, with the … more
Can you tell me what a full hookup site is? More newbies, I think as I explain one of the basics of RV life. So many people are buying RVs right now that the RV lots are practically empty, and … more
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