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Your Guide to

Desert Exposure's

"Living Within Our Means" Series:

January 2007
Greenhouse Effect

June 2006
Building Lightly
on the Earth

April 2006
Food in the Raw

March 2006
Seeing the Forest
for the Trees

January 2006
Grease is the Word

December 2005
Running on Empty

Sustainable Development

Community Resources

Watch for updates to this list in upcoming installments of Desert Exposure's "Living Within Our Means." Email updates, corrections and additions to:


PO Box 191, Silver City, NM 88062.

Phone numbers below are in the Silver City dialing area except as noted.


Bicycle- and Pedestrian-Friendly Community — Frank Drysdale, 534-9658, fdrysdale@yahoo.com, and Rebecca Summers, 388-8666, becsummer@gmail.com

Community Garden Group  — Martha Egnal, marthaegnal@yahoo.com

Farmers' Markets — 

Silver City Farmers' Market, Sharlene Grunerud, 536-9681, mimbresfarms@juno.com

Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts Market, Olivia Hennessey,

Mesilla Farmers' Market, Karen Bradshaw, 523-4896

Columbus Farmers' Market, Helena Myers, 531-2364, hdmyers@vtc.net, and Alima McMillan, 531-2637.

Gila Conservation Coalition-Dutch Salmon, 538-8078, info@gilaconservation.org, www.gilaconservation.org

Gila Conservation Education Center — Jesse Steven Hargrave, 388-8266

Gila Resources Information Project (GRIP) — Allyson Siwik, 538-8078, asiwik@zianet.com, www.gilaresources.info

Gila River Festival — Carol Morrison, 388-2358, cmorrison@cybermesa.com

Gila Wood Net and Santa Clara Woodworks — Gordon West, 388-9217 / 537-3689,gorwest@zianet.com

Greenhouse Project — William Joseph, 538-5892

Hometown Initiative — Shirley Pevarnik, 534-9697

Las Cruces Sacred Food Events — Claudia I. Moncada, cim@dioceseoflascruces.org

Las Cruces Sustainability Groups — Gordon and Laura Solberg, rimfire@zianet.com

Living Foods Learning Center — Shu Chan and Dwayne Madsen, near Columbus, 531-2450, livfoods@yahoo.com

Local Food — Joe Hollister, 535-4410, ezdoesit@ gilanet.com; Jesse Franklin-Owens, jesse@gilanet.com

Natural Building Resources — 

Catherine Wanek and Pete Fust, Kingston, NM, 895-5652, blackrange@zianet.com

Mattie Johnson, Material Good, 106 N. Bullard, Silver City, 313-4925, www.materialgood.com Doug Lacy,
388-2150, pet_health_alternatives@yahoo.com

Progressive Forum — William Joseph, 313-1708, and Rod Rees, 534-1227, chayote@cybermesa.com

Recycling Group — Ann Alexander, 534-9022, and Terry Timme, 534-4389, diannaterry@juno.com

Solar Energy Equipment —  Photon Harvest, PO Box 720, Columbus NM 8029, joel@photonharvest.com

Sustainable Agriculture — Lisa Jimenez, 434-4378, lisajimenez@cybermesa.com

Southwest Desert Sustainability — Julie Schultz, 388-4044, swdesertsustainability@hotmail.com, www.angelfire.com/nm2/swdesert.

Upper Gila Watershed Alliance — Melanie Gasparich, Gila, 535-2519, director@ugwa.org, www.ugwa.org