Going to Palomas

by Victoria Tester

Going to Palomas — Communion by Camera
"God lives everywhere, of course. Even in the cantina."(January 2010)

The Light that
Confuses Me
Life in Palomas is not like Mexican soap operas, where good and evil are plainly distinguished
(February 2010)

The Church and
the Carnival

Responding to an inquietude, crawling inside your camera
(March 2010)

The Ever-Present Doves
A hanging and a First Communion, a tumor and a flying catechism
(April 2010)

Ghost Flowers
Where the Pope watches you iron, and heaven smells like oranges
(May 2010)

Seeing Wings
Going to Palomas: Days of the Dead and glimmers of hope
(June 2010)

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Viva la Cooperativa!
by Marjorie Lilly

Two creative co-ops are opening doors of economic opportunity for people in Palomas.
(May 2009)

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Palomas logo


Humanitarian Non-profit Organizations Operating Programs in Palomas, Chihuahua, during the Mexico border crisis


Border Partners
406 S. Granite St.
Deming, NM 88030
(575) 546-1083
(715) 292-9557 (cell)

  Our Lady of Palomas
PO Box 622
Columbus, NM 88029
(575) 531-1101
Casa de Amor Para Ninos
(House of Love for Children)
The Light at Mission Viejo
c/o Jim Noble
4601 Mission Bend
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 466-0237


Rio Grande Borderland Ministries
PO Box 216
Columbus, NM 88029
(267) 322-1708

Contact: Susan Hutchins







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