Hiking Apacheria
Stories and Photographs

by Jerry Eagan

Hiking Apacheria
A former warrior sets off on foot to explore the land and legacy of the Apache.
(October 2005)

Who Walks with the Warriors?
A hike through the rugged ridges of the Florida Mountains.
(January 2006)

Canyon Conquerors
Walking in the footsteps of the "Buffalo Soldiers" who defended Cooke's Canyon.
(March 2006)

Searching for Ulzana
The daring Apache who inspired the film Ulzana's Raid left his mark on SW New Mexico
(June 2006)

Scouting for Nat Wittum
A trek to solve the mystery of Nat Wittum, killed in the last great Apache breakout.

(August 2006)

The Captive
What happened to Jimmy McKinn after his reluctant rescue from Geronimo?
(November 2006)

Studying the Ground
Hiking Apacheria in search of Soldier's Hill
(February 2007)

The Eloquence of Surrender
When the Apache finally began to talk of surrender, their words were as powerful as their resistance had been.
(May 2007)

"So Many Tigers"
Tracing the final arc of Geronimo's surrender.
(August 2007)

Letters from Exile
The daring Apache who inspired the film Ulzana's Raid left his mark on SW New Mexico
(December 2007)

Paths to War
Walking the trails near Fort Bowie
(May 2008)

Tugging on Red Sleeve
Walking in the footsteps of Apache Chief Mangas Coloradas
(August 2008)

O Pioneers!
Grant County pioneer James K. Metcalfe and his family homesteaded in the heart of what had been Apache country, the birthplace of Mangas Coloradas.
(October 2008)

I Hike Where
They Lead Me

Getting to know Larry Foster, the current owner of the ranch that lies where Apache chief Mangas Coloradas once called home.
(December 2008)

Walls in the Wilderness
Hiking Apacheria to explore 19th-century forts. (April 2009)

Faces and Names
Geronimo's last holdouts
(May 2009)

Seeking Fort Thorn
How the grandmothers led us to a long-forgotten fort and Indian agency.
(June 2009)

Round Two
The Civil War gave a second chance to New Mexico's Fort Thorn.
(August 2009)

Hiking How-To
Here's how Jerry packs and prepares for Apacheria outings
(November 2009)

The Case of Lieutenant John Lafferty
Trekking to the spot where a Mimbres rancher's great-grandfather was shot in a battle with Apaches
(December 2009)

Slip-Sliding Away
Dealing with trauma on the trail.
(February 2010)

Spirits of the Tularosa
Hiking Apacheria in search of Fort Tularosa
(November 2010)

In Loco's Footsteps
Hiking the Peloncillos where Apaches held off the US Cavalry
(February 2011)

Chihuahua's Journey
An Apache warrior who also wanted "trees, good grass and water."
(April 2011)

From Water to Water
Filming Apacheria and discovering truths about the Apache (August 2011)

No Boundaries
Traveling into Mexican Apacheria recalls what all this area must have been like when only the Apache lived here.(December 2011)

Before Boundaries
Exploring the past through maps and memories
(February 2012)

A Hike Through History
Revisiting some favorite sites in Apache country
(October 2012)

A Peloncillos Encounter
One more story from "Hiking Apacheria"
(February 2014)

The Characters I've Met
Apache spirits, Table Mountain, turtles and Dorothy Eagan
(July 2015)


Also by Jerry Eagan:

Action from the Light
How can you put a commitment to peace into practice? A Vietnam veteran and Quaker shares his answer.
(September 2005)

Ghosts of the Past
Reflections on trauma, from Vietnam to hiking Apacheria
(June 2010)


Hiking Apacheria



Jerry Eagan, a retired civil servant and disabled
combat infantry veteran of the Vietnam War,
hikes Apacheria twice a week.

Jerry sells his photos upon request.
Email him at skyminder.eagan805@gmail.com.















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