January 2019


Adventure • Nature’s Clock
Bosque del Apache

Dipping into the Distant Past • Fat-tooth Dinosaur
Introducing the Gordodon, the oldest specialized plant-eating reptile discovered near Alamogordo

On the Shelf • Keeping Busy
Retired NMSU professor authors UFO nonfiction, Southwest horror fiction

Healing Creations
The sun rises on a new Las Cruces interactive studio

Winging It! • Winter Bird Count
It’s not just the partridge in a pear tree

Talking Horses • Nature vs. Nurture
It is possible for a horse to overcome a bad start in life

Back to the Garden • Cabbage Heds
Kids grow green across the nation

Tumbleweeds • Exploring the Past
The forgotten cemeteries of hidalgo county a journey to the corner of the state

Tumbleweeds • The Mysteries of Dripping Springs
Finding a hidden gem in the mountains