February 2019


Editor’s Notebook • History Alive
Journey into the future through the past

Flour Power • Gristmill Exhibit Open
Wheat comes to America with the Spaniards

Music Exposure • Four Shillings Short
Celtic, folk, world music at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Silver City

Arts Exposure • ‘Parts of Self’
Dolls connect artist back to childhood

South of the Border • La Casa del Migrante
Coming face to face with asylum seekers

Borderlines • The Wheels of Progress
Port of Entry improvements

On Screen • Going International
Las Cruces Film Festival roars into town

Cycles of life • 80 is the New 60
Keeping up in a healthy way

Talking Horses • Schooled by a Youngster
Don’t skip grades with a new horse

Hitting the Trail • Heart of the Gila
It's not the destination, it's the journey

Table Talk • Keep Your Leftovers
New Mexican households food waste

Living on Wheels • Stationary RVing
Why RVing give up wandering but live in their RVs