January 2017

This Month’s Highlights

Water Ways • Gila Trout Swim
Fire clears path to trout recovery
by Craig Springer

Chromatic Scale • Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust
Rush Cleveland in New Mexico
by Marty Racine

On the Shelf • “Tortugas at 100”
Climbing a Literary Mountain with Pamela

Borderlines • Trump Talk
Border communities wait and watch
by Marjorie Lilly

Hitting the Streets • Dead Poets in Deming
Who named those streets anyway?
By Prinnie McCourt

Space Keeper • State Looks to Stars
Innovators tag state for adventure
by Michael Shinabery

Tumbleweeds • Standing Rock
Take a journey to North Dakota with Suzanne Barteau

Photography • Club Posts Awards
Doña Ana photographers turn out high quality images