September 2016

This Month’s Highlights

Recreational marijuana for the state by Barry Fisher MD

EXPLORING HISTORY • Gila Anthropology
Students excavate pueblo
by Taylor Vancel

ON STAGE • Broadening Dance Experience
New ballet company
by Mike Cook

ARTS EXPOSURE • Follow the Red Dot
October event expands to 10 days

DEMING IN ART • Muralist Quirks
Weide has unique style, humor
by Marjorie Lilly

HUMMINGBIRDS • Dip and Zoom Time
Festival offers much to learn
by Elva K. Österreich

DELVING INTO HISTORY • The Frightening Face of McCarthy
Tularosa citizen persecuted after war
by Robert B. Loren

WOMAN ON THE RUN • Football Follies
Joining a full-contact league
by Susie Ouderkirk

GROWING CHILE • Hail on the Trail
Testing organic chile fertility
by Kristie Garcia