November 2016

This Month’s Highlights

Editor’s Notebook: New
Mexico the Great

Special state reacts special country
by Elva Österreich

Wild Exposure • Creative Coloring
Plant Dyes from area are traditional

Creating the Stage • Designing Spaces
Some steal scenes, Wilson creates them
by Lisa Maue

Palomas Life • Spreading Hope
A new high school built
by Morgan Smith

Growing Concerns • Fighting for Breath
National group advocates legal marijuana
by Billy Huntsman

Ghost Hunters • Investigating the Paranormal
Ghostly Concerns is concerned with ghosts
by Billy Huntsman

High Places • Three Rivers Trail
Crossing the river
by Gabriele Teich

Conservation • Restoration in Grant County
NMSU students in the Mimbres
by Kristie Garcia

Living on Wheels • Single RVers
Are they really that odd?
By Sheila Sowder