December 2016

This Month’s Highlights

Maneuvering Elderdom • A Creative Life
Silver City welcomes those following muses
by Vivian Savitt

Music Exposure • You Want it Darker
Cohen wrestles with God on new album
by Billy Huntsman

Arts Exposure • Teapot Tales
Creating an ancient form in clay today
by Lisa Maue

Borderlines • Still Hungry
Holiday giving time
by Marjorie Lilly

Seeking Submissions • Call Me Nemo
“I am a homeless veteran.”
by Patricia Skillingstad

Top Dog • Champion Material
World drone racing champ wins at spaceport event
by Elva K. Österreich

The Best Years • Where to Retire
Silver City tempts industrious individuals
by William Charland

The Starry Dome • Andromeda, the Woman Chained
Constellation surrounded by myth characters
by Bert Stevens

40 Days and 40 Nights • Events Guide
Celebrating holidays and more

Conservation • Hopping Around
Endangered mouse on national forest
by Loretta Benavidez