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Early Printed Maps exhibition
of the American Southwest extended


Crossroads: The Silver City Museum features an exhibition
exploring early printed maps of the southwest.
(Courtesy photo)

At the Silver City Museum an exhibition, “Crossroads of Empire: Early Printed Maps of the American Southwest,” will continue running until Sept. 2. The exhibition explores the idea that historical maps provide an opportunity to discover how land has been seen throughout time.

The Southwest remained a land of mystery long after the rest of the continental United States had been surveyed and recorded on maps.

This exhibition details the fascinating story of the discovery, exploration and settlement of the area. “Crossroads of Empire” spans the mapmaking enterprise from 1512 to 1873. The exhibition examines the romance of maps, the legacy of mapmaking and the profound influence of early mapmakers on our world today. Captions and text are in English and Spanish.

For more information, contact the museum at 575-538-5921, info@silvercitymuseum.org, or go to the museum’s website www.silvercitymuseum.org.


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