Bicycling Brit
Big wheels, winter, and whiskey: bike-packing adventures in southwest New Mexico

Seeking the Truth
It is out here! Science fiction thriller filmed in Silver City

Arthropod Adventures
Pinchers, biters, stingers... and kissers.

Local Giving, Giving Grandly
Your chance to help groups that help others.

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About the cover


About the Cover



cover art


About the Cover: “Red Hearts, Big Hearts, Small Hearts, White Hearts,” is a collection of handmade heart tiles made annually for the Chocolate Fantasia celebration. Artisan employees create the tiles, which are shaped from wet clay, glazed, and fi red. Each tile is touched by many hands in the course of production - truly a team effort. This is the second Desert Exposure cover to feature Syzygy tile, the last in September 2000. “It is our pleasure and honor to be featured on the cover again,” Patrick Hoskins, Showroom Manager said. Syzygy’s handmade tiles are produced at the Silver City factory and shipped all over the United States. Syzygy Tile is located at 106 N. Bullard St. in Silver City, 388-5472.