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Avesa: New Beginnings

About the cover



New Beginnings

Morava and Gunter Schaa bring Avesa Holistic Therapies
to Silver City.

by Rebecca Fitch



Morava and Gunter Schaa are good examples that life is about new beginnings at any age.

The couple will open Avesa Holistic Therapies Center on August 8 in Silver City, a venture that will bring Gunter (in his 70s) out of retirement and bring to fruition for Morava (50) a longtime dream to open a center after decades of concurrently studying and working out of her home office in natural and alternative healing.

Morava and Gunter Schaa of Silver City, owners of Avesa Holistic Therapies Center. (Photos by Rebecca Fitch)

The center is located at 508 Broadway, on the corner of Broadway and Cooper in front of the Grant County Courthouse near downtown Silver City.

Avesa Holistic Therapies will bring innovations in healing that are totally new to Silver City and some that are not well-known even in the state. Among them will be ozone therapy, various bio-energetic modalities, Egyptian healing rods, acupressure for emotional healing, aromatherapy application combined with hot stone treatments, total body cleansing, detoxification and cellular nutrition, Reiki, transpersonal hypnotherapy and counseling. Morava is one of only eight certified Avesa Intuitive Self-Ascension Counselors in the United States. According to practitioners, "Self-Ascension" is the realignment of your identity from the personality-self (ego) to the Divine-self (soul), which is the Authentic-self.

"This path of consciousness is both challenging and rewarding," Morava says. "As we blend soul-consciousness into our day-to-day experiences, we can begin to heal years of depression, illness, addictions and limiting belief patterns that have held us in 'dis-ease' and density consciousness."

Clients can also look forward to participating in weekly meetings, classes and workshops designed to help them take the next steps in their evolutionary journey toward optimal health and self-ascension.

Avesa Quantum Healing is holistic, fully integrative and can be used safely with both alternative and traditional healing modalities. It is now commonly accepted that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected.

Morava says, "We cannot simply focus on or treat an isolated part of the body or an ailment without taking a look at the whole person and what else may be going on in their life. Moving beyond the physical opens the door to getting at and resolving the cause versus simply living the effect.

"The Avesa method explores the mind-body connection and is as much about love as it is healing. It is a journey into self-love and self-discovery as it seeks to explain why the body has manifested 'dis-ease,' whether it's physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Avesa teaches Self-Ascension as a way to transcend from the habit and belief that struggle and pain-based emotions must define you."


The Schaas decided to open an Avesa healing center after Morava graduated from the Temple of Self-Ascension (TOSA) in Antigua, Guatemala, earlier this year. There she studied and was certified in Avesa Quantum Healing under Self-Ascension masters and BBS Internet radio talk show hosts Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa.

Everything fell into place in Guatemala in a way that led the Schaas to believe divine intervention had taken place. Morava had been battling Lyme disease infection, which she contracted from a tick bite while vacationing in Europe in 2013. She opted not to engage in standard antibiotic therapy for Lyme disease, a decision she said troubled Gunter and his family deeply because his younger brother died from complications of Lyme disease. She said she achieved great results with deep, total body detox and cleansing as well as a raw vegan diet. It was thrilling to discover she could receive a safe, alternative treatment while she was completing her master studies in natural healing modalities and self-ascension certification in Guatemala. It was at TOSA's La Laguna Holistic Hotel and Spa on beautiful Lake Atitlan that she had her first hyperthermic ozone treatment.

"It was an experience unlike any other. I walked out feeling totally rejuvenated, relaxed and cleansed," Morava says.

More important, she immediately noticed a cessation of the joint pain and malaise associated with Lyme disease.

"I had to know more, so I embarked on intense research and study of the many uses of ozone in medical care. What I found was astounding, and as I was already opening the center, I knew I had to offer this amazing therapy to help others as it has helped me," she says.


There are basically three principal fields of healing that have since 1896 employed the use of ozone (a naturally occurring oxygen molecule found in the atmosphere): treating circulatory disorders, immune system disorders (viral infections and treating human blood with small amounts of ozone before reinfusion are examples) and inflammatory conditions (wound care, open ulcers, allergies, fungal infection are some examples). Information about more recent applications of ozone for Lyme disease and its use as a complementary therapy for cancer patients can be found at www.ozone-association.com and at the American Academy of Ozone Therapy website.

Additional research Morava shares helps explain why ozone therapy works so well in patients with hard-to-treat disorders: It activates the immune system to produce cytokines — chemical messengers the body uses to fight disease.

Most people do not realize how much ozone is being used in their daily lives, Morava adds. From purified bottled water to ozonized water used by dentists and dental hygienists and even certain oils used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and fungus, ozone is one of the most widely used and studied forms of natural medicine in modern times. The Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine states ozone was standard care in World War I to treat and disinfect wounds.



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