Paying It Forward
How three artists left living legacies to Silver City

Birding on the Bosque
Tagging alongat the Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park

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What brings so many people to Silver City from Alaska?

Sounds of Silver City
For a town this small, the local music scene is big

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2014 Reader Survey


Help us keep Desert Exposure the best and most-read community publication in southwest New Mexico! Go online and answer this quick survey at www.desertexposure.com/survey, or fill it out here mail to Desert Exposure Survey, PO Box 191, Silver City, NM 88062. As a thank-you for your help, we'll pick 5 respondents at random to receive Desert Exposure mugs. Please respond by May 10; we'll list the winners and report on the results in June.



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1. How regularly do you read Desert Exposure?

__a. every month

__b. almost every month

__c. every two to three months

__d. a couple of times a year

__e. less often


2. How many people besides yourself usually read your copy of Desert Exposure?

__a. one

__b. two

__c. three

__d. four or more

__e. none


3. How much time do you spend reading a typical issue?

__a. less than an hour

__b. a couple of hours

__c. three hours or more


4. Do you usually save your copy of Desert Exposure?

__a. yes, to refer to all month

__b. yes, indefinitely

__c. no


5. Other than for this survey, have you visited our website (www.desertexposure.com) or read our online-replica edition at www.scribd.com/desertexposure? Check all that apply.

__a. yes, use the website to read the current issue

__b. yes, use the website to find older articles

__c. yes, use Scribd to read current/previous issues

__d. no, neither


6. Including the place you live and/or pick up Desert Exposure, where do you shop or go for entertainment (at least once every three months)? Check all that apply.

__a. Silver City/Grant County

__b. Las Cruces/Mesilla

__c. Deming/Columbus

__d. Lordsburg

__e. El Paso

__f. Tucson

__g. Albuquerque

__h. Other:_________________________


7. Which of these other area publications do you subscribe to or read regularly? Check all that apply.

__a. Silver City Daily Press

__b. Silver City Sun-News

__c. Las Cruces Sun-News

__d. Deming Headlight

__e. The Ink

__f. The Bulletin

__g. Glenwood Gazette

__h. Silver City Life


8. Please tell us how often you read each of these regular features:

a. Editor's Note by David A. Fryxell

__Always __Sometimes __Never


b. Letters

__Always __Sometimes __Never


c. Desert Diary

__Always __Sometimes __Never


d. Tumbleweeds

__Always __Sometimes __Never


e. Southwest Gardener by Vivian Savitt

__Always __Sometimes __Never


f. Henry Lightcap's Journal

__Always __Sometimes __Never


g. 100 Hikes by Linda Ferrara

__Always __Sometimes __Never


h. Borderlines by Marjorie Lilly

__Always __Sometimes __Never


i. The Starry Dome by Bert Stevens

__Always __Sometimes __Never


j. Talking Horses by Scott Thomson

__Always __Sometimes __Never


k. Ramblin' Outdoors by Larry Lightner

__Always __Sometimes __Never


l. Continental Divide by David A. Fryxell

__Always __Sometimes __Never


m. Arts Exposure

__Always __Sometimes __Never


n. Body, Mind & Spirit

__Always __Sometimes __Never


o. Red or Green? restaurant review/news

__Always __Sometimes __Never


p. 40 Days & 40 Nights events

__Always __Sometimes __Never


9. Now go back and CIRCLE your ONE favorite regular feature from the list in #8, above.


10. Which of these activities do you regularly engage in (at least every three months)? Please check all that apply:

__a. Visit an art gallery

__b. Eat out at a restaurant

__c. Attend a live theater or music performance

__d. Take a daytrip

__e. Hike, bike or other outdoor activity away from your home


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