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About the cover


About the Cover



cover art


Las Cruces artist Bonnie Mandoe, whom we profiled back in November 2006 ("Putting Down Roots"), also was our cover artist in June 2011. She tells us, "I've lived in Las Cruces for over 10 years. When I first arrived, I restored old adobes, and I live in one of them, the Quesenberry Farmhouse, built around 1915, which used to be in the middle of cotton and chile fields, and is now surrounded by auto body, transmission, and electric shops. It's a great working environment and a wonderful old house. It's been good for me and for my work. I'm able to paint full time, grow a garden and fruit trees, and generally live the painter's dream.

"I work in water-soluble oil paints, a rather new invention. I'm a huge fan of their less-toxic properties, their relatively quick drying time, and the ability to use them without harsh solvents like turpentine."

From time to time Mandoe offers instruction in the use of these earth-friendly paints. In March, she will offer a class, "Learn to Paint with Water-Soluble Oils." For more information, call (575) 523-9760 or (575) 642-9760 and see her blog on the topic at her website, www.bonniemandoe.com.



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