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About the cover

Arts Exposure

Sight Hound

Deming photographer Daniel Gauss hunts for memorable images.

Marjorie Lilly



Daniel Gauss, this issue's cover photographer, first got interested in birds when his elementary-school principal started up a junior Audubon Society in Ann Arbor, Mich., when he was in fifth or sixth grade.

Now in semi-retirement, Gauss has been taking pictures all over Deming of birds and a lot of other things. He won a prize in Socorro in 2005 at the Festival of the Cranes. "I won first in Judges' Choice in the advanced category," he says.

"I've got images of 55 species of birds," Gauss adds. "I could do a book on just what I've shot from my porch."

gauss 1
All photos by Daniel Gauss, copright Shot on Site Photography.

He could also produce a coffee-table book "of dogs chasing jackrabbits," he says.

He has a passion for cars, too, and portraits of them from all angles fill dozens of frames on his "Shot on Site" website.

With his Nikon digital SLR cameras he shoots countless images of the southwestern New Mexico landscapes, especially the rugged Florida Mountains that are right near the house he shares with his wife, Margaret Fairman.

The Floridas offer daily inspiration with their constantly shifting light movements and patterns of clouds, and Gauss may be the first person to have so consistently recorded these changes. He revels in the silence that swallows him up where he lives, and clambers up the mountain sides to get rare images of rock formations and weather events.

Consciously or not, he's helping develop an art of and for Deming, with his replications of the craggy mountains, lean flatlands, and birds in sunny mesquites.


Gauss just took one course in photography in college, and later in life he spent some years selling cameras. With an innate artistic sense, he's been snapping pictures wherever he looks since they moved to Deming.

He started taking pictures seriously in 1994, when he began doing shots of dogs at field events for sight hound breeds. He'd shoot photos on Saturday and sell them on Sunday. "I shot for my own pleasure," he says. "I took pictures all over the country."

Sight hounds are dogs that hunt by sight and not by smell, such as greyhounds, Afghan hounds and Scottish deer hounds. Gauss and Fairman own five sight hounds, including a Spanish greyhound and "a couple of mixes."

He and Margaret are now selling cards of his images at Readers' Cove, their bookstore in Deming. (575) 544-2512.


gauss 2
gauss 3
gauss 4



Marjorie Lilly writes the Borderlines column.



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