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Take Your Body Back!

Discover the gentle self-massage technique of Myssage.

by Juniper Bowers



Who hasn't wished that you could reach those hard-to-reach sore spots, release tension and feel better in your body? Myssage, a new class being offered in Silver City, is that wish granted. Myssage is a self-massage technique using special balls, placed beneath the weight of the body. Gentle movements release muscle tension and soften connective tissue.

Myssage is based on the principles used by Richard Rossiter in The Rossiter Way: Step Out of Pain. The Rossiter method is a two-person stretching technique in which the Rossiter coach steps or places the foot on the body, to create a gentle pressure on the tender areas around the joints where connective tissue joins muscle to bone and bone to bone. The person receiving the treatment then does a series of movements under pressure to soften the connective tissue or fascia.

This person receiving is called the "person in charge" or PIC. They are called the "person in charge" because they communicate to the coach when the pressure is on a tender spot and how much pressure they would like. They are also in control of the movement under pressure. This feeling of being in charge is a very important distinction about Rossiter's method because it places the control in the hand of the person receiving. In other words, they become an active participant in their own healing.

I was trained as a Rossiter coach in 2010, and since beginning my practice I have been witness to the effectiveness of this technique. As time went by, I began to wish that I had someone to "step" on me! I have been learning and practicing different body-movement modalities for 15 years. I am a certified yoga instructor; my special areas of interest are Acu-Yoga, Feldenkrais and Brain Gym. The saying goes that "necessity is the mother of invention," and from necessity, Myssage was my invention, created out of a combination of all of my influences and, of course, the basic principles of Rossiter. The Myssage formula is Weight + Pressure + Movement = Relief.


Myssage works in a variety of ways to release muscle tension, everything from gentle rocking to pinpointing muscles, working deep within the joints on the ligament connections. It stimulates pressure points related to acupressure meridians, and softens the matrix of the fascia. The sensory nerves within the fascia become stimulated and the body's communication with the brain is increased.

Over all, it makes you feel better, gently and simply. You do not need to be a yogi or flexible. All levels of ability are equally able to experience the release. It is deep, and yet gentle. It is subtle and yet powerful.

Myssage is not only something to do when you are in pain, it is also preventive medicine. It will keep you from having pain and also give you the tools to go home and work with it whenever you like. It's a great technique for when you travel, when you drive for long hours, or if your work includes repetitive motion.

No experience is necessary; once the principles are understood, much of the movement is intuitive. We all know what feels good when we feel it! The same empowered sense of being the "person in charge" is true of Myssage, as it is with Rossiter. You control your weight, you control your movement, and you place the balls where it feels good to you,

If your curiosity is piqued and you would like to see for yourself, feel free to attend the ongoing Myssage class, held on Monday mornings from 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m. at the Church of Harmony, 7th and Arizona St. in Silver City. It's a great way to start out the week. The first class is free. Classes are $8 with a punch card and $10 drop in.



Contact Juniper Bowers at dandjuniper@yahoo.com, (575) 536-3078.




Body, Mind & Spirit is a forum for sharing ideas and experiences on all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual health and on how these intersect. Readers, especially those with expertise in one or more of these disciplines, are invited to contribute and to respond. Write PO Box 191, Silver City, NM 88062, fax 534-4134 or email editor@desertexposure.com.


The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of Desert Exposure or its advertisers, and are not intended to offer specific or prescriptive medical advice. You should always consult your own health professional before adopting any treatment or beginning any new regimen.


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