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Deming's new "forghedaboudit" pizza & wings serves
memorable New York-style meals.

by Peggy Platonos



Direct from New York City, Bob Yacone and his wife, Kim Duncan, have recreated an authentic-style New York pizza parlor on the outskirts of Deming and have named it, whimsically, "forghedaboudit" pizza & wings.

"Forghedaboudit" pizza & wings owner Bob Yacone shows off a signature New York-style Pepperoni Pizza, with two of his daughters at his side, Caleigh (left) and Chelsi. The girls help with the cooking at the family’s new restaurant in Deming. (Photo by Peggy Platonos)

"I think the name says it all," Bob comments. "It says New York. It says Italian. And it says unique."

Bob himself seems to qualify on all three counts himself. A New York City native, his life experience has ranged from amateur boxer to private jet broker operating in the moneyed stratosphere of Manhattan. But his roots are deeply Italian.

"I was raised by two sets of Italian grandparents straight from Italy," he explains. "I learned Italian food at the aprons of my grandmothers, just by watching and eating."

By his late forties, Bob had achieved his financial goals and shifted his focus to quality of life for himself and his family. Looking for a quieter, less hectic life-style, Bob and Kim brought their five children to Deming, where Kim's father had already settled.

"I don't miss New York," Bob says. "I like the relaxed life that Kim and I have here. And the kids are thriving."

At the age of 49, however, Bob wasn't quite ready for the rocking chair. "I started asking myself, ‘What am I going to do here?'"

He decided to honor both his Italian heritage and his long attachment to New York City, and give Deming something new. "I decided to create a true New York pizza parlor here."

His family enthusiastically endorsed the idea and have all pitched in to help. Kim takes care of the bookkeeping, and the teenagers—Caleigh, Chelsi, Gabby and Nick—help with the cooking. Eight-year-old Trent may one day join the crew.

"We opened February 2 this year, and business has been off the charts," Bob reports. "We average 80 pizzas a day and use about 1,000 pounds of flour each month."

The flour that goes into the homemade traditional New York-style thin crust comes all the way from Vermont. "It's King Arthur flour—the best flour you can buy for pizza crust," Bob says.

It's part of the relentless quest for quality that underlies all of the food on the menu at "forghedaboudit" pizza & wings.

"We bring the finest ingredients from all over the United States," Bob says. "We have excellent pepperoni from New York City. We make our sauces from California tomatoes. We bring ‘Amoroso rolls' all the way from Philadelphia to make Philly steak sandwiches the original, authentic way."


The specially imported rolls are used for all of the nine different cold and hot subs on the "forghedaboudit" menu. Prices range from $7 for a veggie sub or a basic ham, turkey or salami sub, to $10.50 for the "Giant Philly and Cheese" sub. The "Chicken Philly and Cheese" sub that has turned out to be one of the customer favorites sells for $9.50.

The "forghedaboudit" menu includes, as one might expect, a long list of pizza possibilities. Prices range from $13 to $18. The $13 pizza options include NY Style Pepperoni Pizza, New Mexico Hatch Chile Pizza, Unique Hawaiian Pizza, and Mushroom Pizza. At the upper end of the price range, you'll find Meat Lover's Pizza "Wow" with bacon, sausage, ham and pepperoni and Supreme Pizza with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, red peppers, onions, black olives and mild banana pepper rings, both for $17. And top-of-the-line at $18 is the Phat Boy's Customs with a blend of three cheeses, double sausage, steak and double jalapeño.

All of the pizzas are made with the traditional New York-style thin crust that is crisped as each pizza is finished on a stone surface in a 700-degree oven. And the pizzas are big. Really big. A full 16 inches in diameter. Bring a huge appetite or a lot of friends.


In addition to pizza, the name of the restaurant also mentions wings. Bob went to college in Buffalo, NY, and often ate at the Anchor Bar there, where Buffalo wings originated. In addition to the Anchor Bar-type wings available in the original Hot style, "forghedaboudit" offers Super Hot wings with jalapeño sauce added to the original Buffalo sauce. For the faint-hearted, wings can be ordered Mild. You can also get some unforgettable BBQ wings at "forhedaboudit" that are char-broiled and very tasty without being spicy hot.

Wings of any style cost $1 each, with a minimum order of 10 required. They are billed as "Jumbo" wings and definitely live up to the title.

A variety of salads are available at "forghedaboudit," too, ranging from a simple side salad for $3 to an Italian Salad extravaganza for $8.50 that easily feeds two and includes pepperoni, salami, olives, cheese, onions, pepper rings, croutons and peppers.

Fried Baskets are on the menu, too, including Fried Calamari for $7.50 and Fried Shrimp for $8.

The dessert menu deserves special consideration, as well as the foresight and restraint to save enough room to top the meal off with one of the tantalizing options, which include Chocolate Hand-dipped Cannoli, Tiramisu, authentic gelatos and New York-style Chocolate Cheesecake. Big handmade milk shakes are also available. The price for each of these is $3.50.

The restaurant will be receiving its wine and beer license by the end of the month, and will be offering a selection of each.

A banquet room is available at "forghedaboudit" for receptions and private parties. It seats up to 88 people, and is somewhat more elegant than the clean, simple, straightforward pizza parlor environment of the restaurant proper.

"Forghedaboudit" pizza & wings is located at 2020 Hatch Hwy. 26, about a mile in from the Hwy. 180 turnoff. It is open seven days a week, with the hours on Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sunday from 3 to 8 p.m.



For more information, to make a reservation or to place an order for free delivery in the town of Deming, call (575) 275-3881.



Send Mimbres freelance writer Peggy Platonos tips
for restaurant reviews at platonos@gilanet.com
or call (575) 536-2997.


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