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Guns and Butter

Thanks for spanking our Congressional whore ("The Debt Dud," Editor's Notebook, May). Your point about the deficits is well said. One doesn't "invest" in wars against countries that haven't attacked us any more than invest in a barroom brawl. One invests in production of goods and service that benefit everyone. One of the most thorough and well thought-out suggestions is at: www.jillstein.org/green_new_deal.

I came across it last spring. After a couple of months of sifting through it, I'm convinced we could do it and balance the budget by simply bringing our defense budget and operations into line with the other major powers and using some of the savings on this proposal. We spend more than the next dozen countries combined and that is utterly stupid. Take care and keep up the good work!

Charles Clements

Las Cruces




Start Packing!

Thank you for your superb newspaper. It is a breath of fresh air to us who are starved for information in depth, and for your humor. Based on what we read in Desert Exposure, we may even have to move to the Silver City area.

Joe Ficklin




Let us hear from you! Write Desert Exposure Letters, PO Box 191, Silver City, NM 88062, or email letters@desertexposure.com. Letters are subject to editing for style and length (maximum 500 words, please), and must be in response to content that has appeared in our pages. Deadline for the next issue is the 18th of the month.



News from Desert Exposure

You're Reading a Winner: Once again, the "biggest little paper in the Southwest" scored in the regional Top of the Rockies competition sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists. Editor David A. Fryxell placed first in the Personal or Humor Column category (for his "Continental Divide" column) and third in Editorials, both judged by circulation group.

This year's Top of the Rockies contest had more than 700 entries from the four states that compose SPJ's Region 9: Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. The contest was judged by journalists from Oklahoma. Desert Exposure was the only southwest New Mexico publication to win.

Other New Mexico finalists and winners included journalists at Albuquerque Business First, Albuquerque Journal, KNME/New Mexico PBS, KOB-TV, KUNM, Santa Fe New Mexican and Santa Fe Reporter.


Writing Contest Update: Procrastinators, rejoice! We've extended the deadline for our annual writing contest in order to give entrants more time and give us more space to publish the winners. The new deadline is AUGUST 15, and winners will be featured in our October issue.

As usual, the rules are simple: Submit your best article, short story, essay, poem or other piece(s) of writing. Entries will be judged on literary quality and how well they express some aspect of life in Southwest New Mexico. You can enter as many works as you like. Maximum length per prose entry is 6,000 words.

First prize is $100, plus publication in the October issue. Plus we will award up to four second prizes of $25 each plus publication in Desert Exposure. All entries will be considered for future publication in Desert Exposure at our usual rates.

Mail entries to: Desert Exposure Writing Contest, PO Box 191, Silver City, NM 88062, or email to contest@desertexposure.com. Include name and postal address, plus email address if you have one. Entries cannot be returned.

Go ahead, send us your best! It's your chance to be part of a decade-long tradition of publishing the best writing about our corner of the Southwest.


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