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More Second Chances

Wonderful story about Harmony and Hope Horse Haven by Dawn Newman-Aerts ("Second Chance Ranch," March). Ruth Plenty's compassion for horses after their "hey days" are over is very uplifting. I have the privilege of volunteering at the End Of The Road Ranch horse rescue right here in Silver City. It is truly amazing to witness the transformation that takes place in these beautiful creatures as they are nursed from abuse or neglect back to health with a good diet, veterinarian care, and lots of TLC. The love is given freely, but the rest cost lots of bucks. Anyone wishing to make a tax deductible donation can send it to: End Of The Road Ranch, attn. Carol Johnson, PO Box 5011, Silver City, NM 88062, (575) 313-5714.

Gene Murphy

Silver City



Low Caliber

Wow, what a joy kill "Square Pegs in the Roundhouse" (March) was. I read Desert Exposure for relaxation. All that came from this was pissy and negative blah blah blah. Demeaning the IQ of a citizen with the caliber of his bullet? Wow!

John Batchelor

Mesa, Ariz.



License to Turn Left

After viewing the photo of David Fryxell's Mazda Miata bearing the license plate "DES EXP" (Continental Divide, March), I understand the author's problem with other drivers. Had David looked closely at those behind the wheel, he would have realized they were not careless, clueless motorists but gun-toting cowboys, Confederate flag-waving truckers, Steve Pearce staff members and possibly Steve Pearce himself, plus other right-wingers who hate liberals and the left-leaning Desert Exposure, all intent on driving David Fryxell crazy.

Should the author's Mazda Miata be totaled by an expletive-spewing, road-raging mother trucker, he can upgrade to a 007-like, bullet-proof Aston-Martin DB3 complete with machine guns, missiles, voice commands and indicators that display "the bird" and other hand gestures. I'll even ride shotgun!

Paul Hoylen



Editor's note: Alas for reader Hoylen's colorful theory, the license plate shown was a Photoshop creation. Couldn't have Steve Pearce knowing our real plate number!



The Joy of Mud

In March's edition of Desert Exposure, Ramblin' Outdoors author Larry Lightner seems to have an aversion to mud. Unless he was born an adult, he may remember the delight of mud that seen in this photo of my grandson (above right). [See it in the print edition; he's a mess! dc]

Michelle Detterick

Silver City



Glass More Than Half-Full

Yes, downtown Silver City continues its cycles of ups and downs, as we all do (Editor's Notebook, February). In the short 30 years I've lived here, I've seen Bullard Street ebb and flow quite dramatically at times. I'm sure those born here have seen far more than I.

It may well be that there are currently 16 vacant buildings on Bullard Street "in a matter of five streets" (as a letter writer charged in March). There are also over 60 businesses hanging in there. My husband and I happen to have one, Guadalupe's, and we're glad to be part of the Bullard Street band of businesses.

I want to thank all the folks downtown who work hard at their businesses and make the area the pleasant place that it is. It would sure be nice if folks could sometimes look at what they have instead of what they think they're lacking.

Nora Fiedler




Las Cruces Longing

I currently live in Las Cruces, having returned to New Mexico about two years ago. My wife discovered your paper in a local grocery (Toucan Market) shortly after we arrived and we have worked hard to obtain a copy each month since then. You publish a great paper that always has good articles and humor. I especially like the hiking, historical and horse articles, even though I am a rank amateur around horses. Keep up the good work.

I have two requests, one of which you might be able to accommodate. It would be helpful if more copies of the paper could be made available, assuming the Toucan Market would be willing to offer them, because the supply is gone in the first few days each month. My second desire is that you would take over the editorial job for the Las Cruces paper because this city desperately needs a paper with content and someone who can spell.

Best wishes for continued success.

Jim Kelly

Las Cruces


Editor's note: We're now refilling Toucan Market later in the month to help keep up with demand. Las Crucens in search of Desert Exposure should also ask their favorite establishments to advertise, so we can afford to distribute even more copies; our new ad rep there is Kathleen Thorpe, kathleen@desertexposure.com. And don't forget that you can find our content every month on our website, www.desertexposure.com, and read or download each issue exactly as it appears in print at www.scribd.com/desertexposure.



Let us hear from you! Write Desert Exposure Letters, PO Box 191, Silver City, NM 88062, fax 534-4134 or email letters@desertexposure.com. Letters are subject to editing for style and length (maximum 500 words, please), and must be in response to content that has appeared in our pages. Deadline for the next issue is the 18th of the month.

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