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About the cover


About the Cover



cover art


About the cover: we celebrate our 10th anniversary owning Desert Exposure, we re-present the "postcards from the edge" that readers have sent us over the years — photos of themselves on vacation, in every continent including Antarctica, holding a copy of their favorite publication. For more reader photos and complete captions, see "Travels with DE" in this issue.


Our Cover Models:


Row 1 (top): Patrick Conlin, Pat Clayton Leff, Mari King and Laurie Larson (Hilton Head, SC); Major Benton and granddaughter, Reese (Atlanta, GA); Carol Brandon and Rich Vaitonis (McMurdo Station, Antarctica); Neysa Pritikin (Temple of Karnak, Egypt); Jeanette Giese (Monument Valley, UT); Richard Roth (Matsumoto Castle, Japan).


Row 2: Ruth Roth (Matsumoto Castle, Japan); Kara Naber (Mesa Verde National Park, CO); Peter and Patricia-Ryan Falley (Kizhi Island, Russia); Berma Matteson (Japan); Janet Wofford (Great Wall of China); Richard Deaton and Amanda Yaryan Deaton (Venice, Italy).


Row 3: Joann Mazzio (Loch Ness, Scotland); Elroy Limmer, Angela Flanders, Joan Limmer and Spike Flanders (De-Na-Zin Wilderness, NM); Ellen Tyre (Oahu, HI);

Zoe Wolfe, Shanan Wolfe and Steven Selendich (Hawaii); Lois Murphy (tailgate Party for Jimmy Buffett concert, Tampa, FL); Captain Karen Luknis (Key West, FL).


Row 4: Captain Debra Butler (Key West, FL); Jeannie McLerie (Basque country);

Sally Stewart and Gary Emerson (Andamooka, Australia); Richard Ellers (Seattle, WA); Bill Blakemore and Pat Bouchard (Paris, France); Barbara and Tom Gorzycki (San Francisco, CA).


Row 5: Maria Sundt and Ardene Rickman (Tangiers, Morocco); Rod Rees, Marta Green and friends (Varkala, India); Barbara and Gilbert Mora (Sucre, Bolivia); Karen Dunn (Morocco); Lenna and Jack Moody (Bakersfield, CA); Rex Suba (New York City); Esperanza Quintero and Silvana Pezzano-De Armas (Bogota, Columbia).


Row 6: Barbara Alpher (Helsingborg, Sweden); David Fryxell (Waikiki Beach, HI); Thomas Cook and William Martin (Oahu, HI); Mark and Earl Hunter, Dana Carlsen and Mike Osborne (Baja, Mexico); Siri Dharma and Maribeth Gray (Bali, Indonesia); Joanie Connors (Greece).


Row 7: Marcia Smith and David Furnas (Costa Rica); Lynn and Sharleen Daugherty (Machu Picchu, Peru); Ruth Coleman (Acadia National Park, ME); Mr. and Mrs. Dean Evert (Three Gorges Dam, Lhasa, Tibet ); Jacque Cusick and Terry Thevenot, Peggy Thevenot, Barb Irons, Marianne Bray, Bill and Zona Pippin and Ray Chevalier, guide Rony Suma Gamarra, Mary Chevalier, Camille Clark and Patrick Davis (Machu Picchu, Peru); Twana Sparks, Lisa Porras, Mary M. O'Loughlin, Sarah Gates, Rev. Martha Blacklock, Dana Andazola, John Montoya, Mary Lou Sauceda, Francis Bencomo, Stephanie Montoya Jonni McClure, Rudy Bencomo, Jake Andazola, John McClure III, Charles Dietz and Melissa Dietz (Tortola, British Virgin Islands).


Row 8: Ellen Tyre with London Bobby #1 (London, England); Ellen Tyre with London Bobby #2 (London, England); Ellen Tyre (Stonehenge, England);

Esperanza Telles, Melissa Copeland and Pamela Smith (Mammee Bay, Jamaica);

Ron and Jan Wofford (Washington, DC); John and Arline Hoagland (Washington, DC); Bill and Diane Armstrong (Ushuaia, Argentina).


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