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About the cover

Red or Green? is Desert Exposure’s guide to dining in southwest New Mexico. We emphasize non-national-chain restaurants with sit-down, table service

With each listing, we include a brief categorization of the type of cuisine plus what meals are served: B=Breakfast; L=Lunch; D=Dinner. Unless otherwise noted, restaurants are open seven days a week. Call for exact hours, which change frequently. All phone numbers are area code 575 except as specified. We also note with a star (*) restaurants where you can pick up copies of Desert Exposure.

If we’ve recently reviewed a restaurant, you’ll find a brief capsule of our review and a notation of which issue it originally appeared in. Stories from all back issues of Desert Exposure from January 2005 on are available on our Web site.

Though every effort has been made to make these listings complete and up-to-date, errors and omissions are inevitable and restaurants may make changes after this issue goes to press. That’s why we urge you to help us make Red or Green? even better. Drop a note to Red or Green? c/o Desert Exposure, PO Box 191, Silver City, NM 88062, fax 534-4134, or email updates@red-or-green.com.

Bon appétit!


Listed by County

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ADOBE SPRINGS CAFÉ — 1617 Silver Heights Blvd., 538-3665. “Under new ownership and refocusing on what has made it a longtime Silver City favorite: excellent breakfasts and lunches.” (April 2011) Breakfast items, burgers, sandwiches: Mon.-Thur. B L, Sat. & Sun. B L D.*

ALOTTA GELATO — 619 N. Bullard St., 534-4995. Gelato, desserts and hot drinks: All day.*

BILLY’S WILD WEST BBQ & STEAKHOUSE — Hwy 180E, 388-1367. “A freewheeling mixture of barbequed ribs and brisket, freshly made pasta and pizzas baked in a genuine Italian brick oven featuring a wide range of innovative toppings.” (November 2010) Barbecue, steak, pasta, pizza: Tues.-Fri. D. Sat. L D. Italian nights Weds., Sat.*

BRYAN’S PIT BARBEQUE — Mimbres Valley Self Storage and RV Park, (660) 247-3151 or (660) 247-3160. “Authentic Southern-style barbecue.…. Brisket, pork ribs, chicken and sausage dinners, pulled pork and chopped brisket sandwiches.” (August 2010). Now also BBQ tenderloin and smoked turkey. Barbecue: L D.

CAFÉ OSO AZUL AT BEAR MOUNTAIN LODGE — 60 Bear Mountain Ranch Road, 538-2538. “Bear Mountain Lodge blends food, art and natural beauty into a memorable experience that pleases all the senses.… The menu changes daily, with entrÉes that are always imaginative and tasty—comfort food in a form that most of our mothers would never have thought of producing.” (March 2011) B L, special D by reservation only.*

CHINESE PALACE — 1010 Highway 180E, 538-9300. “All the food is cooked to order. This means that not only does every dish arrive at the table freshly cooked and steaming, but also that you can tailor any dish to suit your taste.” (October 2012) Chinese: Mon.-Fri. L D.

COURTYARD CAFÉ — Gila Regional Medical Center, 538-4094. American: B L, with special brunch Sundays.*

CURIOUS KUMQUAT — 111 E. College Ave., 534-0337. “A hotspot of modern culinary innovation. Lunch features soups, salads and sandwiches. Dinners are elaborate, imaginative, exotic five- course culinary creations. EntrÉes always include vegetarian and vegan options… plus others determined by what local ranchers have available.” (July 2010) Contemporary: Mon. L, Tues.-Sat. L D.*

DIANE’S RESTAURANT — 510 N. Bullard St., 538-8722. “Always evolving, always interesting, Diane’s has it all.” (Sept. 2013) Fine dining (D), steaks, seafood, pasta, sandwiches (L), salads: Tues.-Sat. L D, Sun. D only (family-style), weekend brunch.

DIANE’S BAKERY & DELI — The Hub, Suite A, Bullard St., 534-9229. “Always evolving, always interesting, Diane’s has it all.” (Sept. 2013) Artisan breads, sandwiches, deli, baked goods: Mon.-Sat. B L early D, Sun. B L.*

DON JUAN’S BURRITOS — 418 Silver Heights Blvd., 538-5440. Mexican: B L.

DRIFTER PANCAKE HOUSE — 711 Silver Heights Blvd., 538-2916. Breakfast, American: B L, breakfast served throughout.

EL GALLO PINTO — 901 N. Hudson St., 597-4559. “Breakfast dishes are served all day, along with all the other traditional Mexican favorites like burritos (with a long list of filling options)… plus a vertical grill cooks sizzling chicken and carne al pastor.” (October 2013) Mexican: Mon.-Sat. B L D, Sun. B L.

GIL-A BEANS — 1304 N. Bennett St. Coffeeshop.*

GOLDEN STAR — 1602 Silver Heights Blvd., 388-2323. “If you sometimes long for the guilty pleasures of the Chinese food served at a mall food court—think Panda Express—or just want your wontons without waiting, there’s good news…. Normal appetites will find the three-item combo tough to finish, so plan on leftovers whether you’re eating in or taking out. All of it’s plenty tasty, and you can enjoy it just like in the food court.” (February 2007) Chinese: L D.

GRANDMA’S CAFÉ — 900 Silver Heights Blvd., 388-2627. American, Mexican: B L.*

GREEN TURTLE NOSHERY — 601 N. Bullard St. in The Hub, 200-6895. “The menu varies somewhat from day to day, and reflects the seasonal availability of local fruits and vegetables. Most of the items on the menu are vegetarian, but several non-vegetarian dishes have turned out to be popular and are likely to remain regular options.” (July 2014) Baked goods, organic breakfast and lunch items: Thurs.-Sat. B L, Sun. B L brunch.

GRINDER MILL — 403 W. College Ave., 538-3366. Mexican: B L D.*

HEALTHY EATS — 303 E. 13th St., 534-9404. Sandwiches, burritos, salads, smoothies: L.

JALISCO CAFÉ — 100 S. Bullard St., 388-2060. “Four generations of the Mesa family who have been involved in a restaurant that remains family-friendly.” (June 2014) Mexican: Mon.-Sat. L D.

JAVALINA COFFEE HOUSE — 117 Market St., 388-1350. Coffeehouse.* kountry kitchen, 1700 Mountain View Road, 388-4512. “Since 1978, Kountry Kitchen has been serving up Mexican food that is considered to be some of the best that can be found in the area. All the dishes are tasty, unpretentious, attractively presented and reasonably priced.” (February 2013) Mexican: Tues.-Sat. B L D, Mon.-Sun. B L.*

LA COCINA RESTAURANT — 201 W. College Ave., 388-8687. Mexican: L D.

LA FAMILIA — 503 N. Hudson St., 3884600. Mexican: Tues.-Sun. B L D.*

LA MEXICANA — Hwy. 180E and Memory Lane, 534-0142. “Carrying on the legacy of unpretentious but tasty and authentic Mexican food established many years ago at the family’s restaurant in Chihuahua.” (April 2013) Mexican and American: B L, closed Tues.Lion’s Den, 208 W. Yankie, 654-0353. Coffeeshop.

LITTLE TOAD CREEK BREWERY & DISTILLERY — 200 N. Bullard St., 956-6144.

“THE MENU OFFERS WHAT THEY CALL ‘PUB FOOD’—BUT ALWAYS WITH A BIT OF A TWIST.™ (MARCH 2014) BURGERS — wings, salads, fish, pasta, craft beers and cocktails: Weds.-Mon. L D. *

MEXICO VIEJO — Hwy. 90 and Broadway. “A remarkably extensive menu for a small roadside food vending stand, and the dishes are not what one normally finds in other Mexican restaurants.” (July 2013) Mexican food stand: Mon.-Sat. B L early D.

MI CASITA — 2340 Bosworth Dr., 538-5533. New Mexican cuisine: Mon.Thurs. L; Fri. L D.

MILLIE’S BAKE HOUSE — 215 W. Yankie, 597-2253. “The food is oven- fresh and innovative.” (November 2012) Soup, salads, sandwiches, baked goods: Tues.-Sat. *

NANCY’S SILVER CAFÉ — 514 N. Bullard St., 388-3480. Mexican: Mon.-Sat. B L D.

THE PARLOR AT DIANE’S — 510 N. Bullard St., 538-8722. “Always evolving, always interesting, Diane’s has it all.” (Sept. 2013) Burgers, sandwiches, homemade pizzas, paninis: Tues.-Sun. L D.

PRETTY SWEET EMPORIUM — 312 N. Bullard St., 388-8600. Dessert, ice cream: Mon.-Sat.*

Q’S SOUTHERN BISTRO AND BREWERY — 101 E. College Ave., 534-4401. “Q’s Southern Bistro has found its niche and honed its ‘elevated pub’ menu to excellence to serve its fun-loving, casual dining crowd.” (October 2010) American, steaks, barbecue, brewpub: Mon.-Sat. L D.

RED BARN STEAKHOUSE — 708 Silver Heights Blvd., 538-5666. Steakhouse: L D.*

SABOR — 1700 Mountain View Road, 388-2737. Mexican, sandwiches: B L D.

SHEVEK & CO. — 602 N. Bullard St., 534-9168. “If sampling new types of food is part of the adventure of traveling for you, you only have to go as far as Shevek & Co. Restaurant in Silver City to take a culinary tour around the world.” (May 2013) Mediterranean: Fri.-Tues. D.*

SILVER BOWLING CENTER CAFÉ — 2020 Memory Lane, 538-3612. American, Mexican, hamburgers: L D.*

STREETSIDE FOOD — College and Bullard. “Its menu rarely offers more than three or four items on any particular day, yet it features an eclectic variety of food from all over the world on a revolving basis.” (October 2014) Fusion: Mon.-Sat.

L. SUNRISE ESPRESSO — 1530 N. Hudson, 388-2027. Coffeeshop: Mon.-Sat. B L, early D.

SUNRISE ESPRESSO — 1212 E. 32nd St., 534-9565. Coffeeshop, bakery: Mon.Fri. B L early D, Sat. B L only.*

TERRY’S ORIGINAL BARBEQUE — Hwy. 180 and Ranch Club Road. Barbeque to go: L D.

THREE DOGS COFFEEHOUSE — 503 N. Bullard St. Coffeeshop, baked goods, sandwiches, wraps: B L.*

TRE ROSAT CAFÉ — 304 N. Bullard St., 654-4919. “The menu ranges from humbler (but not humdrum) fare like burgers, pizzas (at lunch and happy hour) and pastas to seasonal specials like duck confit, rabbit blanquette and Elk osso buco.” (August 2012) International eclectic: Mon.-Sat. L, D.*

VICKI’S EATERY — 315 N. Texas, 388-5430. “Sandwiches both cold and grilled, wraps and salads that satisfy in a homey yet sophisticated way. Don’t miss the German potato salad.” (Dec. 2009) American: Mon.-Fri. L, Sat. B L, Sun. B (to 2 p.m.). *

WRANGLER’S BAR & GRILL — 2005 Hwy. 180E, 538-4387. Steak, burgers, appetizers, salads: L D.*

YANKIE CREEK COFFEE HOUSE — 112 W. Yankie St. Coffeeshop, coffee, homemade pastries and ice cream, fresh fruit smoothies.*

BAYARD FIDENCIO’S TACO SHOP — 1108 Tom Foy Blvd. Mexican: B L D.

LITTLE NISHA’S — 1101 Tom Foy Blvd., 537-3526. Mexican: Wed.-Sun. B L D.

LOS COMPAS — 1203 Tom Foy Blvd, 654-4109. Sonoran-style Mexican, hot dogs, portas, menudo: L D. M & A BAyArd cAfÉ, 1101 N. Central Ave., 537-2251. “A down-to-earth, friendly, unpretentious place—kind of a cross between a Mexican cantina and a 1950s home-style diner, serving tasty, no-frills Mexican and American food at reasonable prices.” (October 2011) Mexican and American: Mon.-Fri. B L D.

SPANISH CAFÉ — 106 Central Ave., 537-2640. Mexican, tamales and menudo (takeout only): B.

SUGAR SHACK — 1102 Tom Foy Blvd., 537-0500. Mexican: Sun.-Fri. B L.

CLIFF D’S CAFÉ — 8409 Hwy 180. Breakfast dishes, burritos, burgers, weekend smoked meats and ribs: Thurs.-Sun. B L.

PARKEY’S — 8414 Hwy. 180W, 5354000. Coffeeshop: Mon.-Sat.

LAKE ROBERTS LITTLE TOAD CREEK INN & TAVERN — 1122 Hwy. 35, 536-9649. “‘Rustic gourmet’… designed to appeal to the eyes as well as the taste buds. And this is true of the items on the brunch menu, as well as those on the very different dinner menu.” (June 2012). Steaks, sandwiches, American: Thurs.-Fri. D, Sat.-Sun. brunch and D. Tavern with soups, sandwiches, Scotch eggs: Daily L D.

SPIRIT CANYON LODGE & CAFÉ — 684 Hwy. 35, 536-9459. “For the German sampler, cafÉ customers can choose two meat options from a revolving selection that may include on any given day three or four of the following: bratwurst, roast pork, schnitzel (a thin breaded and fried pork chop), sauerbraten (marinated roast of beef), stuffed cabbage leaves, or roladen (rolled beef with a sausage and onion filling).” (July 2011) German specialties, American lunch and dinner entrÉes: Saturday midday D.

MIMBRES ELK X-ING CAFÉ — (352) 212-0448. Home-style meals, sandwiches and desserts: B L.

MIMBRES VALLEY CAFÉ — 2964 Hwy. 35, 536-2857. Mexican, American, burgers: Mon.-Tues. B L, Wed.-Sun. B L D, with Japanese tempura Wed. D.

RESTAURANT DEL SOL — 2676 Hwy. 35, San Lorenzo. “Popular and unpretentious food, powered by a huge solar system.” (April 2014) Breakfasts, burgers, sandwiches, Mexican: Daily B L early D.

3 QUESTIONS COFFEE HOUSE — Hwy. 35, 536-3267. “Consistently good food based on the success of the family’s Living Harvest Bakery.” (December 2013) Buffet: Tues.-Sat. B L.


BUCKHORN SALOON AND OPERA HOUSE — Main Street, 538-9911. Steakhouse, pasta, burgers: Mon.-Sat. D.



ABRAHAM’S BANK TOWER RESTAURANT — 500 S. Main St. #434, 523-5911. American: Mon.-Fri. B L.

A DONG — 504 E. Amador Ave., 5279248. Vietnamese: L D.

ANDELE’S DOG HOUSE — 2184 Avenida de Mesilla, 526-1271. Mexican plus hot dogs, burgers, quesadillas: B L D.

ANDELE RESTAURANTE — 1950 Calle del Norte, 526-9631. Mexican: Mon. B L, Tues.-Sun. B L D.

ANTONIO’S RESTAURANT & PIZZERIA — 5195 Bataan Memorial West, 373-0222.

PIZZA — Italian, Mexican: Tues.-Sun. L D.

AQUA REEF — 900-B S. Telshor, 5227333. “Las Cruces’ smashing, elegant sushi restaurant is more than dinner—it’s a dining adventure…. Though Aqua Reef bills itself as serving ‘Euro-Asian cuisine,’ the menu feels (delightfully!) hard-core Asian, excelling in the fresh and raw.” (April 2008) Asian, sushi: D.

THE BEAN — 2011 Avenida de Mesilla, 523-0560. Coffeehouse.

A BITE OF BELGIUM — 741 N. Alameda St., 527-2483. Belgian food: Mon.-Fri. B L.

BLUE MOON — 13060 N. Valley Dr., 647-9524. Bar, burgers: Sat.-Sun. L D.

BOBA CAFÉ — 1900 S. Espina, Ste. 8, 647-5900. Sandwiches, salads, casual fare, espresso: Mon.-Sat. L D.*

BRAVO’S CAFÉ — 3205 S. Main St., 526-8604. Mexican: Tues.-Sun. B L.

BURGER NOOK — 1204 E. Madrid Ave., 523-9806. Burgers: Tues.-Sat. L D.

BURRITOS VICTORIA — 1295 El Paseo Road, 541-5534. Burritos: B L D.

CAFÉ AGOGO — 1120 Commerce Dr., Suite A, 636-4580. Asian, American, sandwich, salad, rice bowl: Mon.-Sat. L D.

CAFÉ DE MESILLA EN LA PLAZA — 2051 Calle de Santiago, 652-3019. Coffeehouse, deli, pastries, soups, sandwiches: B L early D.

CARILLO’S CAFÉ — 330 S. Church, 5239913. Mexican, American: Mon.-Sat. L D.

CATTLEMAN’S STEAKHOUSE — 2375 Bataan Memorial Hwy., 382-9051. Steakhouse: D.

CHA CHI’S RESTAURANT — 2460 S. Locust St #A, 522-7322. Mexican: B L D.

CHILITOS — 2405 S. Valley Dr., 526 4184. Mexican: Mon.-Sat. B L D.

CHILITOS — 3850 Foothills Rd. Ste. 10, 532-0141. Mexican: B L D.

CHINA EXPRESS — 2443 N. Main St., 525-9411. Chinese, Vietnamese: L D.

CHINESE KITCHEN — 2801 Missouri #29, 521-3802. Chinese: L D.

CIROS MEXICAN RESTAURANT — 160 W. Picacho Ave., 541-0341. Mexican: B L D.

CRAVINGS CAFÉ — 3115 N. Main St., 323-3353. Burgers, sandwiches, wraps, egg dishes, salads: B L.

DAY’S HAMBURGERS — Water & Las Cruces St., 523-8665. Burgers: Mon.Sat. L D.

DE LA VEGA’S PECAN GRILL & BREWERY — 500 S. Telshor Blvd., 521-1099. “The restaurant uses local produce whenever possible — including the pecan wood pellets used in the smoking and grilling. A lot of the foods and drinks are infused with pecans and also with green chiles from Hatch, processed on site. They even serve green chile vodka and green chile beer.” (February 2010) Pecan-smoked meats, sandwiches, steaks, seafood, craft beers: L D.

DELICIAS DEL MAR — 1401 El Paseo, 524-2396. Mexican, seafood: B L D.

DG’S UNIVERSITY DELI — 1305 E. University Ave., 522-8409. Deli: B L D.

DICK’S CAFÉ — 2305 S. Valley Dr., 524-1360. Mexican, burgers: Sun. B L, Mon.-Sat. B L D.

DION’S PIZZA — 3950 E. Lohman, 5213434. Pizza: L D.

DOUBLE EAGLE — 2355 Calle De Guadalupe, 523-6700. “All the steaks are aged on the premises in the restaurant’s own dedicated beef aging room… An array of award-winning margaritas and deliciously decadent desserts.” (March 2012) Southwestern, steaks, seafood: L D, Sun. champagne brunch buffet. *

DUBLIN STREET PUB — 1745 E. University Ave., 522-0932. Irish, American: L D.

EL PATRON CAFÉ — 1103 S. Solano Dr. Mexican: Tues.-Thur., Sun. B L, Fri.-Sat. B L early D.

EL SOMBRERO PATIO CAFÉ — 363 S. Espina St., 524-9911. Mexican: L D.

EL TIBURON — 504 E. Amador, 6474233. Mexican, seafood, steak: L D.

EMILIA’S — 2290 Calle de Parian, 6523007. Burgers, Mexican, soup, sandwiches, pastry, juices, smoothies: L D.

ENRIQUE’S — 830 W. Picacho, 6470240. Mexican: B L D.

FARLEY’S — 3499 Foothills Rd., 522-0466. Pizza, burgers, American, Mexican: L D.

FIDENCIO’S — 800 S. Telshor, 5325624. Mexican: B L D.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT 920 N. ALAMEDA AVE. — 635-7857. HeAltH food, soup, sANdwicHes, juices, smootHies: moN.-fri. B l, eArly d. sAt. B l.

FORK IN THE ROAD — 202 N. Motel Blvd., 527-7400. Buffet: B L D 24 hrs.

GAME BAR & GRILL — 2605 S. Espina, 524-GAME. Sports bar and grill: L D.

GARDUñO’S — 705 S. Telshor (Hotel Encanto), 522-4300. Mexican: B L D.

GO BURGER DRIVE-IN — 1008 E. Lohman, 524-9251. Burgers, Mexican: Mon.-Fri. B L.

GOLDEN STAR CHINESE FAST FOOD — 1420 El Paseo, 523-2828. Chinese: L D.

GRANDY’S COUNTRY COOKING — 1345 El Paseo Rd., 526-4803. American: B L D.

GUACAMOLE’S BAR AND GRILL — 3995 W. Picacho Ave., 525-9115. Burgers, pizza, salads, sandwiches, Hawaiian appetizers: L D.

HABANERO’S 600 E. AMADOR AVE. — 524-1829. Fresh Mexican, Because good food shouldn’t be bad for you: B L D.

HIGH DESERT BREWING COMPANY — 1201 W. Hadley Ave., 525-6752. Brew pub: L D.*

INTERNATIONAL DELIGHTS — 1245 El Paseo Rd., 647-5956. Greek and International: B L D.

JAPANESE KITCHEN — 141 Roadrunner Parkway, 521-3555. Japanese: L D.

J.C. TORTAS — 1196 W. Picacho Ave., 647-1408. Mexican: L D.


CHURCH — 522-3662. Barbecue: Mon., Tue., Thurs-Sat. L D.

JOSE MURPHY’S — 1201 E. Amador (inside Ten Pin Alleys), 541-4064. Mexican, American: L D.

JOSEFINA’S OLD GATE CAFÉ — 2261 Calle de Guadalupe, 525-2620. “A delicious change of pace. There are a variety of classic deli sandwiches to choose from, all served on freshly baked bread, as well as the soup of the day in a cup or bowl, and salads.” (October 2008) Pastries, soups, salads, sandwiches: Mon.-Thur. L, Fri.-Sun. B L.

KATANA TEPPANYAKI GRILL — 1001 E. University Ave., 522-0526. Japanese: Mon.-Fri. L D, Sat. D.

KEVA JUICE — 1001 E. University, 5224133. Smoothies, frozen yogurt: B L D.

LA COCINA — 204 E. Conway Ave., 524-3909. Mexican: Mon.-Sat. B L.

LA GUADALUPANA — 930 El Paseo Road. 523-5954. Mexican: Tues.-Sat. B L D. Sun. B L.

LA MEXICANA TORTILLERIA — 1300 N. Solano Dr, 541-9617. Mexican: L D.

LA NUEVA CASITA CAFÉ — 195 N. Mesquite, 523-5434. Mexican and American: B L.

LA POSTA RESTAURANT DE MESILLA — 2410 Calle De San Albino, 524-3524.

“A RESTAURANT WITH HISTORY HARD-WIRED INTO THE FIBER OF ITS BEING. THROUGH BUILDING — menu and ownership, its roots extend all the way back to the 1840s.” (September 2011) Mexican , steakhouse: L D, Sat.-Sun. and holidays also B.

LAS TRANCAS — 1008 S. Solano Dr., 524-1430. Mexican, steaks, burgers, fried chicken: L D, Sat.-Sun. also B.

LE RENDEZ-VOUS CAFÉ — 2701 W. Picacho Ave. #1, 527-0098. French pastry, deli, sandwiches: Mon.-Sat. B L.

LET THEM EAT CAKE — 2001 E. Lohman, Suite 136, 649-8965. Cupcakes: Tues.Sat.

LORENZO’S PAN AM — 1753 E. University Ave., 521-3505. “Homey, classic Italian fare.… Also features ravioli dishes, in half and full portions, served with salad and a basket of warm, fresh bread. Save room for dessert.” (July 2008) Italian, pizza: L D.

LOS COMPAS CAFÉ — 6335 Bataan Memorial W., 382-2025. Mexican: B L D.

LOS COMPAS CAFÉ — 603 S. Nevarez St., 523-1778. Mexican: B L D.

LOS COMPAS — 1120 Commerce Dr., 521-6228. Mexican: B L D.*

LOS MARIACHIS — 754 N. Motel Blvd., 523-7058. Mexican: B L D.

MARIA’S — 1750 N. Solano Dr., 5569571. Mexican: B L D.

MESILLA VALLEY KITCHEN — 2001 E. Lohman Ave. #103, 523-9311. American, Mexican: B L.*

MESON DE MESILLA — 1803 Avenida de Mesilla, 652-4953. Steaks, barbecue, seafood, sandwiches, salads, pasta: L D.

METROPOLITAN DELI — 1001 University Ave., 522-3354. Sandwiches: L D.

MIGUEL’S — 1140 E. Amador Ave., 647-4262. Mexican: B L D.

MI PUEBLITO — 1355 E. Idaho Ave., 524-3009. Mexican: Mon.-Fri. B L D, Sat.-Sun. B L.

MILAGRO COFFEE Y ESPRESSO — 1733 E. University Ave., 532-1042. Coffeehouse: B L D.*

MIX PACIFIC RIM CUISINE AND MIX EXPRESS — 1001 E. University Ave. #D4, 532-2042. Asian, Pacific: Mon.-Sat. L D.

MOONGATE CAFÉ — 9395 Bataan Memorial, 382-5744. Coffeeshop, Mexican, American: B L.

MOUNTAIN VIEW MARKET KITCHEN — 120 S. Water St., 556-9856. Sandwiches, bagels, wraps, salads and other healthy fare: Mon.-Sat.: B L early D. *

MY BROTHER’S PLACE — 334 S. Main St., 523-7681. Mexican: Mon.-Sat. L D.

NELLIE’S CAFÉ — 1226 W. Hadley Ave., 524-9982. Mexican: Tues.-Sat. B L.

NOPALITO RESTAURANT — 2605 Missouri Ave., 522-0440. Mexican: L D.

NOPALITO RESTAURANT — 310 S. Mesquite St., 524-0003. Mexican: Sun.Tues., Thurs.-Sat. L D.*

OLD TOWN RESTAURANT — 1155 S. Valley Dr., 523-4586. Mexican, American: B L.*

ORIENTAL PALACE — 225 E. Idaho, 5264864. Chinese: L D.

PAISANO CAFÉ — 1740 Calle de Mercado, 524-0211. Mexican: B L D.*

PANCAKE ALLEY DINER — 2146 W. Picacho Ave., 647-4836. American: B L, early D.

PEPE’S — 1405 W. Picacho, 541-0277. Mexican: B L D.

PEPPERS CAFÉ ON THE PLAZA (IN THE DOUBLE EAGLE RESTAURANT) — 2355 Calle De Guadalupe, 523-6700. “Creative handling of traditional Southwestern dishes…. [plus] such non-Mexican entrÉes as Salmon Crepes and Beer Braised Beef Carbonnade.” (March 2012). Southwestern: L D. *

PHO SAIGON — 1160 El Paseo Road, 652-4326. Vietnamese: L D.

PIT STOP CAFÉ — 361 S. Motel Blvd., 527-1993. Mexican, American, steak: Mon.-Sat. B L D.

PLAYER’S GRILL — 3000 Champions Dr. (NMSU golf course clubhouse), 6462457. American: B L D.

PULLARO’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT — 901 W. Picacho Ave., 523-6801. Italian: L D. Q’S, 1300 Avenida De Mesilla, 571-4350. Brewhouse with steak and pasta: L D.

RANCHWAY BARBECUE — 604 N. Valley Dr., 523-7361. Barbecue, Mexican: Mon.-Fri. B L D, Sat. D.

RASCO’S BBQ — 5580 Bataan Memorial E. (inside Shorty’s gas station).

BARBECUED BRISKET — pulled pork, smoked sausage, ribs.

RED BRICK PIZZA — 2808 N. Telshor Blvd., 521-7300. Pizzas, sandwiches, salads: L D.

RENOO’S THAI RESTAURANT — 1445 W. Picacho Ave., 373-3000. Thai: Mon.-Fri. L D — Sat. D.

ROBERTO’S MEXICAN FOOD — 908 E. Amador Ave., 523-1851. Mexican: B L D.*

ROSIE’S CAFÉ DE MESILLA — 300 N. Main St., 526-1256. Breakfast, Mexican, burgers: Sat.-Thurs. B L, Fri. B L D.

SAENZ GORDITAS — 1700 N. Solano Dr., 527-4212. Mexican: Mon.-Sat. L D.

SANTORINI’S — 1001 E. University Ave., 521-9270. “An eclectic blend of Greek and Mediterranean dishes—gyros with different meats, such as lamb or chicken, hummus with pita, Greek salads—plus sampler plates and less-familiar items such as keftedes and pork shawarma. Vegetarian options are numerous" (JULY 2010) Greek, Mediterranean: Mon.-Sat. L D.

SAVOY DE MESILLA — 1800-B Avenida de Mesilla, 527-2869. “If you are adventurous with food and enjoy a fine-dining experience that is genuinely sophisticated, without pretension or snobbishness, you definitely need to check out Savoy de Mesilla. The added attraction is that you can do this without spending a week’s salary on any of the meals, all of which are entertainingly and delectably upscale.” (March 2013) American, Continental: B L D.

THE SHED — 810 S. Valley Dr., 5252636. American, pizza, Mexican, desserts: Wed.-Sun. B L.*

SI ITALIAN BISTRO — 523 E. Idaho, 5231572. “The restaurant radiates homespun charm and the kind of quality that is neither snobbish nor flamboyant. The menu ranges from classic Italian entrees like Chicken Piccatta, Chicken Marsala, Frutti de Mare alla Provençal, and Chicken or Melanzane Parmesan to burgers, salads, sandwiches, pizzas and pastas—all tweaked creatively in subtle and satisfying ways. Dessert offers an amazing variety of cakes, pies, cream puffs, brownies and cheesecakes.” (October 2014) Italian: Mon. L, Tues.-Sat. L D.

SIMPLY TOASTED CAFÉ — 1702 El Paseo Road, 526-1920. Sandwiches, soups, salads: B L.

SI SEñOR — 1551 E. Amador Ave., 527-0817. Mexican: L D.

SPANISH KITCHEN — 2960 N. Main St., 526-4275. Mexican: Mon.-Sat. B L D.

SPIRIT WINDS COFFEE BAR — 2260 S. Locust St., 521-1222. Sandwiches, cof fee, bakery: B L D.* St. clAir winery & BiStro, 1720 Avenida de Mesilla, 524-0390. “A showcase for St. Clair wines… rooted in the same attention to detail, insistence on quality and customer-friendly attitude as the winery.” (July 2012) Wine tasting, bistro: L D.

SUNSET GRILL — 1274 Golf Club Road (Sonoma Ranch Golf Course clubhouse), 521-1826. American, Southwest, steak, burgers, seafood, pasta: B L D.

TERIYAKI BOWL — 2300 N. Main St., 524-2055. Japanese: Mon.-Sat. L D.

TERIYAKI CHICKEN HOUSE — 805 El Paseo Rd., 541-1696. Japanese: Mon.Fri. L D.

THAI DELIGHT DE MESILLA — 2184 Avenida de Mesilla, 525-1900. “For the adventurous, there are traditional Thai curries, soups and appetizers to choose from, all of which can be ordered in the degree of heat that suits you.… The restaurant is clean, comfortable, casual in a classy sort of way, and totally unpretentious.” (January 2011) Thai, salads, sandwiches, seafood, steaks, German: L D.*

TIFFANY’S PIZZA & GREEK AMERICAN CUISINE — 755 S. Telshor Blvd #G1, 532-5002. Pizza, Greek, deli: Tues.-Sat. B L D.*

UMP 88 GRILL — 1338 Picacho Hills Dr., 647-1455. Irish pub: L D.

VINTAGE WINES — 2461 Calle de Principal, 523-WINE. Wine and cigar bar, tapas: L D.

WOK-N-WORLD — 5192 E. Boutz, 526-0010. Chinese: Mon.-Sat. L D.

ZEFFIRO PIZZERIA NAPOLETANA — 136 N. Water St., 525-6757. “Owner Gary Ebert and his very attentive and efficient staff serve up gourmet-style pizza on hand-tossed crusts.” (August 2009) Pizza, pasta, also sandwiches at adjoining Popular Artisan Bakery: Mon.-Sat. L D.

ZEFFIRO NEW YORK PIZZERIA — 101 E. University Ave, 525-6770. Pizza: L D.


ERNESTO’S MEXICAN FOOD — 200 Anthony Dr., 882-3641. Mexican: B L.

LA COCINITA — 908 W. Main Dr., 589-1468. Mexican: L.

CHAPPARAL EL BAYO STEAK HOUSE — 417 Chaparral Dr., 8244749. Steakhouse: Tues.-Sun. B L D.

TORTILLERIA SUSY — 661 Paloma Blanca Dr., 8249377.



BIG MIKE’S CAFÉ — Thorpe Road. Mexican, breakfasts, burgers: B L D.

RADIUM SPRINGS COUNTRY CUPBOARD — 827 Fort Selden Rd., 5274732. American: B L D.


BILLY CREWS — 1200 Country Club Road, 5892071. Steak, seafood: L D.



ADOBE DELI — 3970 Lewis Flats Road SE, 5460361. “The lunch menu features traditional deli-style sandwiches... The dinner menu is much grander, though some sandwiches are available then, too. Dinner options include filet mignon, flat iron steak, T-bone, ribeye, New York strip, Porterhouse, barbequed pork ribs, Duck L’Orange, Alaska King Crab legs, broiled salmon steak, shrimp scampi, pork chops, osso buco, beef kabobs.” (March 2010) Bar, deli, steaks: L D.*

BALBOA MOTEL & RESTAURANT — 708 W. Pine St., 546-6473. Mexican, American: Sun.-Fri. L D.

BELSHORE RESTAURANT — 1030 E. Pine St., 5466289.

MEXICAN — American: Tues.-Sun. B L.

CAMPOS RESTAURANT — 105 S. Silver, 546-0095.

MEXICAN — American, Southwestern: L D.*

CANO’S RESTAURANT — 1200 W. Pine St., 5463181. Mexican: Mon.-Sat. L D.

CHINA RESTAURANT — 110 E. Pine St., 546-4146. “Refreshingly different from most of the Chinese restaurants you find these days in this country. Chef William Chu, who owns the restaurant and does the cooking, is committed to offering what he calls the ‘fresh and authentic flavors of Chinese food.’” (August 2014) Chinese: Tues.-Sun. L D.

DEMING TRUCK TERMINAL — 1310 W. Spruce St., 544-2228. “Indian food is offered on a separate menu and you have to ask for that menu. The list of dishes is not very long, but the spices and flavor of the dishes that are offered are authentically Indian.” (November 2013) American, Mexican, Indian: B L D, Sun. L buffet.

EL CAMINO REAL — 900 W. Pine St., 546-7421. Mexican, American: B L D.

ELISA’S HOUSE OF PIES AND RESTAURANT — 208 1/2 S. Silver Alley, 494-4639. “The southern-style fare is a savory prelude to 35 flavors of pie.” (April 2012) American, barbecue, sandwiches, pies: Mon.-Sat. L D. *

EL MIRADOR — 510 E. Pine St., 544-7340. Mexican: Mon.-Sat. B L D.

FORGHEDABOUDIT PIZZA & WINGS — 115 N. Silver Ave., 275-3881. “Direct from New York City, Bob Yacone and his wife, Kim Duncan, have recreated an authentic-style New York pizza parlor.” (June 2013) Italian, pizza, wings: Mon.-Sat. L D, Sun. D.

GOLDEN SUN STAR — 500 E. Cedar St., 544-0689. Chinese: L D.

GRAND MOTOR INN & LOUNGE — 1721 E. Pine, 546-2632. Mexican, steak, seafood: B L D.

IRMA’S — 123 S. Silver Ave., 544-4580. Mexican, American, seafood: B L D.

LA BELLA LUNA — 110 S. Silver, 544-3100. “Even if you think you don’t like Italian food, you might want to try this family-run enterprise, with Harold and Palma Richmond at the helm. In addition to the name, Palma brings to the restaurant her Sicilian heritage and recipes that came to the United States with her grandmother. Harold brings training in classic Continental cuisine, along with his family’s New England food traditions.” (Sept. 2010) Italian: L D.

SAT. PRIME RIB — Sun. buffet.*

LA FONDA — 601 E. Pine St., 546-0465. Mexican: B L D.*

LAS CAZUELAS — 108 N. Platinum Ave. (inside El Rey meat market), 544-8432. “This gem of a restau rant turns out perfectly cooked steaks and seafood, as well as a full line of Mexican fare.” (June 2011) Steaks, seafood, Mexican: Tues.-Sat. L D.*

MANGO MADDIE’S — 722 E. Florida St., 546 3345. Salads, sandwiches, juice bar, coffee drinks.

MANOLO’S CAFÉ — 120 N. Granite St., 546 0405. “The menu offers breakfast, lunch and dinner choices, and it’s difficult to convey the immense range of food options available. In every section of the menu, there’s a mixture of American-style ‘com fort’ food items and Southwest-style Mexican dishes which no doubt qualify as Hispanic ‘comfort’ food. There’s nothing particularly fancy about the food, but it’s fresh and tasty. And the prices are reasonable.” (February 2012) Mexican, American: Mon.-Sat. B L D, Sun. B L.

PATIO CAFÉ — 1521 Columbus Road, 546-5990. Burgers, American: Mon.-Sat. L D.* PriMe riB grill (inSide holidAy inn), I-10 exit 85, 546-2661. Steak, seafood, Mexican: B D.

RANCHER'S GRILL — 316 E. Cedar St., 546-8883. Steakhouse, burgers: L D.*

SI SEÑOR — 200 E. Pine St., 546-3938. Mexican: Mon.-Sat. B L D, Sun. B L.

SUNRISE KITCHEN — 1409 S. Columbus Road, 544 7795. “Good-quality comfort food. There’s nothing on the menu that is really exotic. But all the familiar dishes, both American and Mexican, are done well, and it’s that care in preparation that lifts the food above the ordinary. This is not a freezer-to-fryer type of restaurant.” (September 2012) American, Mexican, breakfasts: Mon.-Thur. B L, Fri. B L D.

TACOS MIRADOL — 323 E. Pine St., 544-0646. Mexican: Mon., Wed.-Sat. B L D, Tues. B L.

TOCAYO’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT — 1601 E. Pine St., 567-1963. Mexican, dine in or take out: Mon. Sat. B L D, Sun. B L.


APACHE HOMELANDS — I-10. Burgers, ribs, “casino-style” food: B L D.*


PATIO CAFÉ — 23 Broadway, 531-2495. Burgers, American: B L.*



EL CHARRO RESTAURANT — 209 S. P Blvd., 542-3400. Mexican: B L D. fidencio’S, 604 E. Motel Dr., 542-8989. Mexican: B L early D.

KRANBERRY’S FAMILY RESTAURANT — 1405 Main St., 542-9400. Mexican - American: B L D.

MAMA ROSA'S PIZZA, 1312 Main St., 542-8400. Pizza, subs, calzones, salads, chicken wings, cheeseburgers, shrimp baskets: L D.

RAMONA’S CAFÉ — 904 E. Motel Dr., 542-3030. “Lordsburg’s quit Mexican food treasure offers some unusual takes on traditional recipes.” (December 2012) Mexican, American: Tues.-Fri. B L D, Sun. B mid-day D.


PANTHER TRACKS CAFÉ — Hwy. 338, 548-2444. Burgers, Mexican, American: Mon.-Fri. B L D Rodeo rodeo Store And cAfÉ. 195 hwy. 80, 557-2295. Coffeeshop food: Mon.-Sat. B L.

RODEO TAVERN — 557-2229. Shrimp, fried chicken, steaks, burgers, seafood: Weds.-Sat. D.



ADOBE CAFÉ — Hwy. 12 & Hwy. 180, 533-6146. Deli, American, Mon. pizza, Sunday BBQ ribs: Sun.-Mon. B L D, Wed.-Fri. B L.

BLACK GOLD — 98 Main St., 533-6538. Coffeehouse, pastries.

CARMEN’S — 101 Main St., 533-6990. Mexican, American: B L D.

ELLA’S CAFÉ — 533-6111. American: B L D.

UNCLE BILL’S BAR — 230 N. Main St., 533-6369. Pizza: Mon.-Sat. L D.


ALMA GRILL — Hwy. 180, 539-2233. Breakfast, sandwiches, burgers, Mexican: Sun.-Weds., Fri.-Sat. B L. golden girlS cAfÉ, Hwy. 180, 539-2457. Breakfast: B.

MARIO’S PIZZA — Hwy. 180, 539-2316. “This unpretentious eatery serves up better pizza than you’ll find in many a big city.” (Nov. 2008) Italian: Mon.-Tues., Fri.-Sat. D.


SNUFFY’S STEAKHOUSE AND SALOON — Quemado Lake, 773-4672. Steakhouse: D (Dec.-April: closed Mon.-Tues.)



BARBER SHOP CAFÉ — Main St., 895-5283. American, Mediterranean, sandwiches: Thurs.-Sat. L.

HILLSBORO GENERAL STORE & CAFÉ — 100 Main St., 895-5306. American and Southwestern: Sun - Wed., Fri.-Sat. B L.


Restaurant hours and meals served vary by day of the week and change frequently; call ahead to make sure.

Key to abbreviations: B=Breakfast; L=Lunch; D=Dinner. *=Find copies of Desert Exposure here.

Send updates, additions and corrections to: updates@red-or-green.com.

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