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About the cover



Hidden Treasure

Madonna Kettler's new book furthers her work of helping others
discover their soul's work and empowering them to lead
richer lives... and have more fun!

by Donna Clayton Walter



Think of it as kind of treasure map — leading the way to a more fun and fulfilling life, guiding you to answers you feel you've searched for, well, maybe forever. And at the end of the journey, the treasure you find is your very own soul.

Hypnotherapist and author Madonna J. Kettler.
(Photos by Donna Clayton Walter.)

Weaving together a tapestry of case studies, her own experiences and the transformational tools she has created and developed over her many years of practice, Madonna J. Kettler, a Silver City-based author, hypnotherapist and founder of The Center for Inner Peace, has just published her second book, Birth, Death and the Afterlife: Remembering Who You Really Are.

"I hope it will help people see life a little differently," she says of the book. "The messages we literally get bombarded with, from TV, billboards and the like, all tell us to 'make, do, accomplish!' All that may be true, but it's not why we're here. It's about being," she stresses.

To show that this lesson she brings home in her book is not just for her students and reading audience, but for herself as well, she adds, "This was true even for the book! It was the capstone project for my PhD and certainly a big 'Do!'" she adds with a good-natured laugh. "But I actually gave myself permission to not complete it!"

But complete it she did, and now the book is in print through Balboa Press, a division of Hay House.


Sitting in the serene surround of her Center for Inner Peace, Kettler reflects on the book and how it may extend her work to a much larger audience.

"It takes the reader down the path, step by step, and gives him or her the tools they need for their own transformation," she says.

"My whole life has been about empowering people from a spiritual perspective. My own journey has been the same — finding answers, remembering..." She pauses, and then laughs again. "And having fun!" she adds. "There may be some work involved, but this process doesn't have to be heavy weather! There is a great lightness to it all when one gets the information they need."

In her private practice, Kettler uses regressive hypnotherapy as a tool to help her clients release blocks to their happiness, such as addictions and fears. The book includes numerous transcripts from those hypnotherapy sessions, some with the clients' names changed for anonymity, all of them included because they illustrate a key point in self-discovery and transformation, Kettler says.

"All of the stories are powerful and true and valid," she says. "I remember the power of one man telling me afterward, 'I'll just never be the same.' His session showed him so much. It inspired him to worry less and see how joyful life can be."

As the sessions' transcripts bring out and address different aspects of transformation, Kettler then introduces the "Spirit Directives," encapsulated lessons taken from her "Be In Love Oracle Deck," an illustrated deck of cards she created.


Also described in the book is another tool of Kettler's: the "I AM WOWED" program, a workshop format she created and facilitates to groups around the country. An acronym for "I Am Worthy of Whatever Empowerment Desired," the program is tailored to the participants in each group, and lasts anywhere from four to 24 weeks, depending on the participants' goals and process, she says. Kettler was recognized by the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH) for the "Outstanding Transpersonal Contribution" of the I AM WOWED program.

Included at the end of Birth, Death and the Afterlife are articles by contributing authors, describing their work and experience with complimentary healing modalities. (Donna Clayton Walter is one of the contributing authors.) These modalities and methods are other valuable tools for transformative work, Kettler says, and can enhance the process facilitated by her book.

Going forward, Kettler says she hopes the book will be a great springboard and tool for her continuing transformative work. She has lined up speaking engagements and plans a number of workshops.

To whatever degree her audiences are "open," Kettler says she plans to give attendees a taste of the transformative experience. Audience members need not fear they will be hypnotized and lose control of themselves — the stereotypic "clucking like a chicken" scenario comes to mind — but rather they will get a taste of the relaxation and expanded consciousness that hypnotherapy can bring. Not only in her tailor-made workshops, but also in speaking engagements, Kettler's readings will be geared to whoever is present.

"They will have an experience of whatever they are open to and ready for," Kettler says with a smile. "My wish is that each one will get what they need and have some fun!"

She also may start writing a blog, she says. "I'm not going to 'work' with it so much as play with it," she adds with a smile. She hopes to write at least one more book, a compilation of clients' brave stories — "things they were previously too scared to tell for fear of being ostracized, criticized, or even thought of as crazy," Kettler says. And she currently is in talks with a local radio station to host a show on which people can share their stories.

"As people share their stories, they release them," she says. "The fear goes away and then there's room for the love... and for more fun!"

Madonna Kettler will read from and sign copies of her book at the Silver City Woman's Club, 1715 Silver Heights Blvd. (Hwy 180), on Friday, Jan. 18, 4-7 p.m. There will be refreshments and live music at the event. Birth, Death and the Afterlife: Remembering Who You Really Are is available online at BalboaPress.com and Amazon.com, and can be ordered through local bookstores and Barnes and Noble, as well as through Kettler's website, www.madonnakettler.com. It is also available in Kindle, Nook and other ebook formats. In Silver City, it is for sale at Bear Creek Herbs and other local outlets.

For more information about Madonna Kettler's classes and speaking engagements visit her website, www.madonnakettler.com, email her at madonna@madonnakettler.com, or call (575) 534-1291 or (612) 709-5578 (cell). She also teaches certification courses in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and will be teaching classes in hypnosis at the Billy Casper Wellness Center in Silver City in February


Donna Clayton Walter is a Silver City-based freelance writer. She also copy-edited Madonna Kettler's book.


Body, Mind & Spirit is a forum for sharing ideas and experiences on all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual health and on how these intersect. Readers, especially those with expertise in one or more of these disciplines, are invited to contribute and to respond. Write PO Box 191, Silver City, NM 88062, fax 534-4134 or email editor@desertexposure.com.


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