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Arts Exposure

Connect the Dots

The Red Dot Studio and Gallery Walk, Oct. 5-8,
is Silver City's latest can't-miss event.


Columbus Day Weekend in Silver City has long been circled in red on art lovers' calendars as time for the annual Weekend at the Galleries. But this year that weekend will be marked instead with a red dot for the Red Dot Studio and Gallery Walk, Oct. 5-8. The Red Dot event, launched in 2011, will replace the long-running gallery weekend, expanding it to include tours of artists' studios and locations beyond downtown.


Those new art destinations in Silver City and outlying areas bring the total to 26 private studios open to the public, plus 18 galleries. The focus is on studios Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Each artist will do a daily demonstration showing some aspect of their work. Most studios will also be open Sunday, as well the Columbus Day holiday on Monday. Visitors can meet the artists, ask questions, view special techniques, and observe the unique spaces that reflect each of the artists and their chosen mediums. Painting, fabric art and weaving, pottery, clay and mosaic sculpture, metal and stone sculpture, fine furniture making, sandblasted glass, and jewelry are among the types of art to be seen on the tour.


The Red Dot focus shifts to Silver City galleries on Saturday from 5 to 8 p.m., with music and refreshments at festive evening openings. Galleries will also be open all four days of the Red Dot event. At noon Sunday, art lovers are advised to grab a cup of coffee and be watching for a fun surprise to happen on the downtown streets.


Hidden Red Dots have been placed in all participating studios and galleries. If you find one, check behind it to see if you have won a prize or gift certificate.


The Red Dot Studio Tour and Gallery Walk is a free event. Start the tour at any studio or gallery displaying a Red Dot sign. Pick up a booklet with studio and gallery descriptions, demonstration times, and a map to all locations, or you can download a booklet and map at www.silvercitygalleries.com.

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