Changing Your Mind
The Heartsong Center offers a tune-up for your brain

Crap Shoot
New Mexico's multimillion-dollar bet on legal gambling

Salsa Days
The night the lights went out on Jessie's Café

Last Call
Our reporter takes alcohol servers' training

The Songs of the Land
Modern-day Apache Joe Saenz teaches ancient lessons


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About the cover

  D e s e r t   E x p o s u r e   January 2009



November cover

About the cover: "Wolf Spirit I" by Diana Ingalls Leyba, whose work is shown at Leyba & Ingalls Arts, 315 N. Bullard St., Silver City, 388-5725, www.zianet.com/LeybaIngallsART, LeybaIngallsART@zianet.com

For more on Ingalls Leyba, see this issue's Arts Exposure section. Ingalls Leyba says this painting was inspired by Joe Saenz, organizer of the annual Red Paint Powwow; see our story on Saenz in this issue.


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