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  D e s e r t   E x p o s u r e    July 2008

Going Hand-in-Paw

Why Reiki and animal communication complement each other.

By Gaye Rock

Reiki is a spiritual healing modality that draws on "ki" energy, or life force of the universe, as a healing source. The healer, as a channel for this energy, places his hands on or near the client to let the healing energy flow from his hands into the recipient. While Reiki and its language has become fairly mainstream in the past two decades, Reiki healing for animals is still a fairly new concept. This therapy is not only available to humans, but to all living things, including plants and animals.

Some holistic veterinarians are utilizing Reiki as a companion therapy to classical methods of healing, but unfortunately, most traditional veterinarians are still skeptical of the benefits. Reiki healing is ideal for animals, because it is gentle and non-invasive. Reiki healing should go hand-in-hand with traditional medicine, and should always create a partnership with the medical community, not a competition. After all, both modalities complement each other by working towards the health and well being of the recipient.

Animals bring such gifts to our lives that it is wonderful to be able to give back to them in this fashion. Happily, animal Reiki does not depend just upon human description to defend itself; the experience of the treatment speaks more powerfully than anything we ourselves could say, and in that respect, animals are often the best teachers that we can have.

Treating animals involves many of the same principles used with people, with a key difference: Not only are you treating the animal, but you are also consulting with the animal's human family. The family will want to be educated in the benefits of Reiki healing, and will be keenly interested in the connection you form with their pet. Although Reiki facilitates healing, during the treatment the healer himself enters the animal's energy field, thus energetically becoming a part of the pet's healing process. Therefore, the family is relying on the practitioner's expertise and integrity. Keep in mind that Reiki is incapable of doing harm. Even when a physical healing is not possible, Reiki can bring peace and comfort and ease the transition into the next world.

Less well-known than animal Reiki is the field of animal communication. There is no doubt that working with animals is a calling; many sense this calling from the time they are children. Yet the nature of God's creatures, great and small, continues to elude our human psyche. Why can't they tell us, for example, in human language, where they hurt, why they chew their feet, or where they have been before they knew us? The answer is, simply, that they are not humans; they are animals, with animal nature, animal behavior and animal psyche. Is it possible to have a conversation with an animal? The answer is an emphatic "yes."

Consider the animal "whisperers" that have been around since time immemorial. The royal family of England has used horse whisperers over the centuries for training and behavioral difficulties, and employs a horse whisperer to this day. Animals speak the language of energy and thought. They mainly communicate with humans and their own kind by body language, thought projection and energy shifts. Cesar Milan ("The Dog Whisperer," National Geographic Channel) gets his results by shifting the owner's energy, which readily rehabilitates a dog with behavioral problems. Native Americans gentled horses without benefit of saddle, cruel whips or any device other than a rope. They truly formed partnerships with their animals, even with animals they killed for food, offering thanks for the blessings from the animal.

We all experience thoughts, and these thoughts are what translate — into whatever language you speak. Certainly we have all known a dog that responded to only Spanish commands, and looked expectant but uncomprehending when you asked for a "sit" in English. But the communicator uses mental pictures, as well as words, to hold a conversation. Therefore, when the dog receives a mental picture of "sit," he will sit.

Because of the non-verbal way creatures communicate, they have a hard time expressing pain. The animal communicator finds out what the problem is, and then, if warranted, Reiki and veterinary treatment can be applied. Since animals are naturally attuned to energy, they feel the immediate benefits of Reiki energy, and show us where the placement of the energy will do them the most good. As animals are intelligent, sentient beings, they should be treated with respect, and their feelings, emotions and intelligence must be acknowledged. Therefore any healing or communication should begin with asking the animal's permission.

The main reason why Reiki and animal communication go hand-in-hand is that during a Reiki session, the close contact with the animal brings insight into other issues the animal may have, such as emotional problems or trauma that may have happened to cause their physical issues. Again, this information is elicited only with the permission of the recipient. It has been said, "What can be heard is determined by the depth of the listening." Therefore, listening to the needs and desires of the animal is key to the process of healing and communicating with the animal.

Animal communicators and Reiki healers can greatly assist veterinarians in treatment and recovery from illness and injury. In addition, animal communication improves our understanding of animals, who are often wiser and more instinctive about themselves and their environment than humans will ever be.

Gaye Rock operates the Rock Center in Silver City, offering animal communication as well as Reiki treatment for people and animals. Contact her at 956-5200 or porto6281@aznex.net

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