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About the cover


D e s e r t   E x p o s u r e    March 2008

Enhancing Health

Larry Lightner's article on healing (Body, Mind & Spirit, February 2008) was very good. Our Creator designed us to heal. Most of our health problems go away with sound nutrition, cleanliness and physical activity. Asking God for help is always sound advice.

Another healthy practice is to ask Him to remove any anger, envy or greed He finds lurking about within us. That allows us to enjoy our health and actually enhances it.

Charles Clements
Las Cruces


Faraway Fan


Thanks to the wonders of the Internet — and an occasional visit to Silver City — I am now a dedicated reader of Desert Exposure. I have to admit, though, that at first I was only an occasional reader; it was the addition of Donna Clayton Lawder to your writing troupe that began for me a more enthusiastic (now almost fanatical) allegiance. She writes intelligent, well-crafted articles that illuminate some of the most interesting and distinctive characters and characteristics of Silver and environs. Her interviews with local artists often read like short stories, giving the reader a special insight into what makes her subject a valuable and irreplaceable part of the area's quality of life. Although her love of puns may slightly exceed my own, the Business Exposure column never fails to provide timely, useful and comprehensive information about the area's business dynamics. And I understand that as Senior Editor, she is also responsible for the fine events guide that gives a most complete and detailed survey of what keeps the pulse of the area beating in a way felt all the way up here in Boston.

Jesse Steven Hargrave

More on Problem Pooches


Cindi Kaiser de Capiteau (Letters, February 2008) recommends shooting bird shot at free-running dogs where she lives. No doubt her hero, Larry Lightner, is proud of her. After all, he describes himself as "a lover of both the hunt and those hunted" in the same issue (Ramblin' Outdoors), which really means he loves to hunt and kill the hunted.

Kaiser de Capiteau informs us that "so far, only one shot at close range has been required to stop any aggressive canine behavior" — possibly blinding the dog of an irresponsible dog owner, instead of demanding that law enforcement and animal control deal with the problem.

Bob Young
Las Cruces

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