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D e s e r t   E x p o s u r e    March 2008

Blissful Anointings

Tuning in to essential oils, a pathway to our deepest emotional data.

By Malika Crozier

Therapeutic essential oils are typically made from organically grown plants, harvested at just the right time and distilled at just the right pressure and temperature in equipment that has never experienced solvents. They are pure, uncut with chemicals or any manmade substances, bottled in dark colored glass. Properly stored out of the sun and heat, they will remain therapeutic for hundreds if not thousands of years. Perfectly viable essential oils were found in the tombs of ancient Egypt; they were the medicine of that time. Now we are once again discovering their benefits for body, mind and spirit.

Essential oils affect frequency and vibrational alignment. They work on the energy body with a subtle and very profound effect on the physical, mental and emotional bodies. When a therapeutic quality essential oil is inhaled, the vibrational properties of the particular plant or blend of plants move up through the nose to the olfactory bulb into a place in the brain called the amygdala. This is located between the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain. The amygdala is getting a lot of attention in the scientific community these days. It is the seat of primordial information. Our deepest emotional data — including that relating to trauma — reside there.

Aroma reaches the amygdala immediately, providing information to the brain not easily accessed via other routes. Unlike other senses — sight, hearing, touch and taste — the sense of smell can exert a direct effect on the limbic system of the brain, the brain's hormonal and emotional center. This enables essential oils, through their aroma, to affect many types of neurological, emotional or behavioral problems, including autism, ADD and cerebral palsy. This process is very fast and effective.

When information reaches the amygdala, it interacts with the data there, forming new patterns and delivering the new information throughout the body through the neurotransmitters — RIGHT NOW!

Essential oils also work when applied directly to the skin. Their frequency is absorbed into the lipids and the blood. Their healing properties are delivered to cells throughout the body in minutes. Being vibrational, the healing properties of therapeutic essential oils literally sing to the cells. They sing a song of balance, harmony and wellness.

(For those new to the idea of frequency in healing, I recommend Vibrational Medicine, The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber, MD. For a more profound look at the significance of frequency, I recommend Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD.)

Anointings done with quality essential oils are vibrational experiences. The oils interact with the energetic field of the body as well as the emotions. Anointings can be done on the feet, on the spine, on the chakra system or anywhere else on the body, depending on the purpose and intention.

Let us look at two particular types of anointings. One is profoundly physical and done with herbal oils in the frequency range of a healthy body. The other is designed to release emotional baggage and negative patterns. Through the use of floral blends with frequencies reaching almost to 200 MHz, it raises frequency so high that negative or heavy emotions simply cannot survive. A healthy body's MHz is 62 to 78.

Both the physical and the emotional anointings start with an oil blend designed to balance the electromagnetics of the spine, a short foot massage to balance the nervous system and an explanation of the procedure to come.

The profoundly physical anointing, called the Raindrop Therapy, opens and interacts with all the body's systems. Ten herbal essential oils are used. Each oil used is first named, offered to the nose for inhalation, and a thumbnail explanation of its properties is given. Then it is dripped like the rain along the spine and distributed lightly with the fingertips.

Following the application and distribution of all 10 oils, a hot compress is applied for deeper penetration of these intensely physical oils. Heating deepens the healing process; it is complete when the cooling begins. The effect has been described as an opening of the chest or as an excellent massage. Most say it is unlike anything previously experienced. This opening and deep relaxation occurs through the delivery of the frequency of these amazing herbal essential oils to the body's cells.

The Raindrop Therapy was originally designed to relieve back pain, especially in cases of scoliosis. In my experience, it is an excellent procedure when one feels back pain, is fatigued, or feels a cold or the flu coming on. Frequency moves symptoms through the body very fast. The therapy is very supportive when one is recovering from an illness, when one is experiencing stiffness, soreness, back issues of any kind or just simply not up to their best. It is a very refreshing physical experience.

The second type of anointing, for releasing emotional baggage accumulated over a lifetime, is done in silence. The "story" does not matter. It is the frequency of heavy emotions, not the story, that interferes with one's well-being.

Done with candles head and foot and on both sides of the body over a period of about 35 minutes, 11 very high frequency floral-blend essential oils are applied to various parts of the front of the body including all the chakras, the thymus, the navel and the tip of the nose. Each has a specific purpose and work to do.

After balancing the electromagnetic system, an oil blend designed for protection (from whatever negativity might be released during the process) is applied to the shoulders. Another is applied to the head and feet for opening the field in a protected "space." The next, anointed on all the charkas, brings harmony. On the thymus, followed by a thumping there, Present Time releases the past and the future so one can be Here Now. The Inner Child, the innermost, purest essence of Being, is called to the Present with an oil applied to the tip of the nose and navel. To release negative patterns, a blend is then applied to the liver.

After the next oil, which is applied to the forehead and solar plexus to help a person's clarity in the process, a short quiet time follows. During this time one might see colors, experience images of past experiences, or simply feel releasing of emotional tensions. It is a very personal experience.

After about 10 minutes a very high frequency oil designed to stimulate forgiveness is applied around the navel. Forgiving one's self for all the times one "fell short of the Mark or Intention" is major in releasing emotional baggage. Forgiveness is what allows us to accomplish it.

Heavier frequencies released, the empty space is then filled with Joy, a blend that promotes feelings of love and confidence with a frequency of 188 MHz. Placed on the heart, it opens those blocks previously shut down. A final anointing of the head, feet and shoulders seals in the new experiences and seals out the baggage that was released.

Some like to share their experiences; others prefer to savor them quietly. This elegant experience continues to work for 12 to 24 hours. One can anchor it somewhere on the body and call it to return at any time. Many anchor it in the heart area. Anointings to clear emotional "baggage" are very popular and effective.

A woman in her 80s with whom I recently worked insisted she looked different afterward. I saw the softness in her face. Tensions of old injustices from decades past were simply gone. Another woman, younger, said she felt joy she had not felt in years. She continues to realize life feels ever so much more rewarding without all that baggage. A man recently said he had never before thought of forgiving those who had "done him wrong" in his childhood (or since).

The essence of the Emotional Clearing Anointing is a raising of the frequency of the body/mind/spirit to very high levels where heavy, low-frequency emotions cannot exist.

Malika Crozier, a certified Reflexologist, colon hydrotherapist and minister, is a Silver City healer who has performed numerous anointings during the past 15 years, working with Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. She works by appointment only and can be reached at 534-9809.

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