D  e  s  e  r  t   E  x  p  o  s  u  r  e        January 2008


Slam Dunk
Literature meets competition at the Silver City Poetry Slam.

Life on the Edge
Palomas after the US border crackdown.

Voice of a Ranch Woman
The First Track in the Snow

Spilling the Beans
Confessions of a "coffee geek."

Diary of a Streetwalker
Finding fitness and peace, one step (literally) at a time.

Around the World with Desert Exposure
Reader photos from six continents.

Columns and Departments
Editor's Note
Desert Diary

Warm-Up Wake-Up Call
Bayou Seco in Basque Country
Top 10

Business Exposure
Celestial Cycles
The Starry Dome
Ramblin' Outdoors
40 Days & 40 Nights
Guides to Go
Henry Lightcap's Journal
Continental Divide

Special Section
Arts Exposure

Jean Bohlender
Arts News
Gallery Guide

Body, Mind & Spirit
Solar Ovens
Toxic Stew

Red or Green
Dining Guide
Table Talk

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