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D  e  s  e  r  t   E  x  p  o  s  u  r  e        January 2008


Raining Cats and Dogs

I have to respond to the Borderlines article (December) regarding the author's cat and kittens. Please don't "glamorize" or feed on people's Christmas spirit, about your unspayed cat and her kittens. Yes, kittens and puppies give us all the "warm fuzzies." Their antics are cute, adorable, etc. But do you plan to spay your cat? And spay/neuter her kittens? Or are you going to add to the already overburdened shelters and rescues with unwanted animals?

I have recently moved here and I find the attitudes regarding wandering animals, unspayed and unneutered, UNACCEPTABLE! A "Wild West" mentality. This is the 21st century, not the 1800s anymore. Do folks really know how many of those once cute, fuzzy adorable kittens and puppies are killed, abandoned or abused because of over-population? It used to be 17 million! Fortunately, because of the animal rescue movement, that number has been reduced to about 4 million now — still WAY too many! And at this time of the year, when some folks think giving a kitten or puppy for a present is good, it's NOT good!

I love my animals too, but nowadays there is NO excuse for not spaying or neutering. There are low-cost spay/neuter clinics everywhere. I've heard all the excuses. So let the lesson here be: I love my animals, I love their antics, their unconditional love, I love them so much, I am the responsible party here and need to do "the right thing." And no, I am not trying to ruin anyone's Christmas, nor do I miss the point of the article, but we need a reality check here. That "durable ring of affection" can and possibly will end in suffering and violence. Just where is the spirit and holiday inspiration in that?

Pat Wolph

Silver City

Second-Tier Chances

It is great to see proof in print (Editor's Notebook, December) that there are people who agree with you. Among the Democratic presidential candidates, I was blindsided by John Edwards until I heard Sen. Joe Biden, Sen. Chris Dodd and Gov. Bill Richardson! It is almost too bad that they are running against each other. Rep. Dennis Kucinich is truly deserving of better treatment than he is getting in these so-called debates. He really never gets a chance to express himself. Dodd was wonderful answering one person in Spanish that sounded as if that were his native language! I have been following Biden's political career for years. Richardson's experience in diplomacy is greater than anyone's experience in the current administration!

All of these people (no sexism here) are honest, forthright leaders. I pray that the Iowa caucus will dump Sen. Hillary Clinton in favor of one or all of them.

John Sully

Ashland, Oregon

December to Remember

I have just been reading your December issue. The articles are the best anywhere around here. Congratulations! I am the publicity director for NMSU Choirs and I thank you for putting in the information about our December concerts. I am also a quilter and read every word of your "blanketeers" article ("Happiness Is a Warm Blanket"). Jeff Berg did a great job on the El Caldito article, too ("Soup's On"). A total pleasure. Thanks for your excellent mag!

Sara Orton

Las Cruces

Clean-Up Crew

Thank you for the article on cleaning up the Georgetown Cemetery ("Grave Undertaking," November). I was one of the guys who participated in the clean-up.

One thing that was not mentioned was that there were several of us from Mimbres Lodge #10 AF&AM there: Vada Early, who organized the project; her husband, Carl; Oakland Hurd; and myself.

Charles F. Pfleger


Cup o' Plenty

I recently received a 10th Anniversary Desert Exposure coffee cup for submitting the funniest joke of the month to your fine publication. Since then, life has not been the same. In fact, it's all been good.

For example, a neighbor saw me enjoying a fine cup of coffee with "the cup" and asked about it. The same afternoon I won $3 on a New Mexico scratch card. Coincidence? I think not.

While sipping another drink (I won't say what kind), I came across a set of car keys I had misplaced weeks before. Further proof of the magic of "the cup."

But a most recent experience displays, I believe, "the cup's" greatest mysterious powers. I was struggling with a report for the CIA about Iran's nuclear capabilities when I was struck with writer's block. It is not a disease, but for those with a feverish desire to write, it can be just as devastating. What to do? While thinking about it, I poured some freshly made coffee into "the cup" and voila, the block was unblocked! I mean, instantly. In fact, from the very first sip, the report flowed from my brain, organized and grammatically correct, faster than my fingers could enter it on my computer.

Thank you, "cup." Thank you, Desert Exposure.

John R. Catsis

Silver City

For the record: It's come to our attention that the Desert Diary entry, "If my body were a car. . .," published in our July 2007 issue is actually a portion of an essay, "Trade-In Wanted," written and copyrighted by author Linda S. Amstutz of Columbia, SC. We apologize for inadvertently publishing it without her permission.

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