The Horse Whisperer
Teach the person and the horse will follow.

The Red-or-Greening of New Mexico
How Fabian Garcia began the red-or-greening of New Mexico.

Soup's On
Lending a hand at El Caldito soup kitchen.

Body of Evidence
"CSI: New Mexico"? Not exactly.

The Greatest Work You Will Ever Do
Voice of a Ranch Woman, part 2.

Michael Kunz
Playing the flute for the Hell's Angels.

Letters from Exile
What became of the Chiricahua removed from the Southwest?

Happiness is a Warm Blanket
For local kids, happiness is a warm blanket.

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The Tumbleweeds Top 10

Who and what's been making news from New Mexico this past month, as measured by mentions in Google News (news.google.com), which tracks 4,500 worldwide news sources (trends noted are vs. last month's total hits; * indicates new to the list). Number in parenthesis indicates last month's Top 10 rank. Has Gov. Bill peaked? Just in case, we begin monitoring press about the New Mexico US Senate race, arguably the hottest in the nation.

1. (#1 last month) Gov. Bill Richardson — 6,434 hits (down)

2. (2) Gov. Bill Richardson + Iowa — 2,296 hits (up)

3. (3) Gov. Bill Richardson + New Hampshire — 941 hits (down)

4. (-) New Mexico Senate race — 214*

5. (4) Sen. Pete Domenici — 203 hits (down)

6. (7) X Prize — 177 hits (up)

7. (5) Gov. Bill Richardson + vice president — 161 hits (up)

8. (8) Sen. Jeff Bingaman — 127 hits (up)

9. (-) New Mexico illegal immigration — 98 hits (up)

10. (10) Senate candidate Rep. Steve Pearce — 74 hits (down)


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Theatre Group New Mexico
Meet Santa
Author Bill Charland


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