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Hospice Here vs. There

Regarding Prashant Ziskind's article on hospice ("The Full-Meal Deal" November), I know from personal experience with my father that hospice is also in the hospitals, not only at home, as stated in article. Also an important point is that a patient and family can not have hospice if one is on a respirator keeping the patient alive.

My 59-year-old husband, of blessed memory, died last year and was not allowed hospice, because he was on a respirator. I was not removing him from the respirator, so for six months of artificial life support, I had no official pre-death bereavement support from a hospice. That was lousy. It's a catch-22 situation.

I want a jazz party before I die with all my friends.

Joy Krauthammer
Los Angeles


Author Prashant Ziskind replies: Although I can certainly empathize with Mrs. Krauthammer's experience with her husband, up to this point, in our community, we only do hospice care in our patients' homes. Being on a respirator is a life-sustaining procedure and falls under the curative model of health care, not the palliative (comfort and pain control) model of hospice care. We service patients who no longer choose any life-sustaining procedures but have opted to stay at home and live as fully as they can with the support from family, friends and hospice. We do not interfere, in any way, with the natural dying process while keeping the patient as pain free and comfortable as possible.


Sky Gypsies and Silver Hawks

I can correct at least one point that Mr. McAfee made ("The Dream of Icarus," November): The people who dislike the invasion of his obnoxious ultralights are not just "old timers." There are people of all ages who are disgusted by his "complex," and a dear friend (quite a bit younger than Mr. McAfee) committed suicide this summer in part over the loss of our peace.

Perhaps you should get more than one point of view before you publish your articles.

Pippa M. Roulette
4th grade teacher, Keeling Elementary


The article "The Dream of Icarus" was interesting, informative and stimulating. Thank you for printing it. However, "a 1957 Chevrolet Silverhawk"!? The 1957 Silver Hawk was manufactured by the Studebaker-Packard Corp. Good grief.

Thank you again for printing this excellent article.

Mike Dowd
Silver City



I enjoy Desert Exposure and look forward to it each month. I have, however, noticed a couple of mistakes in the November issue. The car in the "Sky Gypsies" story ("The Dream of Icarus") is a Studebaker, not a Chevy.

Also, regarding rattlesnakes in the "Becoming a Legend" writeup, there is no way a rattlesnake can "dodge" a well-aimed shot from a pistol and especially not from a shotgun! (I've killed a few rattlers myself.) I've also heard that you don't even have to aim — just point your gun at the snake and it will look directly at the gun and all you have to do is pull the trigger. This is BS!

Also, I agree with Larry Lightner ("Ramblin' Outdoors") regarding dogs running loose. This is a big problem.

George Moore

Editor's note: A (sadly) anonymous Silver City correspondent, known only as "the Resident Philosopher," adds the information that the 1957 Studebaker Silver Hawk was designed by Raymond Loewy, one of the leading industrial designers of the 20th century.


Potion Prescription

A shame about all the negativity and homophobia surrounding the Radium Hot Springs Inn ("No Room at the Inn," November). Everyone should loosen up and enjoy a Passion Party ("Love Potion #9," November) on the premises.

Paul Hoylen Jr.


Secession Competition

If "Mañana" wants to be the 51st state ("Continental Divide," October), they'd better get a move on. Eastern Washington has been talking about splitting away from the west-of-the-mountains side of the state for years now. Among the possible names for the new state that have been talked about are "Lincoln" or "Columbia."

Dave Goudy
Port Orchard, Wash.


For the record: The article "Becoming a Legend" in our November issue stated that the McDonald Ranch is the oldest continuously working ranch in Grant County. The McDonalds say it would be more accurate to describe it as one of the five oldest such ranches.

In the same issue, the "Love Potion #9" article quoted local Passion Parties consultant Dawn Larkin as saying, "If there is $350 in sales, the hostess gets 10 percent." To clarify, the "10 percent" reference meant 10 percent in free Passion Parties products.


Let us hear from you! Write Desert Exposure Letters, PO Box 191, Silver City, NM 88062, email letters@desertexposure.com or fax 534-4134. Letters are subject to editing for style and length. Deadline for the next issue is the 18th of the month.


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