The Dream of Icarus
John McAfee creates a posh HQ for "Sky Gypsies" in Rodeo, NM.

No Room at the Inn
Who closed the park gate on the Radium Springs Inn?

Love Potion #9
Meet 5 everyday folks making Las Crucens' lives easier.

Becoming a Legend
Learning to be a ranch woman.

Confessions of a Kayak Virgin
Getting your feet wet in the Gila River.

Gila Coptering
Following the Gila River by helicopter.

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The Tumbleweeds Top 10

Who and what's been making news from New Mexico this past month, as measured by mentions in Google News (news.google.com), which tracks 4,500 worldwide news sources (trends noted are vs. last month's total hits; * indicates new to the list). Number in parenthesis indicates last month's Top 10 rank. Not to say we told you so, but we started the Domenici retirement watch in February. . .

1. (#1 last month) Gov. Bill Richardson — 6,624 hits (up)

2. (2) Bill Richardson + Iowa — 2,279 hits (up)

3. (3) Gov. Bill Richardson + New Hampshire — 2,109 hits (up)

4. (4) Sen. Pete Domenici — 1,301 hits (up)

5. (7) Gov. Bill Richardson + vice president — 132 hits (up)

6. (-) Sen. Pete Domenici + retirement — 124 (up)

7. (6) X Prize — 120 hits (down)

8. (-) Sen. Jeff Bingaman — 106 hits (up)

9. (8) Virgin Galactic — 105 hits (down)

10. (-) Senate candidate Rep. Steve Pearce — 94 (up)


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Gila Cliff Dwellings at 100
Iron Horse Historian
Georgetown Cemetary Cleanup