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Takeout Treat

Diane's Bakery & Deli--all that and a bag of chips.

Diane Holloway has done it again. The successful chef-owner of Diane's Restaurant, on Bullard Street in Silver City, has just opened Diane's Bakery & Deli, a chi-chi little deli-market and sandwich shop catty-corner across the street at the new Hub Plaza.

As the shop is strictly takeout, it's the perfect place to grab a classic deli lunch to enjoy at one of the umbrella tables in The Hub's sunny courtyard or to order up a picnic dinner to enjoy over a stargazing evening.

The sandwich board boasts 10 classic "The Works" sandwiches ($7.50)--order by number just like at a real deli! Not cheap, but the sandwiches are generously filled with Boar's Head cold cuts on ample homemade rolls, whole wheat or white. All come with, well, the works: lettuce and tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers, oil and vinegar, spicy mustard and mayo. Our turkey pastrami and havarti dill cheese was creamy and satisfying. And don't be scared off by the name "blazing chicken and pepper jack cheese"--while it had plenty of peppers, it was none too hot to handle. The boiled ham with salami, capocollo and provolone took the New Yorker in me right back to the east coast.

There also are three lighter-weight sandwiches ($6.25): a delicious fresh veggie with two cheeses, a classic BLT, and good, old-fashioned liverwurst. All sandwiches come with a spear of genuine kosher dill pickle--the briny barrel kind.

Potato and pasta salads were basic but make decent sides ($1.25/half-pint to $5/quart). Or grab a bag of fancy-schmancy mesquite or sour cream potato chips. The drink case is loaded with options: Tynant sparkling beverages, pink lemonade, even sodas in retro glass bottles. Staff is friendly and efficient, and though the place gets busy at high noon, the order line moves along quickly.

For those who like to put together their own little feast, the deli case has fancy gourmet tidbits like prosciutto and cheese rolls and wedges of cheese, and there are a few shelves of gourmet grocery items and sweet treats.

Holloway also bakes for her restaurant here, and the deli sells whole cakes and pies for takeout, as well as all manner of her famous pastries. And there are at least six varieties of breads available by the loaf ($3.50-$4.50) including huge semolina braids, rosemary, sourdough, whole wheat, chile-cheddar and more.

Top-notch pastries in the morning, deli lunch or casual, tasty dinner. . . Diane's new Deli has it all--to go!

— Donna Clayton Lawder


Diane's Bakery & Deli, 601 N. Bullard St., Suite A, at The Hub, Silver City, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. daily, 534-9229.


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