Silver City

Adobe Springs Cafe, 1617 Silver Heights Blvd., 538-3665. American and Mexican: B L D.*

Alotta Gelato, 619 N. Bullard St., 534-4995. Desserts.*Caballeros Restaurant, 2 Caballero Drive, 388-8691. Mexican: B L D.*

Chinese Palace, 1010 Highway 180 E., 538-9300. Chinese: L D.

Copper Creek Ranch, 20 Flury Lane, 538-2971. Barbecue: summer only.

Copper Crest Country Club, 720 Fairway Dr., 538-2712. Italian and French: L D.

Courtyard Cafe, Gila Regional Medical Center, 538-4094. American, Sunday brunch, catering: B L D.*

Cup of Grace, 1308 Silver Heights Blvd. (inside Rexall), 388-2115. Coffeeshop.

Dan & John's Rejuvenations, 201 N. Bullard St., 388-1350. Coffeehouse.*

Diane's Bakery & Cafe, 510 N. Bullard St., 538-8722. American: L D, weekend brunch.*

Don Fidencio's, 901 N. Hudson St., 534-4733. Mexican: B L D.

Don Juan Restaurant, 1700 Mountain View Rd., 534-9317. Mexican: B L D.

Dos Baristas, 112 W. Yankie St., 388-5952. Coffeehouse.*

Drifter Pancake House, 711 Hwy 180 E., 538-2916. Breakfast: B L.*

El Paisano Restaurant, 802 E. 15th, 538-5803. Mexican: L D.

El Rincon, 3110 N. Silver St., 388-2715. Mexican: B L D.

Geronimo's Cafe, 503 N. Hudson St., 388-4600. Mexican: B L D.*

Golden Dragon, 914 N. Pope St., 388-9101. Chinese: L D.*

Grandma's Cafe, 900 Silver Heights Blvd., 388-2627. American, Mexican: B L D.*

Grinder Mill, 403 W. College Ave., 538-3366. Mexican: B L D.*

Jalisco Cafe, 100 S. Bullard St., 388-2060. Mexican: L D.Java the Hut, 611-A N. Bullard St., 534-4103. Coffeehouse. *

Kountry Kitchen, 1505 N. Hudson St., 388-4512. Mexican: B L early D.*

La Cocina Restaurant, 201 W. College Ave., 388-8687. Mexican: L D.*

Mi Casita, 2340 Bosworth Dr., 538-5533. Mexican: L D.

Miko's Tacos, 418 Silver Heights Blvd., 538-5440. Mexican: B L.

Nancy's Silver Cafe, 514 N. Bullard St., 388-3480. Mexican: B L D.*

Orchid CafŽ, 101 N. Cooper (CiŽnega Spa and Salon), 534-1600. Caribbean and Latin American grilled seafood and steak: L D. *

Pretty Sweet Emporium, 312 N. Bullard St., 388-8600. Desserts, ice cream.

Red Barn, 708 Silver Heights Blvd., 538-5666. Steakhouse: L D.*

Shevek & Mi, 602 N. Bullard St., 534-9168. Mediterranean: B L D.*

Silver Bowling Center Cafe, 2020 Memory Lane, 538-3612. American, Mexican, hamburgers: L D.*

Silver City Brewing Co., 101 E. College, 534-BREW. Brewpub.*

Spaghetti Western, 106 N. Texas, 534-4999. Italian: D. *

Sunrise Espresso, 1530 N. Hudson, 388-2027. Coffeeshop.

Vicki's Eatery,107 W. Yankie St., 388-5430. American: L D(Fri-Sat).*

Wrangler's Bar & Grill, #3 Rio de Arenas Road, Arenas Valley, 538-4387. Steak, appetizers, salads: L D.


Don Juan Restaurant, 203 Hurley Ave., 537-2207. Mexican: L D.

La Mexicana, 708 Hurley Ave., 537-2881. Mexican: B L.

M & A Bayard Cafe, 310 Central Ave., 537-2251. Mexican and American: B L D.


Country Garden Cafe, 535-2545. Mexican and American: B L D.

Chuckwagon Cafe, 535-4100. Mexican and American: L D.


Larson's Gateway Plaza, Hwy. 180, 537-5001. American and Mexican: B L D.*

Lake Roberts

Grey Feathers Lodge, Hwy. 35 & 15, 536-3206. American: B L.*

Spirit Canyon Lodge & Cafe, 684 Hwy. 35, Lake Roberts, 536-9459. American: L D, B weekends, German specialties on Saturdays.*


Cattle Guard, Hwy. 35, 536-3066. Steaks, Mexican, Hamburgers: L D.

Mimbres Valley Cafe, Hwy. 35, 536-2857. Mexican, American, hamburgers: B L D.

Pinos Altos

Buckhorn Saloon & Opera House, 538-9911. Steakhouse: D.*

Pinos Altos Ice Cream Parlor, 30 Main St., 534-1997. Desserts. L.

San Lorenzo

Sisters, 137 Galaz, 536-9888. Italian, American, Mexican: L D Fri.-Sat., L Sun.

Santa Clara

Margie's Grinder Mill, 304 N. Bayard St., 537-5801. Sandwiches: B L D.


Las Cruces & Mesilla

Abraham's Bank Tower Restaurant, 500 S. Main St. #434, 523-5911. American: B L.

American Bar-B-Q Factory, 1660 S. Valley, 647-3600. Barbecue: L D.

Andele Restaurant, 2184 S. Highway 28, 526-9631. Mexican: L D.*

The Bean, 2011 Avenida de Mesilla, 523-0560. Coffeehouse.*

Beanstock Cafe, inside Color Your World Nursery, Telshor Blvd., 521-9722. Sandwiches, coffeeshop: B L.

Big Chair Cafe, 2701 W. Picacho Ave. #1, 527-0098. Deli, Sandwiches: B L.

Billy Crews, 1200 Country Club Rd., 589-2071. Steak and Seafood: L D.

Blue Moon, 13060 N. Valley Dr., 647-9524. Brew Pub: L D.

Blue Teal Vineyard, 1710 Avenida de Mesilla, 524-0390. Brew Pub: L D.

Boba's Cafe, 1900 S. Espina, 647-5900. Sandwiches: L D.

Border Cafe, 201 E. University Ave., 526-4411. Mexican: L.

Bountiful Bakery, 3050 E. Lohman, 532-6886. Sandwiches, Breads, Soups: B L D.*

Bravo's Cafe, 3205 S. Main St., 526-8604. Mexican: B L D.

Burger Nook, 1204 E. Madrid Ave., 523-9806. Burgers: L D.

Casablanca, 1702 El Paseo, 541-1099. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern: B L D.

Cafe Don Felix, 2410 Calle de Parian, 527-0008. Mexican: L D.

Carillo's Cafe, 330 S. Church, 523-9913. Mexican: L D.

Casa De Menudo, 1103 S. Solano Dr., 525-1280. Mexican: L D.

Casa Luna Italian Restaurant, 1340 E. Lohman Ave., 523-0111. Italian: L D.

Cattlemen's Steakhouse, 4401 N. Main St., 382-9051. Steakhouse: D.

Cha Chi's Restaurant, 2460 S. Locust St #A, 522-7322. Mexican: B L D.

Charley's Steakery, 700 S. Telshor Blvd. #1200, 522-2799. Steakhouse: L D.

Chihuahua's, 1750 N. Solano Dr, 541-9002. Mexican: B L.

Chilitos, 405 S. Valley Dr., 526-4184. Mexican: B L D.

Chilitos, 3850 Foothills Rd., 532-1104. Mexican: B L D.

Chinese Kitchen, 1720 S. Telshor Blvd. #C, 521-3802. Chinese: L D.

Chinese Phoenix, 1202 E. Madrid Ave., 541-5773. Chinese: L D.

Chope's Restaurant, Hwy. 28 in La Mesa, 233-3420. Mexican: L D.

Ciros Mexican Restaurant, 160 W. Picacho Ave., 541-0341. Mexican: B L D.

Com Cyber Cafe, 260 S. Locust St., 522-1535. Coffeehouse.

Corner Deli, 2139 N. Main, 523-4045. Sandwiches: B L D.

Crosswinds, Las Cruces Airport off I-10, 525-0500. Burgers, Mexican: B L, Friday fish fry noon-6:30 p.m.

Day's Hamburgers, Water & Las Cruces St., 523-8665. Burgers: L D.

DG's Telshor Deli, 900 S. Telshor Blvd. Ste. B, 521-1707. Deli: L D.

DG's University Deli, 1305 E. University Ave., 522-8409. Deli: L D.*

Dick's Cafe, 2000 Hwy. 292, 525-3858. Mexican: B L D.

Dick's Cafe, 2305 S. Valley Dr., 524-1360. Mexican and Burgers: B L D.

Dion's Pizza, 3890 E. Lohman, 521-3434. Pizza: L D.

Don Cornelio's, 420 Avenida de Mesilla, 523-4881. Mexican: B L D

Double Eagle, 2355 Calle De Guadalupe, 523-6700. Southwestern: L D.

Downtown Deli, 300 El Molino Blvd., 524-2857. Deli: B L D.

Durango Bagel, 2460 S. Locust St., 522-3397. Bagels and Sandwiches: B L.

Dynasty, 1210 El Paseo Rd., 525-8116. Chinese: L D.

Eddie's Bar & Grill, 901 Avenida de Mesilla, 524-8603. Pub Food, American and Southwestern: B L D.

El Camino Real Restaurante, 1765 S. Main St., 524-8591. Mexican: B L D.

El Comedor, 600 E. Amador Ave., 527-4060. Mexican: B L D.

El Comedor, 2190 Avenida de Mesilla, 524-7002. Mexican: B L D.

El Paisano Cafe & Gifts, 2521 Avenida de Mesilla, 524-0211. Gourmet breakfast and lunch: B L.

El Paisano Cafe & Gifts, 16151 US Hwy. 70, 373-3000. Gourmet breakfast and lunch: B L early D.

El Ranchero 2605 S. Espina St., 532-0790. Southwestern and Steakhouse: L D.

El Sombrero Patio Cafe, 363 S. Espina St., 524-9911. Mexican: L D.

Elo Dia's Mexican Food, 3530 Foothills Rd., 522-0045. Mexican: B L D.

Enrique's, 830 W. Picacho, 647-0240. Mexican.Ernesto's, 16320 I-10, 233-5709. Mexican.

Escondido Restaurant, 1405 W. Picacho Ave., 541-9441. Mexican and American: B L D

Escondido Two, 930 El Paseo, 525-0404. Mexican and American: B L D

Estrella Del Mar, 150 S. Solano Dr., 541-9719. Mexican: L D.

Farley's, 3499 Foothills Rd., 522-0466. Pizza, Burgers, American and Mexican: L D.

Five Brothers Chinese, 1001 E. University Ave #C1, 532-6208. Chinese: L D.

Flying P Cattle Co., 12440 Baylor Peak Road, 382-9802. Steak: D Fri., Sat.

Fork in the Road, 202 N. Motel Blvd., 527-7400. Buffet: B L D.

Gadsden Purchase, 1300 Avenida de Mesilla, 525-3000. American, Sandwiches: B L D.

Garduno's of Mexico, 500 Telshor Blvd., 521-7222. Mexican: L D and Sunday brunch. *

Golden China Restaurant, 504 E. Amador Ave., 525-2163. Chinese: L D.

Good Luck Cafe, 1507 S. Solano, 521-3867. Mexican seafood. B L early D.

Grandma Ines's Kitchen, 2900 S. Hwy. 28, 527-0602. American: B L D.

Grandy's Restaurant, 1345 El Paseo Rd., 526-4803. American/ Southern: B L D.

Guacamole's Outdoor Eatery, 3995 W. Picacho Ave., 525-9115. Burgers and Hawaiian: L.

Heart's Delight Cafe, 3111 S. Main, 525-0520. American: B L.

Hiebert's Fine Foods, 525 E. Madrid Ave. #7, 524-0451. American: B L D.

High Desert Brewing Company, 1201 W. Hadley Ave., 525-6752. Brew Pub: L D.*

International Delights, 1245 El Paseo Rd., 647-5956. Greek and International: B L D.*

Java Junkie Cafe, 850 N. Telshor Blvd., 522-0730. Coffeehouse, sandwiches: B L D.

JW Flours, 1030 El Paseo, 526-9588. American: B L.

Johnny Carino's Italian Bistro, 510 S. Telshor Blvd., 522-1400. Italian: L D.

Jose Murphy's, 1201 E. Amador (inside Sun Lanes), 541-4064. Mexican, American: L D.

Joy Luck Chinese Restaurant, 3530 Foothills Rd #M, 532-0157. Chinese: L D.

Keva Juice, 1001 E. University, 522-4133. B L D.

Kiva, 600 E. Amador Ave., 527-8206. Mexican, Southwestern and American: B L D.

L&L Steak Co., 2265 S. Main St., 647-2197. Steaks, Sandwiches: L D.

La Cocina, 204 Conway Ave., 524-3909. Mexican: B L D.

La Fuente, 1710 S. Espina St., 526-2783. Mexican: B L D.

La Mexicana Tortilleria, 1300 N. Solano Dr, 541-9617. Mexican: B L D.La Morenita, 300 N. Downtown Mall, 522-0045. Mexican: B L D (D Wed-Sat only).

La Nueva Casita Cafe, 195 N. Mesquite, 523-5434. Mexican and American: B L.

La Posta Restaurant de Mesilla, 2410 Calle De San Albino, 524-3524. Mexican and Steakhouse: L D.

Las Trancas, 1008 S. Solano Dr., 524-1430. Mexican: L D.

Lemongrass, 2540 El Paseo Rd., 523-8778. Thai: L D.

Lohman Delimex, 605 E. Lohman, 526-1045. Deli, Mexican: B L D.

Lorenzo's Cafe Italiano, 741 N. Alameda Blvd., 524-2850. Italian and Pizza: L.

Lorenzo's, 1703 Calle de Mercade, 525-3170. Italian and Pizza: L D.

Lorenzo's, 1753 E. University Ave., 521-3505. Italian and Pizza: L D.

*Lorenzo's, Lohman & Roadrunner Pkwy, 522-7755. Italian and Pizza: L D.

Los Compas Cafe, 8111 N. Main St., 382-2025. Mexican: B L D.

Los Compas, 603 S. Nevarez St., 523-1778. Mexican: B L D.

Los Mariachis, 2790 Avenida de Mesilla, 523-7058. Mexican: B L D.

Los Portales, 207 E. Lohman Ave., 541-0399. Mexican: B L D.

Main Java Cafe, 939 N. Main, 526-9911. Coffeehouse: B L.

Maria Bonita, 207 E. Lohman, 541-5580. Mexican: B L D.

Marisco's Cancun, 504 E. Amador, 525-2163. Mexican seafood, steaks: B L D.

Mesilla Valley Kitchen, 2001 E. Lohman Ave. #103, 523-9311. Mexican and American: B L D.

*Mesitas Del Comedor, 2460 Locust, 522-0733. Mexican.MŽson De Mesilla, 1803 Avenida de Mesilla, 525-9212. French: D.

Metropolitan Deli, 1001 University Ave., 522-3354. Sandwiches: B L D. *

Mi Pueblito, 1355 E. Idaho Ave., 524-3009. Mexican: B L D.

Mi Rinconcito, 1605 S. Solano Dr., 532-1091. Mexican: B LMilagro Coffee y Espresso, 1733 E. University Ave., 532-1042. Coffeehouse: B L D.*

Mix Pacific Rim Cuisine and Mix Express, 1001 E. University Ave. #D4, 532-2042. Asian, Pacific and Latin American: L D.

Moongate Cafe, 705 E. US Hwy. 70, 382-5744. Coffeeshop and Mexican: B L D.

Museum Grill, 4100 Dripping Springs Rd. (in the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum), 532-3335. Steakhouse: L.*

My Brother's Place, 336 S. Main St., 523-7681. Mexican: L D.

Nellie's Cafe, 1226 W. Hadley Ave., 524-9982. Mexican: B L D.

New China, 850 N. Telshor Blvd., 522-8989. Chinese: L D.

Nopalito Restaurant, 2605 Missouri Ave., 522-0440. Mexican: L D.

Nopalito Restaurant, 310 S. Mesquite St., 524-0003. Mexican: L D.

Old Town Restaurant, 155 S. Valley Dr., 523-4586. Mexican and American: B L D.*

Oriental King, 2404 S. Locust St., 521-4613. Chinese: L D.

Oriental Palace, 225 E. Idaho, 526-4864. Chinese: L D.

Pancho Villa's Border Cafe, 201 E. University Ave. (in Ramada Inn), 526-4411. Mexican and American: B L D.

Pancake Alley Diner, 2146 W. Picacho Ave., 647-4836. American: B L D.

Parker's BBQ, 850 E. Madrid Ave., 541-5712. Barbecue: L D.

Pepe's Chicken, 2300 N. Main St., 528-0000. Chicken and Mexican: L D.

Pepe's, 1405 W. Picacho, 541-0277. Mexican: B L D.

Pepper Mill, 141 Roadrunner Blvd., Suite 115, 522-7300. B L D.

Peppers on the Plaza, 2355 Calle De Guadalupe, 523-6700. Southwestern: L D.

Pit Stop Cafe, 361 S. Motel Blvd., 527-1993. Mexican and American: B L D.

Planet Cafe, 1690 S. Valley (inside World Gym), 523-4437, Wraps, salads, juice bar:Planet Cafe, 2293 Divot Dr., 525-8009. Wraps, salads, juice bar.

Player's Grill, 3000 Champions Dr. (NMSU golf course clubhouse), 646-2457. American: B L D.

Pullaro's Italian Restaurant, 901 W. Picacho Ave., 523-6801. Italian: L D.

Ranchway Barbeque, 604 N. Valley Dr., 523-7361. Barbecue and Mexican: B L D.

Red Mountain Cafe, 1120 Commerce Dr. #A, 522-7584. American and Eclectic: B L D.

*Renee's Place, 3000 Harrelson, 526-4878. American.Roberto's Mexican Food, 908 E. Amador Ave., 523-1851. Mexican: B L D.*

Saenz Gorditas, 1700 N. Solano Dr, 527-4212. Mexican: B L D.

The Shed/Old Mesilla Pastry Cafe, 810 S. Valley Dr., 525-2636. American, pizza, Mexican, desserts. B L D.*

Si Italian Bistro, 523 E. Idaho, 523-1572. Italian: L D.

Si Se–or, 1551 E. Amador Ave., 527-0817. Mexican: L D.*

Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, 3900 W. Picacho Ave., 524-7102. Barbecue: L and early D.

Spanish Kitchen, 2960 N. Main St., 526-4275. Mexican: B L D.

Spirit Winds, 2260 S. Locust St., 521-1222. Sandwiches and Bakery: B L D.*

Stimulations Espresso, 1001 University Ave. Coffeehouse.

Sugar Daddy's B-B-Que, 122 Avenida de Mesilla, 644-6495. L.

Sunset Grill, 1274 Golf Club Road (Sonoma Ranch Golf Course clubhouse), 521-1826. American, Steak and Burgers: B L D.

Tegmeyer's Salad Works, 1300 El Paseo Rd #E, 525-2323. Salads and Buffet: L D.

Teriyaki Chicken House, 805 El Paseo Rd., 541-1696. Japanese: L D.

Tiffany's Pizza & Greek American Cusine, 755 S. Telshor Blvd #G1, 532-5002. Pizza, Greek and Deli: B L D.*

Tommy's Cake Shop and Cafe, 1609 El Paseo Road, 526-6599. Desserts, cafe. B L D.

Tony's Restaurante Las Cruces, 125 S. Campo St., 524-9662. Italian: B L.

Twisters Grill, 800 S. Telshor Blvd., 522-0446. Mexican and American: B L D.

Valley Grill, 1970 N. Valley, 525-9000. American: B L D, Friday Fish Fry.

Ventana Terrace, 705 S. Telshor (inside the Hilton), 522-4300. Southwestern, Steak and Seafood: B L D and Sunday Champagne Brunch.

Villa Crema, 2331-B E. Lohman, 525-3400. Desserts and gelato.


Ernesto's Mexican Food, 200 Anthony Dr., 882-3641. Mexican: B L.

La Cocinita, 908 W. Main Dr., 589-1468. Mexican: L.


El Bayo Steak House, 417 Chaparral Dr., 824-4749. Steakhouse: B L D.

Tortilleria Susy, 661 Paloma Blanca Dr., 824-9377. Mexican: B L D.

Doña Ana

Big Mike's Cafe, Thorpe Road. Mexican, Breakfasts and Burgers: B L D.

Safari, 2221 Desert Wind Way, 382-0600.

La Mesa

Chopes Bar & Cafe, Hwy 28, 233-9976. Mexican: L D.


Bbb Restaurant, 316 E. Hall St., 267-4040. Barbecue, Mexican and American: L D.

B&E Burritos, 303 N. Franklin, 267-5191. Mexican: B L early D.

El Mexicano, 360 E. Hall. Mexican: B L D.

El Patio Verde, 267-0600. Mexican: B L early D.Fidencio's. Mexican: B L D.

Las Palmas Cafe, 115 N. Franklin St., 267-4940. Mexican: B L and early D.

Los Corralitos, 501 W. Hall, 267-0227. Mexican: L D.

Pepper Pot, 207 W. Hall, 267-3822. Mexican and American: B L.

Valley Cafe. 306 W. Hall, 267-4608. Mexican, American: B L early D.


Organ Mountain Cafe, 373-3000. B L D.

Radium Springs

Country Cupboard, 837 Fort Selden Rd., 527-4732. American: B L D.



Adobe Deli, 3970 Lewis Flats Rd. SE, 546-0361. Bar, Deli and Steaks: D.*

Amigo's Mexican Food, 1202 E. Poplar St., 546-6841. Mexican: B L D.

Balboa Motel & Restaurant, 708 W. Pine St., 546-6473. American: L D.

Bel Shore Restaurant, 1210 E. Spruce, 546-6289. American: B L.Cactus Cafe, 218 W. Cedar, 546-2458. Mexican: B L D.

Camino Real, 900 W. Pine, 546-7421. Mexican: B L D.

Campo's Restaurant, 105 S. Silver, 546-0095. Mexican, American, Southwestern: L D.

*Cano's Restaurant, 1200 W. Pine St., 546-3181. Mexican: B L D.

China Restaurant, 110 E. Pine St., 546-4146. Chinese: L D.

El Camino Real, 900 W. Pine St., 546-7421. Mexican: B L D.

El Mirador, 510 E. Pine St., 544-7340. Mexican: B L D.

Grand Motor Inn & Lounge, 1721 E. Pine, 546-2632. Mexican, steak, seafood: B L D.

Irma's Restaurant, 123 S. Silver Ave., 544-4580. Mexican, American and Seafood: B L D.

Joe Perk, 122 E. Spruce St., 544-0141. Coffeehouse.*

Jumbo's Hong Kong Cafe, 918 W. Spruce St., 544-4538. Chinese: L D.

La Fonda Restaurant, 601 E. Pine St., 546-0465. Mexican: B L D.

*La Parrilla, 1409 Columbus Road, 544-4443. Mexican: B L.Lucky Duck Pizza, 1601 E. Pine St., 494-0895. Pizza: L D.

Palma's Italian Grill, 110 S. Silver, 544-3100. Italian: L D.

Patio Cafe, 2020 Hatch Hwy. NE, 546-5990. Burgers, American: B L D.

*Prime Rib Grill, inside Holiday Inn, I-10 exit 85, 546-2661. Steak and Seafood: B L D.

*Primo's, 411 S. Gold Ave., 546-0800. Mexican, Continental and Seafood: L D.

Rancher's Grill, 316 E. Cedar St., 546-8883. Steakhouse: L D.

*Si Se–or, 200 E. Pine St., 546-3938. Mexican: B L D.

Tacos Mirasol, 323 E. Pine St., 544-0646. Mexican: L D.

Teapot Dome, 107 E. Spruce, 546-2828. Coffeehouse. *


La Casita Restaurant, Past & Helberg, 531-2371. Mexican and American: B L D.

Patio Cafe, 25 Broadway, 531-2495. Burgers, American: B L.*



American Motor Inn, 944 E. Railroad, 542-8200. American: B L D.

El Charro Restaurant, 209 S. P Blvd., 542-3400. Mexican: B L D.

Grapevine Cafe, 1100 W. Motel Dr., 542-8696. American: B L D.

Hot Spot Cafe, 212 W. Railway, 542-8393. Mexican and American: B L D.

Kranberry's Family Restaurant, 1405 Main St., 542-9400. Mexican and American: B L D.

*Pizza King, 1312 Main St., 542-8400. Pizza: L D.

Shady Grove Restaurant, Road Forks, 542-9764. American: D.Taco and More, 1074 E. Motel, 542-8586. Mexican: B L D.

Triple J, 228 E. Motel Dr., 542-3073. Mexican, American, sports bar: B L D.


Panther Tracks Cafe, Hwy 338, 548-2444. Burgers, Mexican and American: B L D



Black Gold, 533-6538. Coffeehouse.Carmen's, 533-6990. Mexican and American: B L D.

Elk Country Cafe, 533-6615. American: L D.

Ella's Cafe, 533-6111. Homestyle: B L D.

Little Adobe Cafe and Bakery, Hwy. 12 & Hwy. 180, 533-6146. Vegetarian, Deli and Desserts: B L.

Uncle Bill's Bar, 533-6369. Pub Food: L D.


Golden Girls Cafe, Hwy. 180, 539-2457. Breakfast: B.

Blue Front Cafe and Bar, Hwy. 180, 539-2561. Mexican and American, weekend Barbecue, Friday catfish fry: L D.

Other Catron CountyDaily Pie Cafe, Pie Town, 722-2700. Italian and Homestyle: B L D.

El Serape, Quemado, 773-4620. Mexican and American.

Snuffy's Steakhouse and Saloon, Quemado Lake, 773-4672. Steakhouse: D


Truth or Consequences

Bar-B-Que on Broadway, 308 Broadway, 894-7047. Barbecue: B L and early D.

China Super Buffet, 1808 N. Date St., 894-9956. Chinese: L D.

Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, 1615 S. Broadway, 894-1024. Mexican: L D.

Hot Springs Bakery & Cafe, 313 Broadway, 894-5555. Cafe and pizza: B L D.

K-Bob's Steakhouse, 2260 N. Date St., 894-2127. Steaks: B L D.

La Cocina, #1 Lakeway Dr., 894-6499. Mexican and Steaks: L D.

La Pi–ata, 1990 S. Broadway, 894-9047. Mexican plus American breakfast: B L D.

Los Arcos, 1400 N. Date St., 894-6200. Steak and Seafood: D.Sierra Grande, 501 McAdoo St., 894-6976. International: D.

T-R-C's Big A Burger, 719 Main St., 894-3099. Burgers: L D.


Arrey Cafe, 267-4436. Mexican and American: B L D.


Old Derry School House Cafe, Hwy. 187 & County 436, 267-1285. Mexican and American: L D.

Elephant Butte

Club Bossa Mundo, 212 Warm Springs Blvd., 744-4896. Seafood, Greek, Oriental, Vegetarian: B L D.

Hodges Corner Restaurant, 915 Hwy. 195, 744-5626. American, Mexican and Burgers: B L D.

Lakeview, Hwy 195, 744-5431. Mexican and Steaks: D and weekend L.


Barber Shop Cafe, 895-5283. American, Mediterranean, Sandwiches: L D.

Hillsboro General Store, Main St., 895-5306. American and Southwestern: B L.


Restaurant hours and meals served vary by day of the week and change frequently; call ahead to make sure.

Key to abbreviations: B=Breakfast; L=Lunch; D=Dinner.*=Find copies of Desert Exposure here.

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