Security U
Class is in session for post-9/11 officers and 6,000 new Border Patrol agents.

Time in a Bottle
St. Clair Winery in Deming captures summer in a bottle.

Animal Castles Pampered critters living high on the hog.

The Captive
What happened to Jimmy McKinn after his reluctant rescue from Geronimo?

Teaching Moment
Gila Conservation Education Center branches out.

After the Deluge Cleaning up after border flooding.

The Katz' Meow Janey Katz sculpts a new downtown Hub.

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The Tumbleweeds Top 10

Who and what's been making news from New Mexico this past month, as measured by mentions in Google News (news.google.com), which tracks 4,500 worldwide news sources (trends noted are vs. last month's total hits; * indicates new to the list). Number in parenthesis indicates last month's Top 10 rank. Space fever strikes again with the X Prize Cup and the first Spaceport America launch, er, crash! Can Bill Richardson's 2008 ambitions keep pace?

  1. (#1 last month) Gov. Bill Richardson—1,790 hits (down)
  2. (2) X Prize—812 hits (up)
  3. (8) Virgin Galactic—750 hits (up)
  4. (10) New Mexico spaceport—724 hits (up)
  5. (4) Gov. Bill Richardson + 2008—594 hits (up)
  6. (-) Richard Branson + New Mexico—467 hits (up)
  7. (-) Spaceport America—457 hits (up)
  8. (7) Sen. Jeff Bingaman—413 hits (up)
  9. (5) New Mexico illegal immigration—372 hits (up)
  10. (3) Sen. Pete Domenici—308 hits (down)



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