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131 Ways To Heal

By Brett Rodgers

  1. Exercise.
  2. Eat healthy, organic foods.
  3. Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices.
  4. Think positive thoughts.
  5. Learn about and utilize herbs.
  6. Drink filtered water.
  7. Learn how to detoxify and cleanse your body.
  8. Do yoga.
  9. Get a massage.
10. Go to good gatherings of people and give them the natural love that was inherently given to you.

11. Let others make their own choices.
12. Listen to your intuition.
13. Breathe.
14. Meditate.
15. Stay open-minded.
16. Have good posture.
17. Go walking.
18. Eat more raw foods.
19. Eat less meat.
20. Eat whole foods.

21. Give to charities.
22. Ride a bicycle.
23. Sleep on a good mattress.
24. Watch healthy programming.
25. Read healthy books and magazines.
26. Avoid materialism.
27. Avoid negative people, places and things.
28. Seek moderation. Avoid extremism.
29. Understand that all things are here for a reason.
30. Adhere to simple things.

31. Adopt a pet.
32. Love your Earth.
33. Be strong.
34. Stick to good ethical values.
35. Build faith in the divine.
36. Respect all faiths.
37. Cry.
38. Laugh.
39. Be sympathetic.
40. Hug someone.

41. Tell someone that you love them.
42. Climb a tree.
43. Stay open minded.
44. Travel.
45. Change occupations.
46. Follow your dreams.
47. Take a chance.
48. Fall in love.
49. Love yourself.
50. Appreciate the beauty.

51. Know your detriments and work toward improvement.
52. Take what you like and leave the rest.
53. Look at the stars.
54. Listen to healthy music.
55. Write a poem or book.
56. Draw.
57. Paint.
58. Sing.
59. Write down your thoughts and feelings.
60. Say something nice or don't say anything at all.

61. Get some extra sleep.
62. Pray.
63. Bless things.
64. Get hypnotherapy.
65. Go to school.
66. Drink some herbal tea.
67. Help a stray animal.
68. Light a candle.
69. Burn incense.
70. Learn pottery.

71. Play an instrument.
72. Go to hot springs.
73. Take a hot foot bath with herbs.
74. Get your feet rubbed.
75. Live close to your work.
76. Drive less.
77. Work in the garden.
78. Pick up some trash.
79. Massage yourself.
80. State your mind—protest.

81. Vote.
82 Tell or learn a joke.
83. Sit in the sun.
84. Talk to your angels.
85. Smile.
86. Brush and floss your teeth.
87. Use essential oils.
88. Use the Internet.
89. Do Tai Chi.
90. Do something that you've always wanted to do.

  91. Try something new and different.
  92. Help a poor or homeless person.
  93. Dance.
  94. Hug yourself.
  95. Skip.
  96. Understand that life is never ending.
  97. Understand that you can't keep material things when you die.
  98. Skinny dip.
  99. Be generous.
100. Minimize or eliminate alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, etc.

101. Be a Big Brother or Big Sister.
102. Call an old friend or relative.
103. Write to an old friend or relative.
104. Say you're sorry.
105. Forgive.
106. Understand that everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be.
107. Have patience.
108. Let it be.
109. Learn about how the universe pulses on polarity, yin and yang.
110. Climb a mountain.

111. Sit in the grass.
112. Walk with no shoes.
113. Make love.
114. Pray for someone/something.
115. Do breathwork in a class.
116. Go to a rainbow gathering.
117. Go to a vortex.
118. Understand that you are a special part of whatever divinity you choose to believe in.
119. Celebrate your uniqueness.
120. Understand that nothing is perfect.

121. Understand that everything is perfect.
122. Understand that you really don't know squat.
123. Get real.
124. Don't take life too seriously.
125. Find balance.
126. Take a nap.
127. Learn to sleep on your back.
128. Use renewable energy.
129. Build a progressive, energy efficient, nontoxic home.
130. Listen to someone's problems.

131. Accept death as a natural part of life.


Brett Rodgers operates "An Excellent Massage For $35/hr" at
1306 N. West St. in Silver City, 534-9703.


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