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Wage War
The fight to raise the minimum wage moves to the local level.

Birth of the Blues
Behind the scenes of the Silver City Blues Festival.

Inside Stories
Voices from the Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility.

Going with the Flow
Get your feet wet at the Gila River Festival.

Magic Flute
Las Cruces musician Randy Granger plays his way to the top.

Getaways: Strip Tease
Can you have fun in Las Vegas without gambling? You bet.

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Field Trip

After reading the article by Jerry Eagan in the March 2006 issue of Desert Exposure about Ft. Cummings ("Canyon Conquerors"), my husband and I decided to take the dogs and go explore. It was an interesting venture into past history.

As we were driving along the last few miles of our journey, we met two other vehicles on their way out. One was from New Mexico, but the other was from Illinois. Both of us commented on how the Desert Exposure must really get around.

The directions were very clear on how to get to Ft. Cummings. We enjoyed our visit, but felt sad for the lack of what remained of the fort. We hope all others who may venture out there will continue to respect our eroding history. Thanks for the adventure idea. My husband and I, and the dogs, had a great day.

Judy and Jesse DouBrava
Silver City

Let the Sun Shine In

As I read responses to your article on what are referred to as "sunshine laws" in some states ("30-Day Dud," March 2006 Editor's Note), I was reminded of something I read years ago. As I recall, H.L. Mencken once observed that the government is not run by people competent to govern—they are never allowed near it. It is run by people who gain power by promising groups of people something at each other's expense. Sort of like people standing in a circle with their hands in each other's pockets trying to get rich. Integrity is not allowed.

The passage of sunshine laws would not require repealing of indecency laws. The sunshine meetings would be squeaky clean, because they would be choreographed in closed meetings taking place elsewhere in the dark. Democracy only works if you don't allow the winners or losers to take office.

Charles Clements
Las Cruces


Surge of Gratitude

It is touching to know that Plaquemines Parish has not been forgotten by the kind people of New Mexico. The people of our parish (county) have come to know the people of New Mexico as family—people who care about our tragedy and who will do anything possible to come to our aid.

Your article "Storm Surge" in the March 2006 issue confirmed what we already knew: New Mexico will be at our side through the entire ordeal of rebuilding our parish. A special thanks to Matt Shaw who has taken it upon himself to be our liaison between the parish and your newspaper. We owe him a debt of gratitude.

In closing I would like to add a personal note. In the days that followed Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the parish of Plaquemines found an unprecedented comfort in the hard work and dedication of the National Guard units from your state. They will be in our hearts forever.

Please convey Parish President Benny Rousselle's thanks for all of the people of Plaquemines Parish. New Mexico has been a great source of strength for us all.

Janice P. Buras
Parish President's Executive Assistant
Belle Chasse, Louisiana


Grappling with Grief

I read Henry Lightcap's article on "Losing Don" (April) and it hit home. I have recently lost a friend here in Silver City and also have a long-time friend back on Long Island, who is slowly losing a battle with a variety of problems,

Actually, we males can probably handle our own grief reasonably well, but generally do poorly in providing compassion for others who are in grief. Our wives usually have to handle the situation for both of us.

Henry Lightcap did an excellent job of describing how most of us struggle with the grief of others.

Bert de Pedro
Red Rock


Salmon Fishing

I have to agree with Larry Lightner about New Mexico Game Commissioner Dutch Salmon (Ramblin' Outdoors, April). He's no "greenie."

He's also a typical speciesist game commissioner, with no realization of the fact that hunting and trapping are obsolete wildlife management traditions. It's a shame these people are afraid to debate in public.

Bob Young
Las Cruces

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