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Red or Green? is Desert Exposure's quarterly guide to dining in southwest New Mexico. The listings here emphasize non-national-chain restaurants with sit-down, table service; we figure you don't need help finding the nearest McDonald's. We've also included selected coffeehouses and bars that serve food (for more on favorite nightspots, see our monthly club guide), along with favorite ice cream parlors and the like.

With each listing, we include a brief categorization of the type of cuisine plus what meals are served: B=Breakfast; L=Lunch; D=Dinner. Call for exact hours and days of operation, which change frequently. We also note with a star (*) restaurants where you can pick up copies of Desert Exposure.

Though every effort has been made to make these listings complete and up-to-date, errors and omissions are inevitable and restaurants may make changes after this issue goes to press. That's why we urge you to help us make Red or Green? even better. Have we missed your favorite restaurant? Spot something here that's changed since we last checked? Let us know! Drop a note to Red or Green? c/o Desert Exposure, PO Box 191, Silver City, NM 88062, fax 534-4134, or email updates@red-or-green.com.


Bon appétit!

Quick links by County:

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Silver City

Adobe Springs Cafe, 1617 Silver Heights Blvd., 538-3665. American and Mexican: B L D.*

Alotta Gelato, 619 N. Bullard St., 534-4995. Desserts.*

Caballeros Restaurant, 2 Caballero Drive, 388-8691. Mexican: B L D.*

Chinese Palace, 1010 Highway 180 E., 538-9300. Chinese: L D.

Copper Creek Ranch, 20 Flury Lane, 538-2971. Barbecue: summer only.

Copper Crest Country Club, 720 Fairway Dr., 538-2712. Italian and French: L D.

Courtyard Cafe, Gila Regional Medical Center, 538-4094. American, Sunday brunch, catering: B L D.*

Cup of Grace, 1308 Silver Heights Blvd. (inside Rexall),
388-2115. Coffeeshop.

Dan & John's Rejuvenations, 201 N. Bullard St., 388-1350. Coffeehouse.*

Diane's Bakery & Cafe, 510 N. Bullard St., 538-8722. American: L D, weekend brunch.*

Don Fidencio's, 901 N. Hudson St., 534-4733. Mexican:
B L D.

Don Juan Restaurant, 1700 Mountain View Rd., 534-9317. Mexican: B L D.

Dos Baristas, 112 W. Yankie St., 388-5952. Coffeehouse.*



Drifter Pancake House, 711 Hwy 180 E., 538-2916. Breakfast: B L.*

El Paisano Restaurant, 802 E. 15th, 538-5803. Mexican:
L D.

El Rincon, 3110 N. Silver St., 388-2715. Mexican: B L D.

Geronimo's Cafe, 503 N. Hudson St., 388-4600. Mexican:
B L D.*

Golden Dragon, 914 N. Pope St., 388-9101. Chinese: L D.*

Grandma's Cafe, 900 Silver Heights Blvd., 388-2627. American, Mexican: B L D.*

Grinder Mill, 403 W. College Ave., 538-3366. Mexican:
B L D.*

Jalisco Cafe, 100 S. Bullard St., 388-2060. Mexican: L D.

Java the Hut, 611-A N. Bullard St., 534-4103. Coffeehouse.*

Ken's Old-Fashion Pizza Pie, Silver Heights Blvd., 534-2500. Pizza: L D.

Kountry Kitchen, 1505 N. Hudson St., 388-4512. Mexican: B L early D.*

La Cocina Restaurant, 201 W. College Ave., 388-8687. Mexican: L D.*

Mi Casita, 2340 Bosworth Dr., 538-5533. Mexican: L D.

Miko's Tacos, 418 Silver Heights Blvd., 538-5440. Mexican: B L.

Nancy's Silver Cafe, 514 N. Bullard St., 388-3480. Mexican: B L D.*

Orchid Café, 101 N. Cooper (Ciénega Spa and Salon),

Caribbean and Latin American grilled seafood and steak:
L D. *

Pretty Sweet Emporium, 312 N. Bullard St., 388-8600. Desserts, ice cream. *

Red Barn, 708 Silver Heights Blvd., 538-5666. Steakhouse: L D.*

Shevek & Mi, 602 N. Bullard St., 534-9168. Mediterranean: B L D.*

Silver Bowling Center Cafe, 2020 Memory Lane, 538-3612. American, Mexican, hamburgers: L D.*

Silver City Brewing Co., 101 E. College, 534-BREW. Brewpub.*

Spaghetti Western, 106 N. Texas, 534-4999. Italian: D. *

Sunrise Espresso, 1530 N. Hudson, 388-2027. Coffeeshop.

Vicki's Eatery,107 W. Yankie St., 388-5430. American:
L D(Fri-Sat).*


Don Juan Restaurant, 203 Hurley Ave., 537-2207. Mexican: L D.

La Mexicana, 708 Hurley Ave., 537-2881. Mexican: B L.

M & A Bayard Cafe, 310 Central Ave., 537-2251. Mexican and American: B L D.


Country Garden Cafe, 535-2545. Mexican and American:
B L D.

Chuckwagon Cafe, 535-4100. Mexican and American: L D.


Larson's Gateway Plaza, Hwy. 180, 537-5001. American and Mexican: B L D.*

Lake Roberts

Grey Feathers Lodge, Hwy. 35 & 15, 536-3206. American:
B L.*

Spirit Canyon Lodge & Cafe, 684 Hwy. 35, Lake Roberts, 536-9459.

American: L D, B weekends, German specialties on Saturdays.*


Cattle Guard, Hwy. 35, 536-3066. Steaks, Mexican, Hamburgers: L D.

Pinos Altos

Buckhorn Saloon & Opera House, 538-9911. Steakhouse: D.*

Pinos Altos Ice Cream Parlor, 30 Main St., 534-1997. Desserts. L

San Lorenzo

Sisters, 137 Galaz, 536-9888. Italian, American, Mexican:
L D Fri.-Sat., L Sun.

Santa Clara

Margie's Grinder Mill, 304 N. Bayard St., 537-5801. Sandwiches: B L D.


Las Cruces & Mesilla

Abraham's Bank Tower Restaurant, 500 S. Main St. #434, 523-5911. American: B L.

American Bar-B-Q Factory, 1660 S. Valley, 647-3600. Barbecue: L D.

Andele Restaurant, 2184 S. Highway 28, 526-9631. Mexican: L D.*

The Bean, 2011 Avenida de Mesilla, 523-0560. Coffeehouse.*

Big Chair Cafe, 2701 W. Picacho Ave. #1, 527-0098. Deli, Sandwiches: B L.

Billy Crews, 1200 Country Club Rd., 589-2071. Steak and Seafood: L D.

Blue Moon, 13060 N. Valley Dr., 647-9524. Brew Pub: L D.

Blue Teal Vineyard, 1710 Avenida de Mesilla, 524-0390. Brew Pub: L D.

Bob's Burgers,1420 El Paseo Rd., 526-1523. Hamburgers, Mexican: L D.

Boba's Cafe, 1900 S. Espina, 647-5900. Sandwiches: L D.

Border Cafe, 201 E. University Ave., 526-4411. Mexican: L.

Bountiful Bakery, 3050 E. Lohman, 532-6886. Sandwiches, Breads, Soups: B L D.*

Bravo's Cafe, 3205 S. Main St., 526-8604. Mexican: B L D.

Burger Nook, 1204 E. Madrid Ave., 523-9806. Burgers: L D.

Casablanca, 1702 El Paseo, 541-1099. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern: B L D.

Cafe Don Felix, 2410 Calle de Parian, 527-0008. Mexican:
L D.

Carillo's Cafe, 330 S. Church, 523-9913. Mexican: L D.

Casa De Menudo, 1103 S. Solano Dr., 525-1280. Mexican:
L D.

Casa Luna Italian Restaurant, 1340 E. Lohman Ave.,
523-0111. Italian: L D.

Cattlemen's Steakhouse, 4401 N. Main St., 382-9051. Steakhouse: D.

Cha Chi's Restaurant, 2460 S. Locust St #A, 522-7322. Mexican: B L D.

Charley's Steakery, 700 S. Telshor Blvd. #1200, 522-2799. Steakhouse: L D.

Chihuahua's, 1750 N. Solano Dr, 541-9002. Mexican: B L.

Chilitos, 405 S. Valley Dr., 526-4184. Mexican: B L D.

Chilitos, 3850 Foothills Rd., 532-1104. Mexican: B L D.

Chinese Kitchen, 1720 S. Telshor Blvd. #C, 521-3802. Chinese: L D.

Chinese Phoenix, 1202 E. Madrid Ave., 541-5773. Chinese: L D.

Chope's Restaurant, Hwy. 28 in La Mesa, 233-3420. Mexican: L D.

Ciros Mexican Restaurant, 160 W. Picacho Ave., 541-0341. Mexican: B L D.

.Com Cyber Cafe, 260 S. Locust St., 522-1535. Coffeehouse.

Corner Deli, 2139 N. Main, 523-4045. Sandwiches: B L D.

Crosswinds, Las Cruces Airport off I-10, 525-0500. Burgers, Mexican: B L, Friday fish fry noon-6:30 p.m.

Day's Hamburgers, Water & Las Cruces St., 523-8665. Burgers: L D.

DG's Telshor Deli, 900 S. Telshor Blvd. Ste. B, 521-1707. Deli: L D.

DG's University Deli, 1305 E. University Ave., 522-8409. Deli: L D.*

Dick's Cafe, 2000 Hwy. 292, 525-3858. Mexican: B L D.

Dick's Cafe, 2305 S. Valley Dr., 524-1360. Mexican and Burgers: B L D.

Dion's Pizza, 3890 E. Lohman, 521-3434. Pizza: L D.

Don Cornelio's, 420 Avenida de Mesilla, 523-4881. Mexican: B L D

Double Eagle, 2355 Calle De Guadalupe, 523-6700. Southwestern: L D.

Downtown Deli, 300 El Molino Blvd., 524-2857. Deli: B L D.

Durango Bagel, 2460 S. Locust St., 522-3397. Bagels and Sandwiches: B L.

Dynasty, 1210 El Paseo Rd., 525-8116. Chinese: L D.

Eddie's Bar & Grill, 901 Avenida de Mesilla, 524-8603. Pub Food, American and Southwestern: B L D.

El Camino Real Restaurante, 1765 S. Main St., 524-8591. Mexican: B L D.

El Comedor, 600 E. Amador Ave., 527-4060. Mexican:
B L D.

El Comedor, 2190 Avenida de Mesilla, 524-7002. Mexican:
B L D.

El Paisano Cafe & Gifts, 2521 Avenida de Mesilla, 524-0211. Gourmet breakfast and lunch: B L.

El Paisano Cafe & Gifts, 16151 US Hwy. 70, 373-3000. Gourmet Breakfast and lunch: B L early D.

El Ranchero 2605 S. Espina St., 532-0790. Southwestern and Steakhouse: L D.

El Sombrero Patio Cafe, 363 S. Espina St., 524-9911. Mexican: L D.

Elo Dia's Mexican Food, 3530 Foothills Rd., 522-0045. Mexican: B L D.

Enrique's, 830 W. Picacho, 647-0240. Mexican.

Ernesto's, 16320 I-10, 233-5709. Mexican.

Escondido Restaurant, 1405 W. Picacho Ave., 541-9441. Mexican and American: B L D

Escondido Two, 930 El Paseo, 525-0404. Mexican and American: B L D

Estrella Del Mar, 150 S. Solano Dr., 541-9719. Mexican:
L D.

Farley's, 3499 Foothills Rd., 522-0466. Pizza, Burgers, American and Mexican: L D.

Five Brothers Chinese, 1001 E. University Ave #C1,
532-6208. Chinese: L D.

Flying P Cattle Co., 12440 Baylor Peak Road, 382-9802. Steak: D Fri., Sat.

Fork in the Road, 202 N. Motel Blvd., 527-7400. Buffet:
B L D.

Gadsden Purchase, 1300 Avenida de Mesilla, 525-3000. American, Sandwiches: B L D.

Garduno's of Mexico, 500 Telshor Blvd., 521-7222. Mexican: L D and Sunday brunch. *

Golden China Restaurant, 504 E. Amador Ave., 525-2163. Chinese: L D.

Good Luck Cafe, 1507 S. Solano, 521-3867. Mexican seafood. B L early D.

Grandma Ines's Kitchen, 2900 S. Hwy. 28, 527-0602. American: B L D.

Grandy's Restaurant, 1345 El Paseo Rd., 526-4803. American/ Southern: B L D.

Guacamole's Outdoor Eatery, 3995 W. Picacho Ave.,
525-9115. Burgers and Hawaiian: L.

Heart's Delight Cafe, 3111 S. Main, 525-0520. American:
B L.

Hiebert's Fine Foods, 525 E. Madrid Ave. #7, 524-0451. American: B L D.

High Desert Brewing Company, 1201 W. Hadley Ave., 525-6752. Brew Pub: L D.*

International Delights, 1245 El Paseo Rd., 647-5956. Greek and International: B L D.*

Jaan, 1120 Commerce Drive, 522-7777. Indian: L D.

Java Junkie Cafe, 850 N. Telshor Blvd., 522-0730. Coffeehouse, sandwiches: B L D.

JW Flours, 1030 El Paseo, 526-9588. American: B L.

Johnny Carino's Italian Bistro, 510 S. Telshor Blvd.,
522-1400. Italian: L D.

Jose Murphy's, 1201 E. Amador (inside Sun Lanes),
541-4064. Mexican, American: L D.

Joy Luck Chinese Restaurant, 3530 Foothills Rd #M,
532-0157. Chinese: L D.

Keva Juice, 1001 E. University, 522-4133. B L D.

Kiva, 600 E. Amador Ave., 527-8206. Mexican, Southwestern and American: B L D.

L&L Steak Co., 2265 S. Main St., 647-2197. Steaks, Sandwiches: L D.

La Cocina, 204 Conway Ave., 524-3909. Mexican: B L D.

La Fuente, 1710 S. Espina St., 526-2783. Mexican: B L D.

La Mexicana Tortilleria, 1300 N. Solano Dr, 541-9617. Mexican: B L D.

La Morenita, 300 N. Downtown Mall, 522-0045. Mexican:
B L D (D Wed-Sat only).

La Posta Restaurant de Mesilla, 2410 Calle De San Albino, 524-3524. Mexican and Steakhouse: L D.*

Las Trancas, 1008 S. Solano Dr., 524-1430. Mexican: L D.

Lemongrass, 2540 El Paseo Rd., 523-8778. Thai: L D.

Lohman Delimex, 605 E. Lohman, 526-1045. Deli, Mexican: B L D.

Lorenzo's Cafe Italiano, 741 N. Alameda Blvd., 524-2850. Italian and Pizza: L.

Lorenzo's, 1703 Calle de Mercade, 525-3170. Italian and Pizza: L D.

Lorenzo's, 1753 E. University Ave., 521-3505. Italian and Pizza: L D.*

Lorenzo's, Lohman & Roadrunner Pkwy, 522-7755. Italian and Pizza: L D.

Los Compas Cafe, 8111 N. Main St., 382-2025. Mexican:
B L D.

Los Compas, 603 S. Nevarez St., 523-1778. Mexican:
B L D.

Los Mariachis, 2790 Avenida de Mesilla, 523-7058. Mexican: B L D.

Los Portales, 207 E. Lohman Ave., 541-0399. Mexican:
B L D.

Main Java Cafe, 939 N. Main, 526-9911. Coffeehouse: B L.

Maria Bonita, 207 E. Lohman, 541-5580. Mexican: B L D.

Mesilla Valley Kitchen, 2001 E. Lohman Ave. #103,
523-9311. Mexican and American: B L D.*

Mesitas Del Comedor, 2460 Locust, 522-0733. Mexican.

Máson De Mesilla, 1803 Avenida de Mesilla, 525-9212. French: D.

Metropolitan Deli, 1001 University Ave., 522-3354. Sandwiches: B L D. *

Mi Pueblito, 1355 E. Idaho Ave., 524-3009. Mexican: B L D.

Mi Rinconcito, 1605 S. Solano Dr., 532-1091. Mexican: B L

Milagro Coffee y Espresso, 1733 E. University Ave.,
532-1042. Coffeehouse: B L D.*

Mix Pacific Rim Cuisine and Mix Express, 1001 E. University Ave. #D4, 532-2042. Asian, Pacific and Latin American:
L D.

Moongate Cafe, 705 E. US Hwy. 70, 382-5744. Coffeeshop and Mexican: B L D.

Museum Grill, 4100 Dripping Springs Rd. (in the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum), 532-3335. Steakhouse: L. *

My Brother's Place, 336 S. Main St., 523-7681. Mexican:
L D.

Nellie's Cafe, 1226 W. Hadley Ave., 524-9982. Mexican:
B L D.

New China, 850 N. Telshor Blvd., 522-8989. Chinese: L D.

Nopalito Restaurant, 2605 Missouri Ave., 522-0440. Mexican: L D.

Nopalito Restaurant, 310 S. Mesquite St., 524-0003. Mexican: L D.

Old Town Restaurant, 155 S. Valley Dr., 523-4586. Mexican and American: B L D.*

Oriental King, 2404 S. Locust St., 521-4613. Chinese: L D.

Oriental Palace, 225 E. Idaho, 526-4864. Chinese: L D.

Pancho Villa's Border Cafe, 201 E. University Ave. (in Ramada Inn), 526-4411. Mexican and American: B L D.

Pancake Alley Diner, 2146 W. Picacho Ave., 647-4836. American: B L D.

Parker's BBQ, 850 E. Madrid Ave., 541-5712. Barbecue: L D.

Pepe's Chicken, 2300 N. Main St., 528-0000. Chicken and Mexican: L D.

Pepe's, 1405 W. Picacho, 541-0277. Mexican: B L D.

Pepper Mill, 141 Roadrunner Blvd., Suite 115, 522-7300.
B L D.

Peppers on the Plaza, 2355 Calle De Guadalupe, 523-6700. Southwestern: L D.

Phoenicia, 1001 E. University Ave., 521.1334. Mediterranean: L D.

Pit Stop Cafe, 361 S. Motel Blvd., 527-1993. Mexican and American: B L D.

Planet Cafe, 1690 S. Valley (inside World Gym), 523-4437, Wraps, salads, juice bar.

Planet Cafe, 2293 Divot Dr., 525-8009. Wraps, salads, juice bar.

Player's Grill, 3000 Champions Dr. (NMSU golf course clubhouse), 646-2457. American: B L D.

Pullaro's Italian Restaurant, 901 W. Picacho Ave.,
523-6801. Italian: L D.

Ranchway Barbeque, 604 N. Valley Dr., 523-7361. Barbecue and Mexican: B L D.

Red Mountain Cafe, 1120 Commerce Dr. #A, 522-7584. American and Eclectic: B L D.*

Renee's Place, 3000 Harrelson, 526-4878. American.

Roberto's Mexican Food, 908 E. Amador Ave., 523-1851. Mexican: B L D.*

Saenz Gorditas, 1700 N. Solano Dr, 527-4212. Mexican:
B L D.

The Shed/Old Mesilla Pastry Cafe, 810 S. Valley Dr.,
525-2636. American, pizza, Mexican, desserts. B L D. *

Si Italian Bistro, 523 E. Idaho, 523-1572. Italian: L D.

Si Se–or, 1551 E. Amador Ave., 527-0817. Mexican: L D.*

Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, 3900 W. Picacho Ave., 524-7102. Barbecue: L and early D.

Spanish Kitchen, 2960 N. Main St., 526-4275. Mexican:
B L D.

Spirit Winds, 2260 S. Locust St., 521-1222. Sandwiches and Bakery: B L D.*

Stimulations Espresso, 1001 University Ave. Coffeehouse.

Subbie's Sandwich & Salad Factory, 455 N. Valley Dr.,
525-0033. Sandwiches and Salads: L D.

Sugar Daddy's B-B-Que, 122 Avenida de Mesilla, 644-6495. L.

Sunset Grill, 1274 Golf Club Road (Sonoma Ranch Golf Course clubhouse), 521-1826. American, Steak and Burgers: B L D.

Tegmeyer's Salad Works, 1300 El Paseo Rd #E, 525-2323. Salads and Buffet: L D.

Telshor Deli, 900 S. Telshor, 521-1707. Deli, Sandwichs:
B L D.

Teriyaki Chicken House, 805 El Paseo Rd., 541-1696. Japanese: L D.

Tiffany's Pizza & Greek American Cusine, 755 S. Telshor Blvd #G1, 532-5002. Pizza, Greek and Deli: B L D. *

Tommy's Cake Shop and Cafe, 1609 El Paseo Road, 526-6599. Desserts, cafe. B L D.

Tony's Restaurante Las Cruces, 125 S. Campo St., 524-9662. Italian: B L.

Twisters Grill, 800 S. Telshor Blvd., 522-0446. Mexican and American: B L D.

Valley Grill, 1970 N. Valley, 525-9000. American: B L D, Friday Fish Fry.

Ventana Terrace, 705 S. Telshor (inside the Hilton), 522-4300. Southwestern, Steak and Seafood: B L D and Sunday Champagne Brunch.

Villa Crema, 2331-B E. Lohman, 525-3400. Desserts and gelato.


Ernesto's Mexican Food, 200 Anthony Dr., 882-3641. Mexican: B L.

La Cocinita, 908 W. Main Dr., 589-1468. Mexican: L.


El Bayo Steak House, 417 Chaparral Dr., 824-4749. Steakhouse: B L D.

Tortilleria Susy, 661 Paloma Blanca Dr., 824-9377. Mexican: B L D.

Doña Ana

Big Mike's Cafe, Thorpe Road. Mexican, Breakfasts and Burgers: B L D.

Safari, 2221 Desert Wind Way, 382-0600.

La Mesa

Chopes Bar & Cafe, Hwy 28, 233-9976. Mexican: L D.


Bbb Restaurant, 316 E. Hall St., 267-4040. Barbecue, Mexican and American: L D.

B&E Burritos, 303 N. Franklin, 267-5191. Mexican: B L early D.

El Mexicano, 360 E. Hall. Mexican: B L D.

El Patio Verde, 267-0600. Mexican: B L early D.

Fidencio's. Mexican: B L D.

Las Palmas Cafe, 115 N. Franklin St., 267-4940. Mexican:
B L and early D.

Los Corralitos, 501 W. Hall, 267-0227. Mexican: L D.

Pepper Pot, 207 W. Hall, 267-3822. Mexican and American: B L.

Valley Cafe. 306 W. Hall, 267-4608. Mexican, American: B L early D.


Organ Mountain Cafe, 373-3000. B L D.

Radium Springs

Country Cupboard, 837 Fort Selden Rd., 527-4732. American: B L D.



Adobe Deli, 3970 Lewis Flats Rd. SE, 546-0361. Bar, Deli and Steaks: D.*

Amigo's Mexican Food, 1202 E. Poplar St., 546-6841. Mexican: B L D.

Balboa Motel & Restaurant, 708 W. Pine St., 546-6473. American: L D.

Bel Shore Restaurant, 1210 E. Spruce, 546-6289. American: B L.

Cactus Cafe, 218 W. Cedar, 546-2458. Mexican: B L D.

Camino Real, 900 W. Pine, 546-7421. Mexican: B L D.

Campo's Restaurant, 105 S. Silver, 546-0095. Mexican, American, Southwestern: L D.*

Cano's Restaurant, 1200 W. Pine St., 546-3181. Mexican:
B L D.

China Restaurant, 110 E. Pine St., 546-4146. Chinese: L D.

El Camino Real, 900 W. Pine St., 546-7421. Mexican: B L D.

El Mirador, 510 E. Pine St., 544-7340. Mexican: B L D.

Irma's Restaurant, 123 S. Silver Ave., 544-4580. Mexican, American and Seafood: B L D.

Joe Perk, 122 E. Spruce St., 544-0141. Coffeehouse.*

Jumbo's Hong Kong Cafe, 918 W. Spruce St., 544-4538. Chinese: L D.

La Fonda Restaurant, 601 E. Pine St., 546-0465. Mexican: B L D.*

La Parrilla, 1409 Columbus Road, 544-4443. Mexican: B L.

Lucky Duck Pizza, 1601 E. Pine St., 494-0895. Pizza: L D.

Palma's Italian Grill, 110 S. Silver, 544-3100. Italian: L D.

Patio Cafe, 2020 Hatch Hwy. NE, 546-5990. Burgers, American: B L D. *

Prime Rib Grill, inside Holiday Inn, I-10 exit 85, 546-2661. Steak and Seafood: B L D. *

Primo's, 411 S. Gold Ave., 546-0800. Mexican, Continental and Seafood: L D.

Rancher's Grill, 316 E. Cedar St., 546-8883. Steakhouse:
L D.*

Si Se–or, 200 E. Pine St., 546-3938. Mexican: B L D.

Tacos Mirasol, 323 E. Pine St., 544-0646. Mexican: L D.

Teapot Dome, 107 E. Spruce, 546-2828. Coffeehouse. *


La Casita Restaurant, Past & Helberg, 531-2371. Mexican and American: B L D.

Patio Cafe, 25 Broadway, 531-2495. Burgers, American:
B L.*



American Motor Inn, 944 E. Railroad, 542-8200. American: B L D.

El Charro Restaurant, 209 S. P Blvd., 542-3400. Mexican:
B L D.

Grapevine Cafe, 1100 W. Motel Dr., 542-8696. American:
B L D.

Hot Spot Cafe, 212 W. Railway, 542-8393. Mexican and American: B L D.

Kranberry's Family Restaurant, 1405 Main St., 542-9400. Mexican and American: B L D.*

Pizza King, 1312 Main St., 542-8400. Pizza: L D.

Shady Grove Restaurant, Road Forks, 542-9764. American: D.

Taco and More, 1074 E. Motel, 542-8586. Mexican: B L D.

Triple J, 228 E. Motel Dr., 542-3073. Mexican, American, sports bar: B L D.


Panther Tracks Cafe, Hwy 338, 548-2444. Burgers, Mexican and American: B L D



Black Gold, 533-6538. Coffeehouse.

Carmen's, 533-6990. Mexican and American: B L D.

Elk Country Cafe, 533-6615. American: L D.

Ella's Cafe, 533-6111. Homestyle: B L D.

Little Adobe Cafe and Bakery, Hwy. 12 & Hwy. 180,
533-6146. Vegetarian, Deli and Desserts: B L.

Uncle Bill's Bar, 533-6369. Pub Food: L D.


Blue Front Cafe and Bar, Hwy. 180, 539-2561. Mexican and American, weekend Barbecue, Friday catfish fry: L D.

Golden Girls Cafe, Hwy. 180, 539-2457. Breakfast: B.

Other Catron County

Daily Pie Cafe, Pie Town, 722-2700. Italian and Homestyle: B L D.

El Serape, Quemado, 773-4620. Mexican and American.

Snuffy's Steakhouse and Saloon, Quemado Lake, 773-4672. Steakhouse: D


Truth or Consequences

Bar-B-Que on Broadway, 308 Broadway, 894-7047. Barbecue: B L and early D.

China Super Buffet, 1808 N. Date St., 894-9956. Chinese:
L D.

Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, 1615 S. Broadway, 894-1024. Mexican: L D.

Hot Springs Bakery & Cafe, 313 Broadway, 894-5555. Cafe and pizza: B L D.

K-Bob's Steakhouse, 2260 N. Date St., 894-2127. Steaks: B L D.

La Cocina, #1 Lakeway Dr., 894-6499. Mexican and Steaks: L D.

La Piñata, 1990 S. Broadway, 894-9047. Mexican plus American breakfast: B L D.

Los Arcos, 1400 N. Date St., 894-6200. Steak and Seafood: D.

Sierra Grande, 501 McAdoo St., 894-6976. International: D.

T-R-C's Big A Burger, 719 Main St., 894-3099. Burgers: L D.


Arrey Cafe, 267-4436. Mexican and American: B L D.


Old Derry School House Cafe, Hwy. 187 & County 436,
267-1285. Mexican and American: L D.

Elephant Butte

Club Bossa Mundo, 212 Warm Springs Blvd., 744-4896. Seafood, Greek, Oriental, Vegetarian: B L D.

Hodges Corner Restaurant, 915 Hwy. 195, 744-5626. American, Mexican and Burgers: B L D.

Lakeview, Hwy 195, 744-5431. Mexican and Steaks: D and weekend L.


Barber Shop Cafe, 895-5283. American, Mediterranean, Sandwiches: L D.

Hillsboro General Store, Main St., 895-5306. American and Southwestern: B L.


Restaurant hours and meals served vary by day of the week and change frequently; call ahead to make sure. Key to abbreviations: B=Breakfast; L=Lunch; D=Dinner. *=Find copies of Desert Exposure here. Send updates, additions and corrections to: updates@red-or-green.com.

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