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The Language of Change

Can altering your internal language help you
rethink your life?

By Kimberlee Chase

Buddha once said, "We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, and with our thoughts we make our world."

So often today we worry about our world and country, relationships with parents, kids, partners and co-workers. Our own psyches suffer from lack of contentment, depression and fear. Do you ever catch yourself thinking, "There has to be more to life than this." or "Something has to give here."? Whether you are 18 or 80, the desire to enhance the way we communicate with others and live a life that feels fulfilling is alive within each of us.

"Lack of effective communication is one of the root causes of our unhappiness," says Noorah Hansen, who has been facilitating group seminars for more than 20 years that help people learn to manifest their heart's desires. Hansen has studied with leaders in the field such as Robert Tennyson Stevens, Teresa Romain and T. Harv Ecker.

According to Hansen, "This is a crucial time in humanity; now is the time for us to create a life that is in alignment with our spirit. By learning effective tools, you change old beliefs into new and healthy beliefs that help you create your life consciously."

Robert Tennyson Stevens, the developer of "Conscious Languaging," explains, "All my study in positive thinking and spirituality, herbs, acupressure and many, many systems all came together in one idea: Our subconscious takes what we say literally. We have the opportunity to speak the truth from our hearts and to give ourselves permission to be already unified, already loved, already one with our creator."

Adds Hansen, "When we discover how our minds work against us, we can begin to reprogram our thoughts with powerful choices. In reality the techniques to creating an open channel to the subconscious are simple to learn. When we listen to the voice of the heart instead of the conditioned mind, with all its shoulds, don'ts, cant's, wants, old messages and tapes, we begin to hear what is true and real. Then, we can begin to shift from unhealthy beliefs to powerful beliefs. In shifting our beliefs, we can alter the course of our personal lives allowing us to live in a healthier, more fulfilling world."

In Hansen's workshops she asks participants to take a breath, feel their body and find places where there is tension. She then teaches people to access the emotion that corresponds to the tension. Students learn to allow the emotion to be expressed. As they experience an internal dialogue that comes from the subconscious, they then become aware of the unhealthy beliefs in the subconscious.

Through positive language, Hansen believes we can learn to shift these unhealthy beliefs and reprogram the subsconscious with healthier ones. By changing our language we change our thinking, which in turn changes our reality, she says.

Says Hansen, "We can be peaceful beings when we are willing to do the work inside that it takes to create our lives consciously. When students 'light up' because they have discovered an old pattern and are now willing to change their behavior, I feel elated and fulfilled and know I am giving my highest service."

Kimberlee Chase, RN, is helping to coordinate a weekend workshop by Noorah Hansen, April 29-30 at A Daily Practice yoga center in Silver City. To register, Chase at 534-9648 or Hansen at (800) 927-2527 ext. 4692. To find out more, visit Noorah's website:



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